5 Best Gaming Chairs In Malaysia 2023: Comfortable & Value!

5 Best Gaming Chairs In Malaysia 2023: Comfortable & Value!

5 Best Gaming Chairs In Malaysia 2021: Comfortable & Value! image

A gaming chair is an especially designed chair to better support the gamers for their gaming sessions. These days, many Twitch streamers and Youtube stars can be seen sitting on sporty-looking gaming chairs in their videos.

The first gaming chair was introduced back in 2006 and since then, more and more gaming chairs are being sold. What makes gaming chairs special from conventional chairs or office chairs is that they contain adjustable headrests and armrests that are added for a more comfortable experience.

This article is specially written to help you in choosing the best gaming chairs in Malaysia.

Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs In Malaysia

  1. GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair GMZ-GC-YG-721
  2. TTRacing Swift X Gaming Chair
  3. TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair
  4. Kaleuill Professional E-Sports Gaming Chair
  5. Kemilng Adjustable Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Brands In Malaysia

Wondering which brand of gaming chair is the best in Malaysia?

Here are the recommended gaming chair brands:

  • TTRacing
  • Kaleuill
  • Kemilng

The 5 Best Gaming Chairs in Malaysia Reviews

Below is given a curated list of gaming chairs derived from famous websites in the Malaysian Market.

1. GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair GMZ-GC-YG-721 Review

1. GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair GMZ-GC-YG-721 Review image

The first product in this list of Best Gaming Chairs in Malaysia is the GTGAMEZ gaming chair that they claim to be made for long workdays.

It has various features to its name; to start with, it contains different reclining modes to cope with different positions. It starts from 90° of recline and goes up to 155° that can be adjusted depending upon whether you are working or want to take a nap.

The height of this chair is also adjustable while its base is made up of strong material. Moreover, it contains Linkage Armrest to support your arms.

Further highlights of this product are given below:

  • Claims that it gets locked at any angle between 90° to 150° to recline in the best position
  • Comes up with adjustable pillows for both neck and lumbar support
  • Also comes with high-quality leather and a high-density cold cure foam fill
  • Strong in its build and contains chrome chair leg for a long-lasting experience


  • A gaming chair that provides multiple features such as adjustable pillows, high-quality leather, lumbar support, and more to get you through a hard session of gaming at a competitive price.


  • A fixed headrest could have been better.

2. TTRacing Swift X Gaming Chair Review

2. TTRacing Swift X Gaming Chair Review image

Another gaming chair on this list is TTRacing Swift X 2020 chair. It offers an enclosing curvature which ensures that the posture stays in the correct position. It also features wider lumbar support as well as a shoulder support.

Additionally, it has soft cold cure foam beneath the high-quality faux leather as per the company’s claims. The Swift X 2020 also features a recline of up to 165° that can be handy for long gaming sessions or for intermittent naps.

TTRacing also mentions on the product page that this chair comes with steel frame structure having a lifetime warranty.

Some highlights of this product are:

  • Features a height-adjustable armrest covered in PU and cushion body material that is also wider in the area to adjust your arms in a better manner
  • Contains head and lumbar support. Head support is slightly curved out to support the neck in a good manner while lumbar support is made for a comfortable spine position
  • Also has a full tilt mechanism that can be used to allow the chair to rock and turn itself into a rocking chair


  • Features quite a some of features and great build quality as claimed by TTRacing


  • All this in a price tag of around RM600 may sound a bit heavy on the pocket.

3. TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair Review

3. TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair Review image

This is yet another chair offered by TTRacing but at a much lesser price, almost RM 200 discounted here compared to the Swift X mentioned above. As the pricing differs, features also supposedly take a hit.

In fact, TTRacing has introduced this gaming chair for the entry-level market while compromising evenly on the quality of the chair. It is said to be built with Carbon Fibre PU leather. Unlike Swift X, this one offers 155° of recline which must not be much of a big deal in comparison to the cheaper model.

Moreover, it also comes with a breathable Italian Elastic Cloth for better heat dissipation for a good sitting experience.

Other highlights are given as:

  • Features a so-called butterfly mechanism that contains a knob that can be rotated in both directions for adjustable rocking tensions
  • Comes with a Heavy Duty SGS (Safety Gas Spring) Certified Hydraulic for better adjusting of the chair
  • Contains a Nylon base that is both lighter and durable. The company claims that it can handle a weight 10 times the weight of the chair.


  • A modest gaming chair that comes with good quality under the price tag of RM 399


  • Apparently, there is no headrest and no adjustable armrest available here.

4. Kaleuill Professional E-Sports Gaming Chair Review

4. Kaleuill Professional E-Sports Gaming Chair Review image

Kaleuill E-sports chair is also a gaming chair that comes with the basics of its category such as backrest, armrest, reclining seat at a base price tag of around RM200. The materials used in its making include high-density foam and premium leather as well as Stainless Steel.

It also comes with adjustable height and with SGS (Safety Gas Spring) for a comfortable experience. The company also claims that this gaming chair is specially built for E-sport gamers and game streamers.

Some highlights of this product include:

  • A 90° – 135° reclination angle for a comfortable sitting experience
  • Comes with height adjustability and with armrest/backrest
  • Also comes with a lumbar massage pillow
  • Premium materials used in its production


  • A feature-wise good looking gaming chair at a good price


  • No listing of breathable fabric for the seating and armrests seem to be fixed

5. Kemilng Adjustable Gaming Chair Review

5. Kemilng Adjustable Gaming Chair Review image

The final product in this list of best gaming chairs in Malaysia is a gaming chair carrying a brand name called Kemilng. Like other gaming chairs, this gaming chair also offers a reclining seat, steel frame, and comfortable seat.

Moreover, it also features wear-resistant leather, a pneumatic rod, and rugged chassis. Furthermore, it also comes with the basic parts of a gaming chair such as armrest, headrest, and lumbar support.

Some notable points are:

  • Comes with low-noise and wear-resistant pulley wheels
  • A streamlined appearance and a comfortable experience
  • Reinforced steel frame structure for a solid build


  • With a price tag of RM193 and equipped with the standard features of a gaming chair, Kemilng chair seems to be a good deal.


  • Low price tag means that some compromises will have to be made especially if you are looking for premium features.

What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair

As we have seen from the different products listed above, there are some things that make a gaming chair different from normal chairs.


Material matters as it is the very basis of a gaming chair. If the material lacks strength, it will be very hard for the chair to bear the fatigue over time. Hence, a stainless steel chair or some other material of similar or better strength must ensure that the product is durable and will stay with you for a good time to come.

Apart from the structure, comfort is the 2nd thing for a gaming chair that is of utter value. A chair having an uncomfortable sitting experience will make you worried about the investment that you have made in your gaming chair. Hence, a high-quality leather cushioning or something of equal level should prove to be very good for longer gaming sessions.


What makes a gaming chair unique in its looks is the design language of a chair. These chairs feel no less than a chair right out of a racing car and that has become the very criteria of an ideal gaming chair these days. An aerodynamic, streamlined, and symmetrical design are the exact properties that a good-looking gaming chair will possess.

Head, Arm, and Back Support

These are pretty much vital features of a gaming chair. A headrest is necessary to support your head for intense gameplay while an armrest is equally important when your arms feel tensed.

Moreover, Back support also known as Lumbar support is also necessary to better support the back and avoid those back pains.

Adjustability and Budget

Finally, last but not least are these 2 factors that play a big role while making a purchase decision for a gaming chair. If the gaming chair has a well-varied reclining angle, and also has adjustable armrests and height, then the chair very much fulfills the criteria of a gaming chair.

And then remains probably the most important thing which is the budget that you can afford in your pocket. It should be considered normal to sacrifice a feature or two for the sake of an economical gaming chair if you are tight on the budget.

Gaming Chair vs Normal Chair

As the names suggest, a gaming chair is supposed to look like a race car front seat with some features such as adjustable height, armrest, headrest, lumbar support, reclining seat, and more to better suit intense and long gaming sessions.

Conversely, a normal chair may borrow some of these features to look better than other normal chairs but its purpose is diversified which is to let people sit on it for office work or just for plain regular sitting sessions rather than an excitement-filled gaming sitting which can prove to be tiresome on a normal chair.


A decent gaming chair will definitely make a significant impact on your gaming experience, especially for long gaming sessions.

I hope that this article can help you in deciding the best gaming chair for yourself.

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