4 Best Collagen Drinks In Malaysia 2024 Review: Beauty Skin!

4 Best Collagen Drinks In Malaysia 2024 Review: Beauty Skin!

5 Best Collagen Drinks In Malaysia 2021 Review: Beauty Skin! image

The body produces less collagen as we tend to grow.

Due to the less production of collagen, there occur many health problems. It leads to several skin problems such as wrinkles and fine lines and the skin becomes less firm as well.

This is where the best collagen drink in Malaysia can come in handy.

Proper skincare routines and drinking enough water daily are proven to be effective in improving skin elasticity and quality.

Among all of these, consuming collagen supplements can make a huge difference, providing your skin with some key benefits.

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Take Note:

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Take Note:

  • Malaysia is Hot & Sunny! Don’t go outside without Sunscreen!

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Top 5 Best Collagen Drinks in Malaysia

  1. Lennox Firm Up Plus+ Bright Collagen
  2. BLACKMORES Collagen 10000mg High Strength
  3. Ecolite Collagen Bird’s Nest 250ml
  4. Kinohimitsu Collagen Beauty Drink

Why Do You Need Collagen Drink?

The consumption of collagen supplements can benefit your body in many ways. It is essential for your health. Let’s take a look at some key benefits of collagen drinks.

Bones become stronger

The bones tend to become more brittle and less dense as we age. It means the bones take longer to heal and can be easily broken.

This is where consumption of collagen supplements on a daily basis can help your bones become denser.

Collagen drinks also slow down the aging process and aid your body to produce new bones.

Skin elasticity and hydration

Collagen supplements are essential for older people to improve skin elasticity and hydration. These are proven to be very effective and also help lessen wrinkles and fine lines.

However, make sure to choose the best collagen for skin to get the desired outcomes.

Thicker hair

Hair loss is not associated with men only. As women grow, they also experience hair loss or thinning.

Collagen supplements are found to be effective in increasing the hair’s quantity, thickness and scalp coverage. If you have any such issues, such supplements are ideal for you.

More muscle mass

Do you want to increase muscle mass? Look out for the right collagen peptide supplements. When combined with strength training, these supplements can increase muscle mass.

Best Collagen Drink Brands in Malaysia

These brands of collagen drink are the best in Malaysia:

  1. Kinohimitsu
  3. Lennox
  4. Ecolite
  5. Total Image

The 5 Best Collage Drink In Malaysia Reviews

There are many collagen drinks out there in Malaysia and you need to make the right purchase.

We have come along with the five best collagen drinks that can help your body in many ways.

1. Lennox Firm Up Plus+ Bright Collagen [Review]

1. Lennox Firm Up Plus+ Bright Collagen [Review] image

Unlike conventional collagens, Lennox Firm Up Plus+ Bright Collagen is very easy to dissolve thanks to the low molecular weight.

It is an ideal product for radiant-looking skin. It contains some food-based ingredients with anti-UV properties to protect your skin from exposure to harmful sun rays. As a result, it reduces wrinkle formation, dullness, and fine lines.

This collagen drink is very effective in providing your skin with a moisture shield. Due to the benefits it offers, this product is one of the best collagen drink supplements in Malaysia.


  • Contains anti-UV properties
  • Easy to digest
  • Heals damaged skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles formation

2. BLACKMORES Collagen 10000mg High Strength [Review]

2. BLACKMORES Collagen 10000mg High Strength [Review] image

This collagen drink provides your body with the protein and nourishment it needs.

BLACKMORES uses a fish collagen extraction with the help of an advanced technique to benefit your body without even the fishy taste of the product.

Moreover, it also contains grape seed extract and vitamin E to fight free radicals and promote skin regeneration. These ingredients are very rich in antioxidants.

Most importantly, this product is very effective to prevent your skin from darkening and soothe inflammation as well.

The presence of vitamin E protects cell membranes from damage and eliminates free radicals.


  • 10g of collagen
  • No fishy taste
  • It doesn’t contain additives or preservative

3. Ecolite Collagen Bird’s Nest 250ml [Review]

3. Ecolite Collagen Bird’s Nest 250ml [Review] image

As the name suggests, this collagen drink contains a bird’s nest as the main ingredient. Bird’s nest is very popular in maintaining youthfulness and improving skin complexion.

For that reason, Ecolite Collagen Bird’s Nest is the best collagen drink in Malaysia.

What makes it so special?

It comes in 4 different flavors that are mouth-watering and tasty. Because of the low sugar contents and fats, you can take it as an everyday drink.

It is very effective in improving your body’s immune system as well as hydrating the skin.


  • Contains Bird’s Nest
  • 4 different flavors (original, red dates, lychee, wolfberry)
  • Low in fat and sugar
  • Aids immune system

4. Kinohimitsu Collagen Beauty Drink [Review]

5. Kinohimitsu Collagen Beauty Drink [Review] image

Do you want to achieve smoother and firmer skin instantly?

Kinohimitsu Collagen Beauty Drink is the right choice for younger-looking skin within a week.

It contains a high concentration of marine collagen, which is very effective to restore the glow of the skin.

This product is very useful because it provides many health and skin benefits. This collagen drink can plump your skin as well.


  • Quick results
  • Marine collagen in higher concentration
  • Restores skin glow
  • Contains essential ingredients

What is Collagen?

Your body is responsible for self-producing collagen and it is made from protein.

Collagen is vital in providing muscle and tissue support. It is very effective for skin elasticity as well.

As you grow, the natural process of producing collagen in your body decreases significantly.

Moreover, there are many lifestyle habits that hinder the production of collagen, smoking, drinking alcohol and excessive sugar are some of those habits.

Type of Collagen

Three types of collagen make up the body’s collagen content.

Type I

This is the most important type of collagen among the three. It makes up 80 to 90 percent of your body’s collagen content.

It is very essential for the bones, skin and the walls of the blood vessels. It provides many benefits to your body such as reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Type II

You will mostly find this type of collagen in supplements. When it comes to treating mild joint pain, it could be very effective.

For that reason, it provides the main benefit for preventing joint pain. Chicken is the main source of this type of collagen.

Type III

It is the second-most common collagen type which is essential for your muscles and intestines. It aids in increasing your overall muscle mass.

The intake of this type of collagen can benefit you before and after weight training. It enhances exercise performance and helps with the skin, hair, and nails.

Efficient blood clotting is another key benefit of this collagen type.

How Do Collagen Drink Work?

Collagen drinks play a vital role in avoiding the depletion of collagen in your body.

As discussed above, your body tends to self-produce collagen. It actually helps your natural collagen levels in your body.

Remember, such drinks do not directly add collagen peptides. These collagen peptides are essential for your body and act as a feedback mechanism to aid your natural collagen production.

Before absorbing in our gut, the collagen peptides are broken into smaller molecules. This is how collagen drinks work for your body.

How To Choose The Best Collagen Drink In Malaysia

When it comes to choosing the best collagen drink, there are some vital factors that you should consider.

Mg per serving

No matter which collage drink you choose, it should contain a minimum of 7000 mg per serving. A daily dose of 5000mg is also enough if you just want to maintain the collagen in your skin.


Ingredients are always important in any product. Look for a product that contains 80 to 90 percent of type 1 collagen and 10 to 15 percent of type 3 collagen.

Elastin and hyaluronic acid are some other essential ingredients in the best collagen for skin. For that reason, always read the product label to know about the ingredients it contains.

Source of collagen

Determine the source of collagen in the product. For instance, it might be marine collagen, bovine, and chicken.

Form of product

Collagen drink is in liquid form that your body can absorb easily. Before making your purchase, consider the form (liquid, powder or solid) of collagen.


The consumption of collagen supplements is essential for your body.

It provides many benefits, including improving skin elasticity and increasing muscle mass.

However, you should choose the best collagen drink in Malaysia that can help your skin. Consider mg per serving, ingredients, and form of collagen before buying any product.

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