5 Best Pillows In Malaysia: Neck Care & Quality Sleep [2023]

5 Best Pillows In Malaysia: Neck Care & Quality Sleep [2023]

5 Best Pillows In Malaysia: Neck Care & Quality Sleep [2021] image

Pillow is more of an essential part of a good night’s sleep.

A night without a comfortable pillow below the head seems like a car without good fuel as one might struggle with sleeping without it.

There are different types of pillows available depending upon the types of fillings inside the pillow covering.

So in this article, I’ll talk about the 5 best pillows in Malaysia that will improve your sleep quality significantly.

Top 5 Best Pillows in Malaysia

Here are the top 5 best pillows from reputable brands that worth your money.

  1. Mylatex HB110 Natural Latex PillowBest Natural Latex Pillow
  2. Flew Natural Cotton PillowBest Natural Cotton Pillow
  3. Goodnite Statfree Memory Foam PillowBest Anti-Static Memory Foam Pillow
  4. Dr.Alstone Hollow Fill Soft Polyester PillowBest Polyester Pillow
  5. KOYOTO Cooling Gel Memory Foam PillowBest Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Care

Why Do You Need the Right Pillow?

Pillows are not there just to fill the quota of fancy pieces of luxurious bed items, they are a lot more than that.

Pillows support different parts of the body such as the head, neck, shoulder, spine, etc. Pillows release the pressure from several points of the body resulting in a comfortable sleeping experience.

They are used for reducing different types of pain such as neck pain, back pain, and some other forms of joint pain.

During the day, our body has to go through different physical and nervous challenges.

A good night’s sleep can release the pressure of these challenges but that depends drastically on certain factors such as the choice of pillows.

Pillows help the spine to rest better hence, helping with different problems associated with it.

Moreover, pillows are also important for a good posture as the posture itself depends upon the spinal position and condition.

Hence, choosing the right type of pillow is crucial to obtain these benefits.

Types of Pillows in Malaysia

There are different types of pillows available in Malaysia depending upon the type of filling.

Latex Pillow

Latex is a rubber-like material found both in natural and synthetic forms.

Latex pillows tend to take the shape of the body part such as the head and its contours, resulting in a good sleeping experience.


  • Latex is considered durable, can last up to years
  • Hollow spots are hardly formed
  • Generally good reviews on the internet


  • It may flatten over time
  • May cause heat buildup
  • It May have a chemical or rubber-like smell at the beginning

Synthetic (Polyester) Pillow

Polyester is a man-made material used for several purposes including pillows as well.

Polyester pillows are widely available and tend to have lower prices compared with the competition.


  • Usually machine washable and hence can be kept clean
  • Mostly available in different forms and shapes
  • Cheaper
  • Easily available in different stores


  • Tends to have a shorter life span
  • Develops lumpy shapes overtime
  • It May sound noisy to some people
  • May cause allergies to some individuals

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows, as the name suggests, contain memory foam as the main filling.

The property of this material is that it tends to take the shape of the head and neck, and retains the shape until the weight is removed back.


  • Takes the shape of the body part for a comfortable experience
  • Can last up to 3 or 4 years
  • Generally good reviews from the users


  • Usually on the expensive side
  • May have odor during initial use
  • Maybe a bit firm for some users

Cotton Pillow

Cotton is an important material used in the fabric industry.

Cotton pillows date back to the 1950s as cotton was present way before the other materials of its league.

Moreover, cotton also gives these pillows a natural feel as cotton is a natural material unlike polyester or other synthetic materials.


  • Contains natural cotton, mostly free from artificial materials, giving a natural feel
  • Stays cool to the skin unlike polyester


  • Over time, cotton tends to flatten and hence, can cause irritation
  • Can develop lumpy shapes that can also cause annoyance

Best Pillow Brands In Malaysia

Here are the reputable brands that produce some of the best pillows in the market.

  • mylatex
  • Goodnite
  • Flew
  • Dr.Alstone

The 5 Best Pillows in Malaysia for Neck Care, Back Pain, and Quality Sleep [Review]

Now you know about the different types of available pillows in Malaysia, it is time to go through the 5 best pillows that are high-quality, safe, and with positive ratings from users.

1. Mylatex HB110 100% Natural Latex Pillow Review

1. Mylatex HB110 100% Natural Latex Pillow Review image

The first product in this list of best pillows in Malaysia is a Latex pillow brought up by the Mylatex brand.

It is said to be made up of 100% pure latex that is naturally extracted from the trees in Malaysia.

 It also claims to have a natural ventilation system that circulates the air and releases body heat to provide comfort.

Moreover, mylatex claims that this product is biodegradable which means that it will not cause harm to the environment.

Mylatex pillow products are also certified from Malaysia as well as Germany.

Some highlights of this product are:

  • Made in Malaysia product to give you a word of trust
  • 100% natural latex with premium quality
  • It is safe and clean plus breathable and healthy
  • It is also Dust-Mite resistant
  • Claims to provide 1 year of local manufacturer warranty for the peace of mind


  • Natural latex, hence, free of synthetic materials
  • Made in Malaysia which might be a dealmaker for Malaysian people


  • As discussed before, latex may have some smell in the initial use that might cause irritation to some users

2. Flew Natural Cotton Pillow Review

2. Flew Natural Cotton Pillow Review image

The second pillow in this list is this natural cotton pillow offered by a brand named Flew.

This natural cotton pillow supports your head and neck and provides you with a better night’s sleep.

It also comes in two color options namely Khaki and Milk White. As it is made up of cotton, it also has a traditional organic smell which for many users will be another attractive point.

Some highlights of this cotton pillow are as follows:

  • Comes in two color options
  • Has natural smelling cotton for a natural feel
  • Also claims to block dust-mites and other allergens to avoid allergic reactions
  • Provides good support to the head and neck for a good night’s sleep


  • Contains Cotton which is a naturally derived product, giving natural vibes to the users
  • Very cheap, price from RM10+


  • As it is made up of cotton, it might flatten up over time or may end up resulting in hard cotton flakes

3. Goodnite Statfree Premium Memory Foam Pillow Review

Goodnite Statfree Premium Memory Foam Pillow Review image

This is one of the best memory foam pillows offered by Goodnite.

It comes with a fabric named Statfree which is patented by Goodnite and claims to help with a good sleeping experience.

This product also asserts to be long-lasting, soft, comfortable, and breathable.

It is also free from allergens and is an anti-dust mite.

Whether you want to sleep on your side or your back, this memory foam pillow is a good option for you to have a better sleep.

Some highlights of this memory foam pillow are:

  • Claims to keep a consistent shape over time
  • It’s breathable and long-lasting
  • Good for a relaxing posture
  • Contains a high-density memory foam filling inside
  • Comes with a massive 3 years of local manufacturer warranty


  • As it is a memory foam pillow, hence, adjusts to the body contours
  • Free of allergens and Anti-dust mite
  • Usually long-lasting


  • On the expensive side, around RM130

4. Dr.Alstone Hollow Fill Soft Polyester Pillow Review

4. Dr.Alstone Hollow Fill Soft Polyester Pillow Review image

Polyester pillows are a good addition to the pillow market as they provide competitive prices and a good sleeping experience.

This pillow offered by a brand named Dr.Alstone also comes with a said top-grade hollow-fill polyester fiber inside.

It is both soft and fluffy and gives a good sense of comfort to its users.

Further highlights of this product are given as follows:

  • It is anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, anti-hypoallergenic
  • Comes with a breathable fabric and deploys a UK technology
  • It also comes with heat insulation technology for a cool night
  • It has breathable fabric and is also washable


  • A cheap pillow as polyester is a cheap but reliable fiber
  • Provides a good and comfortable sleeping experience


  • No warranty
  • May worn out in a shorter time period as the lifetime of Polyester product is not too long

5. KOYOTO K-127 Cooling Gel Large Size Memory Foam Pillow Review

5. KOYOTO Cooling Gel Large Size Memory Foam Pillow Review image

The last product in this list of best pillows in Malaysia is a Memory Foam Pillow offered by KOYOTO.

What this product claim is that it deploys a technology of cooling gel to provide a cooling effect to the user.

It prevents the heat buildup so that you can stay calm in your sleep. Its outer cover is machine washable and is zip removable.

Moreover, as it is a memory foam pillow, it also employs the same slow rebound effect as the other pillows of the same league do.

Further highlights are given as:

  • Relieves neck pain and provides a cool sleeping experience
  • Fits the contours of the head and neck to provide a good comfortable experience
  • The memory foam is also anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant


  • Has a layer of cooling gel to provide a cooling effect
  • Memory foam is usually considered durable and can last for a good number of years


  • A bit more expensive than the rest, priced at around RM145

FAQs for Pillows in Malaysia

1. Which pillow brand is the best in Malaysia?

Some of the best pillow brands in Malaysia are mylatex, Goodnite, Flew, KOYOTO, and Dr.Alstone.

2. Why do you need a good pillow?

A good pillow can support your neck, spine, and joints for maximum comfort during sleep time and prevent you from getting neck pain, back pain, and joint pain.

3. What is the price of a pillow in Malaysia?

The price of pillows in Malaysia can vary from RM10 to RM200, depending on the fills, quality, and brand.


So this was the list of the 5 best pillows in Malaysia that I’ve compiled based on personal testing, research, comparison, and user reviews.

I hope it will help you in making the best decision in buying the best pillow for your good night’s sleep.

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