Best Food in Putrajaya: Top 20 Restaurants To Visit!

Best Food in Putrajaya: Top 20 Restaurants To Visit!

Wondering what to eat in Putrajaya? Then go to these top-rated restaurants to try out the best food in Putrajaya now!!!

Best Food in Putrajaya Top Restaurants To Visit for Foodies

If you’re a foodie and you’re looking for the best food in Putrajaya, you’re in for a treat! Putrajaya is a culinary hotspot, boasting a wide range of delicious and authentic dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From local Malaysian cuisine to international flavours, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your cravings.

When it comes to Malaysian cuisine, Putrajaya is known for its rich and diverse food culture. One of the must-try dishes in Putrajaya is the nasi lemak, a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and served with an array of flavorful accompaniments such as spicy sambal, crispy anchovies, and roasted peanuts. Another dish that you should definitely try is the rendang, a slow-cooked meat dish that is packed with spices and bursting with flavour.

If you’re looking for something a little more international, there are plenty of options in Putrajaya as well. From Italian pasta to Japanese sushi, there’s something for everyone. The city is also home to many high-end restaurants, offering fine dining experiences that are perfect for special occasions or romantic evenings.

In addition to the delicious food, Putrajaya is also known for its stunning views and beautiful surroundings. Many of the restaurants in the city offer breathtaking views of Putrajaya Lake and the iconic Putra Mosque, making for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

So if you’re in Putrajaya and you’re looking for the best food around, you’re sure to find it here. With so many delicious options to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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Top 20 Restaurants in Putrajaya For The Best Putrajaya Food!

1. Putrajaya Food – Mohd Chan Restaurant

Mohd Chan Restaurant @ Putrajaya
Image via Mohd Chan Restaurant @ Putrajaya

Looking for a Chinese Muslim restaurant that serves delectable food in a comfortable environment? Look no further than Mohd Chan Restaurant in Putrajaya! The food here is absolutely amazing.

The Schezuan chicken is a must-try and the iced lemon tea is great too. If you’re a dim sum lover, you won’t want to miss out on this place. The ambience of the restaurant is also impressive, making it a comfortable place to dine with your family and friends.

Mohd Chan Restaurant @ Putrajaya 3
Image via Mohd Chan Restaurant @ Putrajaya

You can expect a range of tasty dishes at Mohd Chan Restaurant, including ikan 3 rasa, abalone broccoli, sizzling sotong, baby kailan, classic butter prawn, and siakap steamed Thai chilli lime. Beverages like calamansi cooler, bandung soda, and kedondong asam boi are also available.

One unique aspect of Mohd Chan Restaurant is that food ordering is done by scanning a QR code at your table, with each table having its own code. The food is then served by robots that bring trays of food from the kitchen straight to your table. This makes the dining experience fancy and efficient.

While some customers have mentioned slow service, most have praised the restaurant’s speedy service. The staff is also friendly, making for an enjoyable dining experience.

Mohd Chan Restaurant @ Putrajaya 2
Image via Mohd Chan Restaurant @ Putrajaya

Overall, Mohd Chan Restaurant is a must-visit spot in Putrajaya. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is comfortable, and the service is great. Don’t forget to leave a review to get a free dessert!

Address: 58 & 60, Tingkat Bawah, Lot Komersil, Nadi @ 15, Jalan Perak P15, Presint 15, 62050 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

2. Putrajaya Food – Mr. Kabab & Biryani

Mr. Kabab Biryani Putrajaya
Image via Mr. Kabab Biryani Putrajaya

If you’re looking for authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in Putrajaya, Mr. Kabab & Biryani should be on your list. Customers rave about the friendly staff who offer fast service and make dining at the restaurant a pleasant experience.

The portions are also generous, so if you can’t finish your meal, they allow takeaways. Many customers recommend the chicken kebab, lamb shank, and chicken Mandy. The salads are tangy and refreshing, but some reviewers found them too sour for their liking. However, they are still worth trying.

Mr. Kabab Biryani Putrajaya 2
Image via Mr. Kabab Biryani Putrajaya

The prices at Mr. Kabab & Biryani are also affordable, making it an excellent option for anyone on a budget. There is plenty of parking available, both on the street and in the free parking lot.

The restaurant is also kid-friendly and offers several non-spicy dishes for children. They have a playground for kids to enjoy, and the washrooms are well-maintained.

Several customers recommend the naan cheese, keema, shawarma, and poori with daal. The lamb chop and kunafa are also delicious, and many customers enjoy the beef briyani and kebab. Overall, Mr. Kabab & Biryani is a must-try for anyone looking for delicious, authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in Putrajaya.

Address: 44, Jalan Diplomatik 3/1, Presint 15, 62050 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

3. Putrajaya Food – Sofina Seafood

Sofina Seafood
Image via Sofina Seafood

Sofina Seafood in Putrajaya is a spacious restaurant with plenty of parking space, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing dinner. The waiters are kind and helpful, and the majority of the food is delicious. However, there may be a bit of a wait due to the crowds, and the TV volume can be quite loud.

The seafood at Sofina Seafood is fresh and well-prepared. The Seabass is particularly good, and the vegetables are not oily. Customers recommend trying the Sotong Goreng Tepung, which is a fried squid dish. The price is also reasonable, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Some customers have reported issues with the tom yum dish, which can be a bit too sweet for their liking. Additionally, the tom yum may be served cold, which can affect the overall taste. However, the service is generally fast, and the restaurant pre-prepares some common dishes to ensure a quick delivery.

Sofina Seafood 2
Image via Sofina Seafood

Despite the crowds, Sofina Seafood is a recommended spot with great tasting food, fair prices, and a spacious atmosphere. It’s perfect for a relaxing night out with friends and family. And if you’re in the area, don’t miss out on the delicious Seabass and Sotong Goreng Tepung. Finally, while the restaurant can get loud due to the TV volume, the kind and helpful staff make up for any noise.

Address: Presint 14, 62050 Putrajaya

4. Putrajaya Food – Umai Cafe

Umai Cafe
Image via Umai Cafe

Umai Café is a simple café located near Putrajaya Lake, with indoor and outdoor seating areas providing a great view of Ayer 8 and the future development. The place is recommended to people who enjoy Malaysian cuisine, as they serve Malaysian delicacies such as jemput-jemput, roti jala, and nasi lemak in the morning, and other dishes starting at 11.45 am. The food is standardly priced but not too expensive.

One of the must-try dishes is Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah, which is juicy, tender, and crispy with sweet sambal that is not too spicy. The Roti Jala Rendang Ayam is also recommended, although the chicken could have soaked up the rendang gravy more. The place is often crowded, especially during lunch hours, so it’s better to come during off-hours to avoid a long queue. The staff is efficient, and the service is super-friendly.

Customers can sit indoors or outdoors by the lake, and the atmosphere is suitable for families, with plenty of seating. The environment is clean, and the staff is attentive and friendly, making it a lovely place to have a meal with a view. Customers can order set nasi ayam kunyit, which is well-balanced, and the Lai Chi Kang is delicious, although it’s better to ask for less sugar. Parking is ample, and the restaurant is also kid-friendly.

Umai Cafe 2
Image via Umai Cafe

Overall, Umai Café is a popular restaurant in Putrajaya that serves authentic Malay food at a reasonable price. Customers love the jemput pisang and menu goreng2 (fried snacks), which are tasty and satisfying. The place is ideal for healing, and the view of Putrajaya Lakeside and the mosque is a bonus. Although it might take a while to get the food during peak hours, the servers are attentive, making it a great dining experience.

Address: Bangunan ANJUNG Alaf BARU, 62675, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

5. Putrajaya Food – Nelayan Kitchen

Nelayan Kitchen
Image via Nelayan Kitchen

Nelayan Kitchen in Putrajaya is a cozy restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere that offers stunning views of Putrajaya Lake facing the Masjid Besi. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious food, including the Set Nasi Kambing varuval which is spicy but tasty and comes with a drink and dessert.

Many customers enjoyed the fish head curry, which is fragrant, delicious, and well-flavoured, and had a large portion. Other dishes recommended include the grilled kambing and kam heong chicken.

One local guide cautioned that although the food was delicious, it was quite expensive. Nevertheless, the restaurant remains one of their favourites in Ayer 8.

Overall, Nelayan Kitchen in Putrajaya offers delicious food, friendly and attentive service, and stunning views that make it a great place to enjoy a meal while admiring the scenery.

Address: [email protected], C1-G-5, Kompleks Perniagaan, Jalan P8G1, Presint 8, 62100, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

6. Putrajaya Food – Thai Tomyam Kung Ayer

Thai Tomyam Kung Ayer
Image via Thai Tomyam Kung Ayer

Thai Tomyam Kung Ayer in Putrajaya is a restaurant with good quality food at affordable prices. Customers have praised the restaurant for its delicious food, particularly the tom yam and prawn tempura. While some customers have experienced slow service, others have noted the friendly and quick service provided by the staff.

Thai Tomyam Kung Ayer 3
Image via Thai Tomyam Kung Ayer

The restaurant is located beside a lake, providing customers with a beautiful view and the opportunity to take photos with family and friends after their meal. In addition, the restaurant has added to the overall experience by playing Malay old songs, making it more enjoyable for customers.

Although some customers have had better tom yam at other restaurants, they still rate this restaurant highly due to the overall experience. However, cleanliness has been an issue for some, as the floors have felt sticky and the tables were not well-maintained.

Thai Tomyam Kung Ayer 2
Image via Thai Tomyam Kung Ayer

Customers have recommended the restaurant to others and expressed a desire for the restaurant to provide cashless payment options, such as QR pay. Despite minor issues, Thai Tomyam Kung Ayer in Putrajaya is a great place to enjoy delicious Thai food at reasonable prices, with a pleasant atmosphere and a beautiful view of the nearby lake.

Address: Jalan P8G, Presint 8, 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

7. Putrajaya Food – Restoran Ore Kampung

Restoran Ore Kampung
Image via Restoran Ore Kampung

Restoran Ore Kampung in Putrajaya is a must-visit restaurant if you are looking for delicious local cuisine. Customers rave about the variety of dishes available, including Nasi Kerabu, Roti Titab, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, and more. The restaurant is also spacious and can accommodate large groups of people. Additionally, there is plenty of parking available, making it easy to visit.

While the food receives high praise, the price point is slightly higher compared to other restaurants in the area. However, customers still recommend the restaurant for its mouthwatering dishes. It is especially popular for breakfast, with many people coming in after a morning jog at the nearby lake.

Some customers have noted that the hygiene could be improved, but the staff is friendly and provides quick service. Additionally, the hospitality and good service make for a pleasant dining experience. The menu is fixed, but the food is still delicious and reasonably priced.

The restaurant is self-service for some dishes, including Nasi Campur, where you can scoop what you like and how much you like. The establishment also offers Nasi Ayam, Ikan Bakar, cakoi, and a variety of traditional Malay and Thai dishes. The long tables are ideal for large groups, and customers appreciate the fast service.

Overall, Restoran Ore Kampung is a fantastic restaurant to visit if you are looking for delicious local cuisine in a spacious and comfortable environment. Despite a slightly higher price point, customers recommend the restaurant for its mouthwatering dishes and friendly staff.

Address: No. 14, Jalan P8 G/1, Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

8. Putrajaya Food – Restoran Gegey Putrajaya

Restoran Gegey Putrajaya
Image via Restoran Gegey Putrajaya

Restoran Gegey Putrajaya in Putrajaya offers a good dining experience with its quality food, decent serving speed, and a hipster-like atmosphere. The food quality has been praised by customers as being good, and the serving speed is decent, ensuring that customers can enjoy their meals without having to wait for long. The atmosphere is described as being clean and nice, with a hipster vibe that adds to the overall experience.

Price is another factor that has been praised by customers, with many noting that it matches both the environment and the food quantity and quality. Customers have been impressed with the affordable prices, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a good meal without breaking the bank.

Restoran Gegey Putrajaya 2
Image via Restoran Gegey Putrajaya

The restaurant’s contactless order process through a QR code has been well-received by customers, ensuring a hassle-free dining experience. The restaurant has also been praised for its good service, which adds to the overall positive dining experience.

The restaurant has been recommended as a great place to hang out with friends and family for lunch, dinner, or other occasions. It is also suitable for groups and families, with children’s chairs and a surau provided.

Overall, Restoran Gegey Putrajaya is a good restaurant that offers quality food, decent serving speed, a hipster-like atmosphere, and affordable prices. It is recommended for those looking for a good dining experience with family and friends.

Address: No 15&17, Jalan Diplomatik 1, Presint Diplomatik, 62000 Putrajaya

9. Putrajaya Food – Ikhwan Delights Putrajaya

Ikhwan Delights Putrajaya
Image via Ikhwan Delights Putrajaya

The Ikhwan Delights Putrajaya restaurant offers a diverse menu of local, Middle Eastern, and Western cuisine at a reasonable price. The ambiance is described as peaceful and cozy, making it a great spot for a fancy night out.

One reviewer suggested that the restaurant should offer smaller portions of starters for those who prefer to order multiple starters instead of sharing one type of dish. The reviewer also praised the Grilled Teriyaki Lamb, a dish that they highly recommended due to its unique teriyaki sauce, which had a slight spiciness to it. The Salmon dish was well cooked, though the sauce in the little pot was a bit too sour for their liking. The restaurant’s environment was also deemed quite comfortable.

Ikhwan Delights Putrajaya 2
Image via Ikhwan Delights Putrajaya

However, a few reviews expressed concerns about the restaurant’s service. One customer mentioned that the cashier looked tired and appeared to be the only staff member available on the floor, while another customer stated that the restaurant seemed to be understaffed. This could have contributed to the longer wait times for food orders.

Additionally, some reviewers had issues with the flavours and portions of the food. One customer felt that the food was overwhelmed with herbs, while another found the chicken chop to be deep-fried with too much seasoning and was tough to cut through. Nevertheless, one customer praised the restaurant for its reasonable prices and excellent service, giving it a perfect score.

Overall, Ikhwan Delights Putrajaya appears to be a great restaurant for those looking for a diverse menu at a reasonable price in a cozy ambiance. Although there are some concerns regarding service and flavour, the majority of customers enjoyed their experience and would recommend the restaurant to others.

Address: 103, Jln Diplomatik, Presint Diplomatik, 62050 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

10. Putrajaya Food – Homst Putrajaya

Homst Putrajaya
Image via Homst Putrajaya

Homst Putrajaya is a Chinese Muslim restaurant located near Cyberjaya Lake, offering stunning views of the lake and the mosque. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and ample seating space, making it perfect for family dinners or group dining. Customers can park their vehicles for free at the basement floor and enjoy the authentic Chinese food served here.

The food at Homst Putrajaya is purely Chinese, with the aroma and taste being very authentic. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, beverages, and dim sum that are reasonably priced, with generous portions that can serve a group of seven adults. The service is excellent, with customers praising the restaurant’s fast food delivery and friendly staff.

Customers can also enjoy a scenic view of the lake while dining at Homst Putrajaya, making it a perfect place to unwind and relax. The restaurant also has other branches, making it more accessible for customers who are not within the vicinity.

One customer recommended visiting the restaurant on an empty stomach as the food presentation was superb, and all dishes tasted excellent, especially the sweet and sour seabass and yingyong kailan.

However, one customer was disappointed with their burnt fried wanton, which had a very bitter and burnt taste, leading to an unpleasant experience during group dining.

Overall, Homst Putrajaya is a great place to enjoy authentic Chinese Muslim cuisine with friends and family. The food is delicious, the service is fast and friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable.

Address: HOMST RECIPE@ ayer8 B2-LG-01 AYER 8, Jalan P8G, 62250 Putrajaya

11. Putrajaya Food – Nasi Lemak Royale Kedah

Nasi Lemak Royale Kedah
Image via Nasi Lemak Royale Kedah

Nasi Lemak Royale Kedah in Putrajaya is a great option for those looking for a decent meal. The prices are quite reasonable, considering the location. Although the restaurant is known for Nasi Lemak Royale, they serve Nasi Kandar type of food, which is unique and enjoyable. The mixed gravy and rice, called Nasi Lemak, are delicious, and the Ayam Goreng is soft and succulent on the inside.

Although the Kuah is pretty runny/watery, it is still okay-ish. The restaurant offers parking lots in front of the establishment, making it convenient for customers. However, some customers felt that the price was a bit expensive compared to other Nasi Kandar joints in Klang Valley.

If you’re looking for the best Nasi Kandar in town, Nasi Lemak Royale Kedah is the place to go. Although some customers had to queue for an hour, the service is still fast, and the atmosphere is clean and spacious. Customers are encouraged to try out the recommended dishes such as Nasi Lemak Royale Kedah Ayam Goreng, Satay Chicken, Telor Sotong, and Mee Goreng.

In summary, if you’re nearby and looking for a decent place to have a meal, Nasi Lemak Royale Kedah is worth considering. The unique mixed gravy and rice are a must-try, but be prepared to queue for a bit. Despite the high prices, customers recommend this restaurant for its great Nasi Kandar and fast service.

Address: G1, Jalan P8, Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

12. Putrajaya Food – LC (Line Clear) Restaurant Putrajaya

LC Line Clear Restaurant Putrajaya
Image via LC Line Clear Restaurant Putrajaya

LC (Line Clear) Restaurant Putrajaya in Putrajaya is a popular spot for breakfast with ample parking space available in the shop lot area. The restaurant opens early in the morning for breakfast and fills up quickly by 8am. The food available at the time of the visit was only roti kosong/roti sardine and nasi lemak, and while the food was average, the restaurant is one of the few places that open early for breakfast.

The restaurant is spacious and clean, with a pathway for wheelchair accessibility. The service, however, received mixed reviews with some customers praising the fast and friendly service, while others complained about the long queues and slow service during peak hours.

The food at LC Restaurant received positive reviews overall, with their nasi kandar, roti canai, and mee goreng being popular among customers. The restaurant offers many options of foods to choose from, and the nasi kandar is a must-try, according to one reviewer. The curry is full of aroma and tastes great, making it a recommended spot for nasi kandar lovers.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is also noteworthy, with the cleanliness and neatness of the place being praised by customers. The downside, however, is the long queue during peak hours. Overall, the food quality and atmosphere make LC Restaurant a recommended spot for those who want to try affordable and delicious nasi kandar and other Malaysian delicacies.

Address: 16, Jalan Perak P15, Presint Diplomatik, 62050 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

13. Putrajaya Food – Padi House Putrajaya

Padi House Putrajaya
Image via Padi House Putrajaya

Padi House Putrajaya in Putrajaya is a well-decorated restaurant with a lovely atmosphere. This is a great place to dine when you have time to enjoy a hot meal and the restaurant’s ambiance. Besides, there was ample parking space in front of the restaurant.

One of the recommended dishes is the Cheese Baked Pesto Rice with Chicken, which has received a high rating from customers. The sambal ice cream is a unique dessert, but it may not be to everyone’s taste.

Some customers recommended the Cantonese Kuey Teow, which was flavorful. The waiting time for the food is a bit long, but the food is worth the wait. It would have been better if the restaurant provided tissues and sauce on the table.

For a local guide, Padi House Putrajaya is their favorite place to go. They always order the Spaghetti Carbonara and find it to be delicious. The restaurant is not busy, so it’s a great place to take your time while enjoying your meal. There are two to three pasta options available, and the creamy mushroom chicken alfredo with penne pasta looked tempting in the picture.

Overall, Padi House Putrajaya in Putrajaya is a great restaurant to visit when you have time to enjoy the ambiance and hot meals.

Address: Galeria PjH, Presint 4, 62100, Putrajaya

14. Putrajaya Food – Dilana Tandoor Putrajaya

Dilana Tandoor Putrajaya
Image via Dilana Tandoor Putrajaya

Dilana Tandoor Putrajaya is a hidden gem in Putrajaya/Cyberjaya, serving authentic and delicious Pakistani and Arabic cuisine at reasonable prices. Customers are welcomed with great hospitality and a warm atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable and peaceful.

The restaurant is located in a convenient location with ample free parking available opposite the building. The restaurant is a great choice for lunch or dinner with friends and family. Customers are provided with great recommendations by the knowledgeable staff, who are always willing to suggest the best dishes to order.

The food is of the highest quality and is well prepared with fresh and fabulous ingredients, making it a must-try for those seeking traditional cuisine. The lamb biryani is a crowd favourite, with tender meat and aromatic rice that is sure to delight customers’ taste buds. The cheese naan and kebab are also highly recommended, and the green salad is a great side dish to add to the meal.

The Pakistani tea is a perfect complement to the food and is a great way to end the meal on a high note. The mango lassi is also highly recommended for those who prefer a refreshing and creamy beverage.

Overall, Dilana Tandoor Putrajaya is a great place to dine in Putrajaya/Cyberjaya, offering delicious and authentic cuisine, great service, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is highly recommended for those who enjoy Pakistani and Arabic cuisine or for those who want to try something new. The restaurant is also a great place for private events or gatherings. If you’re looking for a great dining experience, be sure to visit Dilana Tandoor Putrajaya!

Address: 46, Jalan Diplomatik 3/1, Presint 15, 62050 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

15. Putrajaya Food – Tok Wan Grill Putrajaya

Tok Wan Grill Putrajaya
Image via Tok Wan Grill Putrajaya

Tok Wan Grill Putrajaya in Putrajaya is a cozy and clean restaurant that serves a variety of Western dishes at reasonable prices. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating options, with prompt and polite service from attentive staff.

Customers have praised the taste and portion size of the food, with highlights including the splendid grilled chicken chop that tickles the taste buds with its spices, and the tasty aglio olio. Cheesy chicken chop and butter crispy chicken with butter rice are also recommended. However, the grilled lamb has been noted as dry and not very juicy.

Despite positive reviews on the food and service, some customers have raised concerns about cleanliness and the limited availability of certain menu items such as coffee and chocolate drinks. Customers are advised to reserve a table in advance as seating is limited.

Overall, Tok Wan Grill Putrajaya is a good option for those looking for affordable Western cuisine in a cozy atmosphere with fast and friendly service.

Address: No.12, Jln Jati Bukit P11/25, Presint 11, 62250 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

16. Putrajaya Food – Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant

Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant
Image via Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant

Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant is an excellent venue for a family or group dinner. It is slightly expensive, but the view of the waterfront makes it worthwhile. The seafood fried rice and steamed garoupa in soy sauce are highly recommended dishes, according to one customer.

The atmosphere is unique and good, with some customers praising the environment and decorations as brilliant and innovative.

However, not all customers have had a positive experience. One local guide found the food to be unsatisfactory, and another customer was disappointed by the weak tom yum broth and dirty restroom. Despite this, some customers thought the food was quite good, with generous portions.

The restaurant is located in a park, and some customers have had difficulty finding it. It is recommended to make reservations and arrive early. It is also advisable to be careful when bringing children, as the restaurant is located next to the lake, and there have been concerns about the safety of children in this area.

Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant 2
Image via Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant

In conclusion, Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant is a great place to enjoy Chinese seafood dishes with a unique and picturesque view of the waterfront. The service is attentive, and the atmosphere is good. However, the prices can be a bit expensive, and the quality of the food can be inconsistent. It is still worth a visit if you are looking for a good seafood meal in Putrajaya.

Address: Taman Botani Putrajaya,, Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Selangor

17. Putrajaya Food – Smoked Kingdom by Don Daniyal

Smoked Kingdom by Don Daniyal
Image via Smoked Kingdom by Don Daniyal

Smoked Kingdom by Don Daniyal in Putrajaya is a cozy restaurant located by the lake at [email protected]. The simple decor and view of the restaurant make it look exclusive. Customers can enjoy the late view from inside the restaurant. Although the service is not the best, it is good enough, especially during low peak hours. The prices are very reasonable for the portions, service, and dining experience you get.

The mixed grill is a generous portion and worth trying for an affordable high-protein meal. The chocolate waffle is a must-try and definitely on par with places like dipndip. It is made with good-quality chocolate and the waffle edges are still crispy, making it a heavenly dessert.

Customers also recommend the Australian Ribeye steak, which is tender and juicy, and the striploin steak, which is medium-cooked and topped with a delicious sauce by the chef. The grilled lamb is also a big portion and worth trying. The caesar salad is heavenly, and each dish is very well thought, researched, and prepared.

For kid-friendliness, there are varieties of kids’ meals you can choose from for your little ones. The children’s menu section is adequate and tasty too. However, some customers have complained about the mushroom soup being super salty and the black pepper sauce being a bit sweet and watery.

Overall, Smoked Kingdom by Don Daniyal is a nice place to have a Western dinner. The staff is professional and wonderful, and the atmosphere is great. While some dishes may not meet expectations, there are definitely a few dishes that are worth trying.

Address: B1, G-1, Jalan P8G, Presint 8, 62000 Putrajaya

18. Putrajaya Food – 10gram Putrajaya

Image via 10gram Putrajaya

10gram Putrajaya is a restaurant located in Putrajaya, Malaysia, that offers a variety of dishes ranging from local to Western cuisine. The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere and scenic views, making it an ideal place for content creators or people looking for a cozy place to dine.

One customer visited for brunch and praised the restaurant’s atmosphere, service, and the Tom Yam Carbonara.

Another reviewer stated that the atmosphere was picturesque, but the food was a disappointment. The presentation was excellent, but the taste needs improvement, according to the reviewer.

10gram PUTRAJAYA 3
Image via 10gram Putrajaya

A different customer visited the restaurant twice with their family and praised the service, local menu, pasta, and pizza. They mentioned that the restaurant was an excellent place for families, especially those with autistic children. The customer didn’t provide a rating but highly recommended the restaurant.

10gram PUTRAJAYA 2
Image via 10gram PUTRAJAYA

A different customer tried Nasi Ikan Keli Balado, Nasi Ayam Balado, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, and Nasi Kamheong and found them bland. They also stated that the rice was cold, and the Ikan Keli was not properly cooked, with blood inside. The customer also criticized the iced lemon tea, describing it as tasting like tap water.

In conclusion, 10gram Putrajaya has received mixed reviews from its customers. While the atmosphere and views are exceptional, the food needs improvement, according to some customers. Nevertheless, the restaurant is still an excellent place to dine with family and friends.

Address: No. A1-G-1 Block A1 Floor, G [email protected], Phase 8c1, Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

19. Putrajaya Food – MyViets

MyViets Putrajaya
Image via MyViets Putrajaya

MyViets Putrajaya is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Putrajaya. Customers are delighted with the authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisine made with fresh ingredients and herbs. The price is reasonable and worth the quality of the food. The restaurant is clean and has a nice view of the lake. Customers can also see the cruise ship from the windows.

Some of the popular dishes include spring rolls, beef noodle, and vegetables plate. Customers also enjoyed the baguette, 3 combo beef, and soft shell crab rolls. The menu is clear and easy to choose from.

MyViets Putrajaya 2
Image via MyViets Putrajaya

The restaurant is cozy and suitable for family and friends. Customers can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and nearby park. However, parking is limited, especially during peak hours.

While most customers enjoyed the food and service, some felt the staff could be more attentive and friendly. One customer suggested that the restaurant could improve by collaborating with the attached sushi shop to offer more variety.

In summary, MyViets Putrajaya is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant that serves authentic and delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

Address: [email protected], C2-G-1, Jalan P8G, Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya

19. Putrajaya Food – Q Bistro Putrajaya

Q Bistro Putrajaya
Image via Q Bistro Putrajaya

Q Bistro in Putrajaya is a restaurant that offers excellent food quality, although it is a bit pricey. The restaurant has a nice, clean environment with both open-air and air-conditioned areas, and a cozy atmosphere. The service is excellent, and the ordering system is efficient. The outdoor seating is recommended as the inside seating can be noisy, stuffy, and cold.

Customers have recommended several dishes, including the Megi Goreng, nasi kandar with ayam bawang and kari sotong, nasi beriani with ayam masak merah & kari kambing, and the Rojak mamak. The restaurant also offers a variety of food, from Western to local dishes.

Despite the good quality of the food, some reviewers felt that the prices were a bit high, especially when compared to other mamak chains. Additionally, parking in the area was a bit of a hassle. Some customers also mentioned that most of the servers couldn’t understand the local language, which can be frustrating.

The restaurant also has a prayer room on level 1 and is kid-friendly, with both open-air and air-conditioned areas. The parking space is plentiful, with free street parking available.

Overall, Q Bistro is a recommended restaurant for those who want to enjoy good quality food and efficient service in a cozy atmosphere. The prices may be a bit steep, but the variety of dishes offered, the clean and modern interior, and the availability of both indoor and outdoor seating make it a worthwhile experience.

Address: Jalan Diplomatik, Presint Diplomatik, Presint 15, 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

20. Putrajaya Food – d’Tandoor Restaurant [email protected] Putrajaya

dTandoor Restaurant Ayer@8
Image via dTandoor Restaurant [email protected]

If you’re in Putrajaya and looking for Northern Indian cuisine, d’Tandoor Restaurant [email protected] is a must-visit. This restaurant has a very nice environment and very friendly staff. Customers rave about the food, calling it really yummy and very tasty with good portions. The restaurant overlooks a beautiful lake view, making it a picturesque dining experience.

One reviewer recommends the Beriyani Chicken, saying that one serving can feed two people. They also love the restaurant’s mint tea which is refreshing. Another customer suggests trying the lamb rogan josh, which they call their famous dish, and the naan bread, which is hot and fluffy, better than anywhere else they’ve tried before.

dTandoor Restaurant Ayer@8 2
Image via dTandoor Restaurant [email protected]

While some customers have complained about slow service, others say that the waiters are friendly and willing to accept customer comments. Most reviewers enjoyed their visit, though some dishes like the paneer butter masala and vegetable briyani were considered a letdown.

A variety of seating is available at the restaurant, making it suitable for big crowds. It is recommended to make a reservation before dining in. Parking can be a bit tricky, but customers suggest coming early to save a spot. After your meal, you can enjoy a slow stroll by the serene lake or snap some photos.

Overall, d’Tandoor Restaurant [email protected] is a great option for those looking for a delicious Northern Indian meal in a beautiful location.

Address: Lot A1- LG – 1, [email protected], Jalan P8G, Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Food Court in Putrajaya

1. Medan Selera Presint 9

Medan Selera Presint 9 2
Image via Medan Selera Presint 9

Medan Selera Presint 9 in Putrajaya is a vibrant food court that offers a variety of options for food lovers. The place is well-maintained and clean, with ample parking space. Customers can find many food options here, from breakfast to dinner. The stalls are highly popular among the locals, so one can easily ask around for the best food stalls.

For breakfast, there are several stalls worth trying, and customers can explore the stalls to find their desired dish. The stall’s popularity is evident from the queue, so one can select a stall accordingly. The kacang pool haji here is highly recommended and is the same as in Johor. One can also find nasi lemak ayam dara, mee rebus johor, lontong, kacang pool haji, and mee bandung, among other options.

Medan Selera Presint 9
Image via Medan Selera Presint 9

The food court has an open-air concept, and there are buskers to keep customers entertained. The place can get crowded during peak hours, so it’s better to visit before Maghrib for more food options. The prices are reasonable, and there are many varieties of food available. The food court is suitable for families, and children can enjoy themselves even in the afternoon.

The place is well-equipped, and there are sinks to wash hands everywhere, making it a hygienic place to dine. Customers can also find convenience stores nearby. The food court is strategically located within the Precinct 9 community hub, close to the Klinik Kesihatan complex, community complex, public swimming pool, and commercial retail space.

In conclusion, Medan Selera Presint 9 is a nice food court that offers a lot to choose from. The place is clean, well-maintained, and has ample parking space. Customers can find a variety of food options at reasonable prices. They can explore the stalls, ask locals for the popular ones, and enjoy their food in an open-air setting while being entertained by buskers.

Address: Presint 9, 62000 Putrajaya

2. Food Court Presint 11

Food Court Presint 11
Image via Food Court Presint 11

Food Court Presint 11 in Putrajaya offers a variety of local food options at reasonable prices. The dining area is comfortable and well-ventilated, making it an enjoyable place to eat. One customer recommended the Nasi Ayam Roasted, while another praised the Roti Canai Double Banjir.

Although the food court may not be the most pristine, it still receives positive feedback for its tasty food and friendly service. Customers particularly enjoy the drinks and food at stalls 3, 6, 7, and 8. The Nasi Ayam Hainan, roti john, and apam balik are also recommended dishes.

Food Court Presint 11 2
Image via Food Court Presint 11

Located in Pusat Kejiranan P11, Food Court Presint 11 is part of a community center that also includes a public library, swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court, and halls. Families with children can purchase tickets to swim at the nearby pool.

Overall, while some customers have found other food courts in Putrajaya to be better, Food Court Presint 11 is still a great option for those looking for tasty and affordable local food in a comfortable setting.

Address: Presint 11, 62000 Putrajaya

3. Putrajaya Food Truck [email protected] 2

Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot@Presint 2
Image via Putrajaya Food Truck [email protected] 2

Putrajaya Food Truck [email protected] 2 is an open-air food court situated beside the lake that offers various types of food such as burgers, fries, fried snacks, western, Korean cuisine, and local fast food favourites, including roti john, and nasi ayam kunyit mat rock.

They also serve fresh juice at an affordable price, which costs around RM5. The ambiance of the restaurant is great, especially in the evening, with the lake view and live performances, including clown shows and live bands that play Malay songs. The atmosphere is cool and windy, and the place is friendly for kids and babies.

Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot@Presint 2 2
Image via Putrajaya Food Truck [email protected] 2

The parking space at Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot is plenty, but it is hard to find a good parking area. You should be careful when driving in the ramp for further parking as it is too narrow. Parking is free, and it is effortless to park your car here. There are a limited number of tables and chairs, so you may need to wait before finding a seat to dine in. However, there is enough parking space for your bike or escooter, which you can ride around the lake.

The price for the food at Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot is generally affordable, but some vendors’ prices are a bit steep. For instance, mango juice blended ice with cordial mango (instead of fresh mango) costs around RM10 each. Some items on the menu are not available, and customers have only been informed about it when they are near the front row. Waiting time for order and receive the order may take quite some time, so it’s best to go to the toilet first as there is no toilet provided here. You can go to the nearby Masjid if you have an emergency.

In conclusion, Putrajaya Food Truck [email protected] 2 is an excellent dining destination with great ambiance, food, and friendly atmosphere.

Address: Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Presint 2, 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

4. Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot Presint 14

Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot Presint 14
Image via Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot Presint 14

Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot Presint 14 is a great place to hang out with friends and family, according to many customers. It offers a wide variety of food and drinks, ranging from local Malaysian cuisine to pizza, pasta, fried chicken, kebab, and more. While some reviewers felt that there were not enough choices, most agreed that the price was reasonable and the quality of food was good.

Live music is one of the highlights of this food truck hotspot, and many customers enjoyed the band performances while having their meals. However, some noted that the selection of food trucks can be limited on certain days, such as Wednesday when half of them are closed. If you are looking for a lively atmosphere, it’s best to visit on weekends when the place is more crowded.

One unique feature of this hotspot is the huge parking lot reserved for playing with electric vehicles. You can rent them for a reasonable price, depending on their size. Additionally, the payment system is very convenient, as all the food trucks support QR pay.

If you are a pizza lover, Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot Presint 14 is definitely worth a visit. Customers have raved about the quality of the pizza, and some even said it was the best they’ve ever had. Other recommended dishes include yong tau foo, nasi ayam kunyit, roti john, and kebab arab.

Overall, Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot Presint 14 is a great alternative to dining out in Putrajaya. It’s a spacious and lively place to enjoy good food, drinks, and live music with family and friends. However, it’s important to note that seating can be a challenge during peak hours, and it may not be comfortable to eat on rainy days when the tables are wet.

Address: Jalan P14l, Presint 14, 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

5. Medan Selera P16

Medan Selera P16
Image via Medan Selera P16

Medan Selera P16 in Putrajaya is a bustling food court with six different shops offering a variety of delicious cuisines, including Malay and Indian (mamak style) dishes. Customers can choose from a range of seating options, including tables for single diners or larger groups.

One reviewer described the food court as a nice place to eat, with plenty of food choices and accommodating staff. Another customer praised the moderately priced meals, while a local guide highlighted the spacious layout and nice view of the area. However, parking is limited and can be challenging during busy periods.

Medan Selera P16 2
Image via Medan Selera P16

Despite the parking challenges, Medan Selera P16 is a popular spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food quality has received mostly positive reviews, with one customer noting that the food is homely and tasty. Another reviewer rated the food, service, and atmosphere a solid four out of five.

Customers can also enjoy some additional facilities, including a prayer room, sports court rental, and a dewan serba guna. However, one reviewer did note that the area can be plagued by flies.

Overall, Medan Selera P16 is a great option for those looking for a range of tasty, affordable meals in Putrajaya, although parking can be a challenge during peak times.

Address: Jalan P16G, Presint 16, 62150 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Is Putrajaya A Good Location For Food Hunting?

Yes, Putrajaya is a good location for food hunting as it offers a wide variety of food choices from various cuisines such as Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Western. Food courts are great place to explore different local cuisines as it offers a range of dishes from different stalls, including Malay and Indian (mamak style) cuisines. Customers can enjoy a comfortable seating area for both individuals and families.

Additionally, food courts are moderately priced, making it an affordable option for customers who want to try different foods without breaking the bank.

Putrajaya is also known for its beautiful architecture and scenic views, making it a pleasant location to explore while discovering local food. Overall, Putrajaya is a great place to go for food hunting, with many options available for all taste buds and budgets.

FAQ for Putrajaya Food

What types of cuisine can be found in Putrajaya?

Putrajaya offers a diverse range of cuisine, including Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Western.

Is it easy to find Halal food in Putrajaya?

Yes, it is very easy to find Halal food in Putrajaya. Most of the restaurants and food stalls are certified Halal by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM).

What are some must-try local dishes in Putrajaya?

Some of the must-try local dishes in Putrajaya include Nasi Lemak, Satay, Rendang, Laksa, and Roti Canai.

Is it recommended to rent a car to explore food places in Putrajaya?

Renting a car is not necessary as there are various modes of transportation available such as taxis, buses, and the Putrajaya Sentral ERL station. However, it can be more convenient to rent a car if you plan to explore many places in a day.

What is the best time to visit Putrajaya for food-hunting?

Putrajaya is a great place for food hunting all year round, but it is especially lively during Ramadan when many bazaars are set up selling traditional Malay food.

Enjoy the Best Food in Putrajaya Restaurant Now!

Putrajaya is a melting pot of flavours, with a variety of food options to tantalize your taste buds. From traditional Malay dishes to Indian mamak-style cuisine, there’s something for everyone here.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, a quick lunch, or a satisfying dinner, Putrajaya has got you covered.

So, come and explore the diverse food scene of Putrajaya, and get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other!

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