Essential Appliances and Housewares for Home & Kitchen

Essential Appliances and Housewares for Home & Kitchen

Essential Appliances and Housewares for Home & Kitchen image

Moving to a new home but not sure what should you buy?

Here’s the checklist of essential appliances and housewares for home and kitchen.

Major Appliances for Home & Kitchen

When you are moving to a new house or just renovate your kitchen, you’ll need to fill it with essential appliances to prepare foods and comfortably live in it.

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Major Appliances:

  1. Refrigerator – a must for every home!
  2. Air conditioner
  3. Washing machine – a must if you don’t want to visit Dobi weekly
  4. Dryer – useful if you don’t have a balcony
  5. Water filter – must for water in Malaysia
  6. Water dispenser
  7. Water heater

Kitchen Appliances:

  1. Microwave oven – handy helper in the kitchen
  2. Air fryer – handy helper in the kitchen
  3. Rice cooker – a must for Malaysian!
  4. Blender
  5. Stove (electric or gas) – a must for families who cook
  6. Mixer
  7. Coffee machine
  8. Bread toaster
  9. Electric kettle
  10. Juicer
  11. Pressure cooker
  12. Food processor
  13. Dishwasher – optional
  14. Electric hood – optional

Kitchen Tools

It’s not a complete kitchen if you only have the appliances and no tools.

Here are some of the important tools and cookwares for your kitchen:

Important tools for kitchen:

  1. Frying pans of various size
  2. Pot with lid – for soup or liquid-based dishes
  3. Wok
  4. Grill pans
  5. Steamer pot


Do you bake? If yes, here are some essential tools for baking.

Bakeware tools:

  1. Baking tray
  2. Pastry brush
  3. Measuring jug
  4. Loose-base cake tin
  5. Roasting tin
  6. Muffin tin with lid
  7. Scales
  8. Skimmer
  9. Mixing bowl with lid
  10. Pastry cutter
  11. Flour sifter

Kitchen Tools & Utensils

If you cook at home, a well-equipped kitchen is what you need.

A complete kitchen is what makes your house feel like a real home instead of a rental home.

Useful kitchen tools and utensils:

  1. Spices rack/holder
  2. Knifes rack/holder
  3. Knife set
  4. Spoons, forks, and chopsticks rack/holder
  5. Measuring cups
  6. Kitchen tools holder
  7. Mixing bowls (various size)
  8. Washing basket (for ingredients)
  9. Canister set
  10. Strainers
  11. Hot pads
  12. Wood or metal spatula
  13. Kitchen scissors
  14. Grinders
  15. Large spoon
  16. Cutting boards
  17. Kitchen towel
  18. Dishwashing sponge 


After you cook, what else do you need?

Yes, you need dishes and silverware to serve your foods. Always prepare a few extra sets in case you have guests or you yet to have time to wash the used dishes plates.

Useful tablewares for the kitchen:

  1. Forks
  2. Spoons
  3. Chopsticks (for Chinese families)
  4. Salad forks
  5. Teaspoons
  6. Western knives
  7. Dish plates
  8. Bowls for rice and soup
  9. Small plates for fruits and desserts
  10. Cups for water and beverages
  11. Glasswares
  12. Mugs
  13. Serving platter
  14. Teapot
  15. Sauces set

Cleaning Tools

You also need cleaning tools to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Some of the essential cleaning tools are:

  1. Broom
  2. Dustpan
  3. Floor mop
  4. Vacuum cleaner
  5. Scrub brush
  6. Rags for cleaning purposes
  7. Brushes
  8. Long bottlebrush

Linens (Fabrics)

Linens (fabrics) are essential for every home.

You wouldn’t sleep on the floor, right?

For bedroom use:

  1. Bedsheets
  2. Blankets
  3. Pillows
  4. Pillow covers
  5. Blanket covers

For bathroom use:

  1. Large towels for bath
  2. Hand towels

For kitchen use:

  1. Tablecloths
  2. Placemats

Bottom line

A lot to prepare?

Yes, there are many little things required to make a home more ‘complete’ and convenient, unless your life concept is toward simplicity.

However, these essential appliances and housewares are definitely worth it in building a better lifestyle home.

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