Best Food in Semenyih: Top 15 Must-Try Restaurants for You!

Best Food in Semenyih: Top 15 Must-Try Restaurants for You!

Wondering what to eat in Semenyih? Then go to these top-rated restaurants to try out the best food in Semenyih now!!!

Best Food in Semenyih Top Restaurants To Visit

Looking for the best food in Semenyih? Look no further! Semenyih is home to some of the most delicious and diverse culinary offerings in the region.

From mouth-watering local foods to international cuisines, this dynamic town has something to satisfy every taste bud and budget.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a local or just passing through, be sure to take the time to explore the culinary delights that Semenyih has to offer.

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With so many delicious options to choose from, you’re sure to find your new favourite dish in no time!

Top 15 Restaurants in Semenyih For The Best Semenyih Food!

1. Semenyih Food – Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant

Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant
Image via Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant

If you’re looking for a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of Subang Jaya, Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant is definitely worth checking out. As soon as you arrive, you’re greeted by beautiful lotus ponds and lush greenery, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

The restaurant itself is tucked away, but parking is easily available. One of the recommended dishes is the fried fish, which was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The salted egg prawns were also delicious, with a perfectly balanced flavour that wasn’t too overpowering. Another dish that stood out was the sautéed clams, which were cooked to perfection and bursting with flavour.

One of the unique features of Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant is the fishing area that surrounds it. For a small fee, you can rent a fishing rod and try your hand at catching your own fish. Bait food is also available for purchase at a low cost, and any fish you catch can be kept or cooked in the restaurant’s kitchen for an additional fee. The self-service setup of the restaurant makes it easy to enjoy your meal without any unnecessary contact.

Overall, Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant is a great spot for seafood lovers and fishing enthusiasts alike.

Address: Sri Haneco Industrial Park, Jalan Kachau Jalan Kachau PT, 16367 Semenyih, Selangor

2. Semenyih Food – Nasi Lemak Kelate

Nasi Lemak Kelate
Image via Nasi Lemak Kelate

If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable meal in Semenyih, look no further than Nasi Lemak Kelate. This restaurant offers plain nasi kelate for just around RM 2.40, and even with chicken added, it’s still a steal. The price point alone makes it a great spot to visit, but the comforting taste of the food makes it even better.

One of the highlights of Nasi Lemak Kelate is the sambal. It has a strong taste and is not too spicy, making it the perfect accompaniment to the white rice. In fact, the sambal is so good that you could probably eat just a plate of it with rice and be satisfied. However, because the sambal is more on the sweet side, so some people may not like it.

The only downside to this restaurant is that the portion sizes are small, but this is understandable given the low prices. Despite this, the food is still filling and satisfying. It’s a great spot for a quick and affordable meal.

The fried chicken is definitely a must-try. It’s really tasty and pairs perfectly with the sweet and spicy sambal. After a trip to Lalang Hot Springs, this restaurant is the perfect place to stop off for a bite to eat.

Overall, Nasi Lemak Kelate is a gem of a restaurant that offers delicious food at an unbeatable price. If you’re in the Semenyih area and looking for a quick and affordable meal that hits the spot, this restaurant should definitely be on your list.

Address: GERAI NO 6 PLB PEKAN SEMENYIH, DEPAN PADANG, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

3. Semenyih Food – Restoran Food Village

Restoran Food Village
Image via Restoran Food Village

Looking for a great place to have breakfast? Look no further than Restoran Food Village in Semenyih. This restaurant is popular among locals and has received many positive reviews. One of the recommended dishes is the fish head bee hoon (milk soup), which is meaty and made with sea fish.

You can customize your meal by choosing the type of noodles (fat bee hoon, yee mee or mian xian), the type of soup (milk or curry), and whether you want your fish head fried or fresh. The portions are large, so if you’re a small eater, consider sharing a single bowl. The coffee is alright, and they have a buy 10 free 1 promo for side orders, which is a great deal.

The service at Restoran Food Village is excellent. The person who took our order was patient and provided detailed information to help us make our selections. The staff is friendly, and the hygiene is top-notch. All employees wear masks, and there is a tub of hot water provided to sanitize utensils.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the fried salmon fish head with curry soup and yee mee noodles. It may sound like a strange combination, but it is surprisingly tasty and flavorful. The salmon fish head is fresh, smooth, and meaty, and the fish cake is also delicious.

Restoran Food Village is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. With a great selection of customizable dishes, friendly staff, and excellent hygiene, you’re sure to have a pleasant experience.

Address: 46, Jalan 1/9, Bandar Teknologi Kajang, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

4. Semenyih Food – Tian Tien Lai Restaurant

Tian Tien Lai Restaurant
Image via Tian Tien Lai Restaurant

If you’re looking for a delicious pork noodle store in Semenyih, Tian Tien Lai Restaurant is definitely worth a try. The soup here is less salty compared to others in the area, yet it still has a rich taste that will leave you wanting more. The pork noodle dish is especially impressive. The wanton mee comes in a generous portion, with the soup being the standout feature.

The environment at Tian Tien Lai Restaurant is clean, but the temperature can be a little bit warm. Service quality is friendly and considered good for the area. Prices are slightly above average, but it’s definitely worth it for the quality of the food.

During a weekend lunch, the shop can be crowded, but luckily there is a backseat available. The shop is owned and run by the Chinese owner herself. One of the recommended dishes to try is the tendon pork, which is delicious. The soup is more of a clear base since there’s no minced pork, but the taste itself is unique. The fishball is very fresh, springy and delicious too. Remember to add on as the original bowl does not come with the pork tendon or fishball.

There’s parking available around the shop, but do note that it’s a cash-only establishment. Overall, if you’re a fan of pork noodles and are in the Semenyih area, you won’t regret stopping by Tian Tien Lai Restaurant for a bowl of their delicious pork noodles.

Address: 79, Jalan Semenyih Sentral 5, Taman Semenyih Sentral, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

5. Semenyih Food – Yew Yik Noodle House

Yew Yik Noodle House
Image via Yew Yik Noodle House

Yew Yik Noodle House in Semenyih is a great spot for noodle lovers. The noodles here are tasty, come in big portions, and are priced very reasonably. However, parking can be quite limited, so it’s best to park your car around KK Mart there.

If you enjoy spicy noodles, then you can try their beef noodle, which comes as a spicy and oily dish. They also have a dried beef version with many succulent beef pieces and a peanut-based sauce that isn’t as spicy as expected. But you can customize the spiciness level with their chili sauce, which is also good.

One of the recommended dishes at Yew Yik Noodle House is their freshly-made ramen with an amazing texture. However, the beef option may sell out pre-12 pm, so it’s best to come early. The egg-tomato soup is quite light but good for those who cannot take spicy or want a vegetarian option. The owners are very friendly and welcoming, adding to the overall pleasant experience of dining here.

The only downside to Yew Yik Noodle House is that parking can be a little tricky as the area is very busy. Nonetheless, if you’re a noodle lover and willing to go the extra mile for great food, Yew Yik Noodle House is definitely worth a visit. The menu is in Chinese, but don’t let that deter you from trying the dishes as the staff are more than happy to assist you in choosing the best one.

Overall, Yew Yik Noodle House offers great value for money, and you can be sure to leave with a happy belly.

Address: 6, Jalan Besar, Pekan Semenyih, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

6. Semenyih Food – Yip Sheng Seafood Restaurant

Yip Sheng Seafood Restaurant
Image via Yip Sheng Seafood Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for delicious seafood and crispy pork belly, Yip Sheng Seafood Restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Although it’s a bit out of the way from KL, the reasonable prices and quality of the food make the trip worthwhile. One of the must-try dishes is the crispy pork belly, which is so popular that it’s better to call and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

During a visit, the Hokkien mee was a standout dish and the restaurant’s signature dish. The Kong Nam noodles, on the other hand, were a bit of a miss, as they tasted quite bland and lacked the traditional ingredient of century egg. However, if you prefer Cantonese-style fried noodles, it could be a good choice.

The restaurant was full on a Saturday afternoon, which is a testament to the quality of the food. Although our order was misplaced, the lady who took our order was friendly and good at estimating portion sizes. The salted egg prawns were fresh and tasty as well, complementing the meal nicely.

While pricing may not be cheap, the quality of the food is definitely there. Just be aware that the restaurant can get quite noisy when crowded. Overall, Yip Sheng Seafood Restaurant offers a good meal with some standout dishes that are worth trying.

Address: 73, 75, 77 & 79, Jalan Seri Baiduri, Taman Seri Baiduri, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

7. Semenyih Food – Na Sook Thai Kitchen Semenyih

Na Sook Thai Kitchen Semenyih
Image via Na Sook Thai Kitchen Semenyih

Na Sook Thai Kitchen Semenyih is a Thai restaurant located in Semenyih town. The food here is good, with all the dishes being very flavourful, and you can taste the spices. The Tomyum was particularly good, but the deep-fried egg with kangkung was just so-so. The avocado drink was a bit bland, but still good. The ice was blended until smooth and fine. Overall, you’ll have a good dining experience here, and you’ll be satisfied.

One of the recommended dishes at Na Sook Thai Kitchen Semenyih is the fried vegetables, which are highly recommended. The BBQ lambs are also delicious, but a bit expensive. Most of the foods we ordered were good, and this restaurant is pork-free. The restaurant gets very crowded starting from 7 pm, so it’s suggested to come earlier, around 6 pm.

The environment in Na Sook Thai Kitchen Semenyih is pleasant, and the staff are friendly. However, the place is not air-conditioned, so it might be hot there during the day. But still, the overall environment and food quality are good.

In summary, if you’re looking for a Thai restaurant in Semenyih town, Na Sook Thai Kitchen is a good choice. The food is flavourful, and you can taste the spices in every dish. Although some dishes might not be outstanding, the overall experience will be satisfying. The restaurant is pork-free, and it’s suggested to come earlier to avoid the crowd.

Address: 35, Jalan Semenyih Sentral 4, Taman Semenyih Sentral, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

8. Semenyih Food – Al Reef Restaurant

Al Reef Restaurant
Image via Al Reef Restaurant

Al Reef Restaurant is a simple-looking restaurant that serves delicious Arabian delicacies. The restaurant is located beside the main road and has ample parking space. Although the front of the shop looks a bit rundown, the restaurant itself is clean and has a space for private functions.

The restaurant offers a good spread of Middle-Eastern delicacies, and one of the recommended dishes is their juicy and tender lamb kebabs. The food is cooked with a Malaysian style and taste, which makes it even more flavorful. Customers have been coming to this restaurant for years and say that the quality and taste of the food have remained consistent, despite a recent price increase of about RM30 for a 20-people set.

One thing that sets Al Reef Restaurant apart is that they offer free plastic containers for leftover food, which is a nice touch. There are also plenty of parking spots available. The only downside is that the restaurant closes early at 9:30 pm and won’t accept patrons later than 9 pm.

Overall, Al Reef Restaurant is recommendable for those who are looking for delicious Arabian food at a reasonable price. The food is tasty, and the restaurant has a clean and comfortable environment. If you plan to visit, it’s best to come early or make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Address: Block 16-A and B, Dataran Dato’ Mohd Said, Lot 897, Jalan KL Seremban KM 23.5, Beranang, 43700 Semenyih, Selangor

9. Semenyih Food – Shaqhel’s kitchen

Shaqhels kitchen
Image via Shaqhels kitchen

Shaqhel’s kitchen in Semenyih is a great place to enjoy Western food at an affordable price. The portions are generous, and the fries are perfectly seasoned. One of the best dishes to try is the fish and chips which is quite cheap also, making it a great value for money.

The ambience and vibe of the restaurant are decent, providing a comfortable dining experience. If you are looking for a place to enjoy good Western food in a cozy environment, Shaqhel’s kitchen is the place to be.

While the food is generally tasty, some dishes can be a bit salty. However, the overall experience was still enjoyable.

If you’re in the mood for some Western cuisine, Shaqhel’s Kitchen is a great option to consider. The prices are reasonable, the portions are filling, and the atmosphere is cozy. Despite some minor issues, the food is tasty, making it a great spot for a casual meal with friends and family.

Address: 13-G, Jalan Semenyih Sentral 2, Taman Semenyih Sentral, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

10. Semenyih Food – Leng Leng Pork Noodles

Leng Leng Pork Noodles Semenyih
Image via Leng Leng Pork Noodles Semenyih

Leng Leng Pork Noodles is a great place to get a hearty meal for a reasonable price. One of the recommended dishes is their pork noodles, which are flavorful and filling. For just RM10, you can enjoy a satisfying bowl of pork noodles that comes with a sizeable portion of pork and plenty of cabbage. However, if you don’t like cabbage, it’s best to let them know.

The soup is decent, but it’s not as rich and flavorful as it could be. It doesn’t taste like it’s been boiled with pork bones, which would have made the broth more savoury. Nonetheless, the portions are decent and the toppings are generous, so it’s definitely worth a try.

The decor is simple, but the air conditioning provides a welcome respite from the heat outside. During lunch hour, the place fills up quickly with locals, including salarymen, office ladies, and young people. While the service may not be top-notch, it’s still a great spot to grab a quick and satisfying meal.

It’s important to note that they only have one lady waitress and one lady cashier, so service can be slow at times.

The prices are reasonable, with a bowl of noodles costing RM8.50 and a drink costing RM2.50. However, their kopi ping (iced coffee) is average, so you may want to pass on that.

All in all, if you’re looking for a filling and affordable meal in Semenyih, Leng Leng Pork Noodles is a great option.

Address: No 16-G, Jalan Semenyih Sentral 4, Taman Semenyih Sentral, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

11. Semenyih Food – AL DAUD Arabic Restaurant

Image via AL DAUD Arabic Restaurant

If you’re looking for a great Arabic restaurant to dine in, AL DAUD Arabic Restaurant is the place to be!

The food is not only delicious but also affordable. One of the recommended dishes is the Super Mix Pizza. The taste of the meals was great, and the quality of the rice and well-made kebab was impressive.

The handwash section and toilet were super clean and beautiful, adding to the pleasant experience. You can make the reservation earlier via their WhatsApp, and their response is fast and efficient. The customer service was excellent too, making you feel welcomed and valued.

The restaurant had a nice environment and was clean and beautiful. The prices were affordable, which was a plus point. Overall, AL DAUD Arabic Restaurant is highly recommended to anyone looking for delicious Arabic food at an affordable price.

Address: WRXW+5P7, Pekan Semenyih, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

12. Semenyih Food – Old Dragon Restaurant

Old Dragon Restaurant
Image via Old Dragon Restaurant

If you’re planning to visit the Old Dragon Restaurant in Semenyih, be sure to book a table in advance, otherwise, you may end up waiting for over an hour.

The taste of the food is delicious and satisfactory, with the lotus root dish being more spectacular than the other dishes.

While the food may not be mind-blowing, the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. The restaurant has a nice ambiance with an old-fashioned charm, and the staff were friendly and attentive. Prices were reasonable, and the portion sizes were generous.

If you’re in the area and looking for a casual spot to grab a bite, the Old Dragon Restaurant is worth considering. Just be sure to call ahead and make a reservation to avoid the long wait.

Address: NO5-G, Jalan Kiara 3, Kawasan Perniagaan Kiara, 43500, Semenyih, Selangor

13. Semenyih Food – 2 Gor Restaurant

2 Gor Restaurant
Image via 2 Gor Restaurant

2 Gor Restaurant in Semenyih is a hidden gem with delicious food and reasonable prices. The steam river prawn and red fish cooked two ways were particularly enjoyable. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with only 10 tables and no air conditioning, but the quality of the food more than makes up for any discomfort.

There are a variety of dishes to choose from, many of which are hard to find at other restaurants. One of the recommended dishes is the eggs steamed fish, which is a must-try. The BBQ pork rib, icy sweet and sour pork chunks, and tofu are also popular choices and are not commonly found at other restaurants.

Overall, the food at 2 Gor Restaurant is fresh, tasty, and affordable. The restaurant is worth visiting if you’re in the area and looking for a great meal. While it may not be the most luxurious dining experience with its small size and lack of air conditioning, the food more than makes up for it. It’s a place you’ll want to come back to and explore more of the unique dishes that they offer.

Address: Taman Permai, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

14. Semenyih Food – Warunk Mangoshake Semenyih

Warunk Mangoshake Semenyih
Image via Warunk Mangoshake Semenyih

Based on customer reviews, Warunk Mangoshake Semenyih seems to be a mixed bag of experiences. On one hand, some customers highly recommended fried sotong berapi rice. The mango drink and milo were also praised for their taste.

However, some customers were disappointed with the lack of menu availability, and some of the items they wanted to order were not available. This caused frustration and annoyance. Besides, it can be quite hot and stuffy inside.

Despite the frustrations with the menu availability, the meatball dish was highly recommended, along with the great hospitality.

Overall, it seems that Warunk Mangoshake Semenyih is a hit-or-miss experience, depending on what you order and whether the items are available. However, the restaurant is still worth a try for its highly recommended dishes, such as the fried sotong berapi rice, and its delicious mango shake.

Address: H-03-01 Ecohill Walk, Setia Ecohill, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

15. Semenyih Food – Restoran Al-Rizwath

Restoran Al Rizwath
Image via Restoran Al Rizwath

Restoran Al-Rizwath in Semenyih is a very exclusive restaurant that offers delicious food in a comfortable location in front of the main road. However, parking can be a bit of a problem, especially during rainy weather. Although there is parking available, it is not sufficient to accommodate all the customers.

The staff at Al-Rizwath are very friendly and accommodating, making your dining experience a pleasant one. The food quality is good, but not exceptionally great, with only four stars. The dishes are delicious, but not as scrumptious as one would expect. However, there is one dish that stands out and is a must-try, which is the Mi Goreng Mamak.

In addition to Mamak dishes, the restaurant also offers Malay dishes. The chefs are divided into two types, Mamak and Siamese (Muslim), so you don’t have to worry if you prefer Malay dishes. The restaurant is well-known for its specialty, which is Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected while enjoying your meal.

Overall, Restoran Al-Rizwath is a great place to dine, with delicious food and friendly staff. Although parking can be a problem, it is still worth visiting to try out their dishes, especially the Mi Goreng Mamak.

Address: Jalan Semenyih Sentral 3, Taman Semenyih Sentral, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

Best Chinese Restaurants in Semenyih

Here are some of the best Chinese restaurants in Semenyih:

  1. Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant: Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant offers a good selection of Chinese-style seafood dishes. Their signature dish is the “Semenyih Style Steamed Fish” which is highly recommended.
  2. Yip Sheng Seafood Restaurant: Another seafood restaurant that serves Chinese-style dishes, Yip Sheng Seafood Restaurant is known for its “Butter Prawns” and “Claypot Tofu”. Prices are reasonable and the portions are generous.
  3. Old Dragon Restaurant: This restaurant offers a wide variety of Chinese dishes, including “Lemon Chicken”, “Thai Fish”, “Braised Pork” and “Dragon’s Beard Veg”. Their lotus root dish is particularly popular among customers.
  4. Tian Tien Lai Restaurant: This Chinese restaurant is well-known for its delicious pork noodle. The prices are reasonable.
  5. Yew Yik Noodle House: A popular spot for noodle lovers, Yew Yik Noodle House serves up a variety of noodles. Their soups are flavorful and the ingredients are fresh.

Is Semenyih A Good Location For Food Hunting?

Semenyih can be considered a good location for food hunting as it offers a variety of food choices ranging from local Malay cuisine to Chinese and Arabic cuisine.

There are also some notable restaurants and eateries in Semenyih that have received positive reviews from customers.

However, the food scene in Semenyih may not be as extensive as other larger cities, and some restaurants may have limited operating hours.

Overall, Semenyih can be a good destination for those who are looking for a mix of traditional Malaysian and international cuisine.

FAQ for Semenyih Food

What type of cuisine is popular in Semenyih?

Chinese and Malay cuisine are the most popular in Semenyih, but there are also some restaurants serving Arabic, Thai, and Middle Eastern cuisine.

What are some of the must-try dishes in Semenyih?

Some of the must-try dishes in Semenyih include pork noodles, nasi lemak, seafood, and Chinese-style dishes like lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork, and braised pork.

Is Semenyih a budget-friendly place for foodies?

Yes, Semenyih is a budget-friendly place for foodies as most of the restaurants here offer reasonably priced dishes.

Are there any restaurants in Semenyih that offer halal food?

Yes, there are several restaurants in Semenyih that offer halal food, including Al Reef Restaurant, Na Sook Thai Kitchen Semenyih, Restoran Al-Rizwath, and others.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options in Semenyih?

Yes, some of the restaurants in Semenyih offer vegetarian and vegan options like Yew Yik Noodle House, Na Sook Thai Kitchen Semenyih, and Restoran Food Village.

What is the best time to visit Semenyih for food hunting?

Semenyih is a great place to visit for food hunting all year round, but it’s recommended to visit during weekdays to avoid crowds and long waiting times in popular restaurants.

Is parking easily available in Semenyih?

Yes, most of the restaurants in Semenyih have ample parking space, but it’s recommended to check in advance for popular restaurants during peak hours.

Enjoy the Best Food in Semenyih Restaurant Now!

Semenyih is a hidden gem for food lovers. From Chinese cuisine to Malay food and even Middle Eastern and Thai delicacies, the town offers a diverse range of flavours that are sure to excite your taste buds.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal, a quick snack, or a fancy dining experience, Semenyih has got you covered. With so many great restaurants to choose from, you’ll never run out of options.

So, come and explore the culinary delights of Semenyih and discover your new favourite spot today!

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