15 Best Food in Kuantan: Top Restaurants for Kuantan Foodie

15 Best Food in Kuantan: Top Restaurants for Kuantan Foodie

Wondering what to eat in Kuantan? Then go to these top-rated restaurants to try out the best food in Kuantan now!!!

Best Food in Kuantan Top Restaurants To Visit

Welcome to Kuantan, where foodies can indulge in a diverse array of culinary delights.

From aromatic spices to fresh seafood, Kuantan offers a plethora of tasty treats that will tantalize your taste buds.

In short, Kuantan is a food paradise that offers a range of local and international cuisines.

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From traditional Malay dishes to Chinese and Western fusion cuisine, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the best food in Kuantan!


Top 15 Restaurants in Kuantan For The Best Kuantan Food!

1. Kuantan Food – Dallah Restaurant

Dallah Restaurant
Image via Dallah Restaurant

Dallah Restaurant is a popular Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant located in Kuantan, Malaysia. It is a well-known restaurant that has been serving delicious Middle Eastern dishes to locals and tourists for many years.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of Middle Eastern dishes, such as shawarma, kebab, hummus, falafel, and many more. These dishes are prepared using authentic Middle Eastern spices and ingredients to provide an authentic dining experience.

Dallah Restaurant 2
Image via Dallah Restaurant

The restaurant has a cozy and welcoming ambience, and the staff are known for their friendly and attentive service. It’s an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing meal with friends and family, or for a romantic dinner for two.

If you’re looking for an authentic Middle Eastern dining experience in Kuantan, Dallah Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

Address: NO.19, Ground Floor, ICT Hub, Jalan Putra Square 4, Putra Square, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang

2. Kuantan Food – Jaman Tory Resepi

Jaman Tory Resepi
Image via Jaman Tory Resepi

Jaman Tory Resepi is a popular Malay restaurant in Kuantan, known for its Patin Tempoyak dish. The Patin Bakar Tempoyak is a must-try dish, as it is known for its rich and flavorful sauce.

In addition to the famous Patin Tempoyak, the restaurant also offers a variety of Malay, Western, Thai, and snack dishes.

The Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Api is another popular dish, with creamy sauce and delicious smoked meat.

Jaman Tory Resepi 2
Image via Jaman Tory Resepi

The restaurant’s vintage decor and retro touches create a pleasant ambience, making it an enjoyable place to dine.

The restaurant provides clean restrooms and a prayer room, making it a great place to stop and relax after a long journey. You may call and reserve to avoid waiting in line, and the friendly staff will ensure that their dining experience is enjoyable.

Address: No A15 Indera Mahkota 2, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang

3. Kuantan Food – Restoran Satay Zul

Restoran Satay Zul
Image via Restoran Satay Zul

Restoran Satay Zul is a popular eatery in Kuantan known for its mouthwatering satay dishes. The restaurant offers a casual dining experience and is a favourite among locals and tourists.

The menu at Restoran Satay Zul features a wide selection of satay dishes, including beef, chicken, lamb, duck, rabbit, liver, beef tripe, and bone sate. Each skewer is grilled to perfection, resulting in juicy and flavorful meat that is sure to satisfy any craving. Customers have also raved about the restaurant’s peanut sauce, which is a perfect accompaniment to the satay skewers.

The restaurant’s casual atmosphere and affordable prices make it an ideal spot for families and friends to enjoy a delicious meal together.

In addition to its satay dishes, Restoran Satay Zul also offers a variety of other Malay dishes, such as nasi lemak, nasi goreng (fried rice), and char kuey teow udang.

Restoran Satay Zul 2
Image via Restoran Satay Zul

Overall, Restoran Satay Zul is a must-visit for anyone looking for delicious satay dishes in Kuantan.

Address: A-2600, Lorong Alor Akar, Kampung Alor Akar, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang

4. Kuantan Food – Lila Wadi Restaurant

Lila Wadi Restaurant
Image via Lila Wadi Restaurant

Lila Wadi Restaurant in a fusion restaurant in Kuantan is known for its high-quality food, professional chef, and romantic ambience. Customers who visit the restaurant are welcomed by the tasteful decor and attentive staff, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

The menu at Lila Wadi Restaurant features a variety of dishes, including BBQ imported from Hokkaido, Japan, and the chef’s special Mango Cheesecake. The restaurant is dedicated to using only high-quality ingredients, resulting in visually stunning dishes that are both delicious and satisfying.

Lila Wadi Restaurant 2
Image via Lila Wadi Restaurant

Customers have raved about the Lamb Chop, which is cooked to perfection and served with a side of vegetables. The meat is juicy and flavorful, and the sides add a perfect balance to the dish. The BBQ platter is also a customer favourite, featuring a generous portion of succulent meats that have been marinated and grilled to perfection, resulting in bold and delicious flavours.

The dessert menu at Lila Wadi Restaurant is equally impressive, such as the Mango Cheesecake. This rich and creamy dessert has just the right amount of sweetness, leaving people satisfied and eager to return for more.

Overall, Lila Wadi Restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience, with quality food, attentive staff, and a serene ambience.

Address: Lrg Selamat 21, Taman Kerjasama, 25050 Kuantan, Pahang

5. Kuantan Food – Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant

Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant
Image via Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant

Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant is a popular seafood spot in Kuantan that offers an array of fresh and delicious seafood dishes. If you’re a seafood lover, this is a must-visit spot that should be on your radar.

Located in the heart of Kuantan, the restaurant is easily accessible and has a spacious and comfortable dining area, perfect for family gatherings or hanging out with friends. The restaurant is well-known among locals and tourists for its wide selection of seafood dishes that are cooked to perfection.

Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant 2
Image via Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant

Their specialty is the mouthwatering popular baked salted chicken, which is juicy and packed with flavour.

The menu is extensive, featuring fresh seafood and popular dishes like steamed three-coloured egg and tofu with minced pork and salted fish.

One of the standout features of Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant is their commitment to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in their dishes. The seafood is sourced locally and is cooked using traditional techniques to ensure the best possible flavour and texture.

The restaurant has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with attentive staff who are always ready to assist you with your orders and make recommendations based on your preferences.

Overall, Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant is a fantastic spot for seafood lovers who want to enjoy delicious food in a casual atmosphere.

Address: Lot 7695 & 7696, Jalan Kubang Buaya, Taman Mariana, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang

6. Kuantan Food – Restoran Sara Thai Kitchen

Restoran Sara Thai Kitchen
Image via Restoran Sara Thai Kitchen

Restoran Sara Thai Kitchen is a popular Thai restaurant in Kuantan, Malaysia, with several branches across the city. The Jalan Gambut branch is located in the heart of Kuantan and offers a cozy and comfortable dining experience.

The restaurant has a spacious dining area with simple decor and a welcoming ambience. The menu features a wide variety of Thai dishes, including traditional appetizers, soups, salads, curries, and stir-fried dishes, as well as a selection of seafood and vegetarian options.

One of the standout dishes at Restoran Sara Thai Kitchen is their signature Tom Yam soup, which is made with fresh herbs and spices and a choice of seafood or chicken. The soup is spicy and sour, with a complex depth of flavour that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Other popular dishes include Pad Thai, a stir-fried noodle dish with chicken, prawns, and vegetables, and Green Curry, a creamy curry made with green chillies, coconut milk, and a choice of meat or vegetables.

Overall, Restoran Sara Thai Kitchen is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for delicious and authentic Thai food in Kuantan.

Address: B42 tingkat bawah, Jalan Gambut, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang

7. Kuantan Food – Akob Patin House

Akob Patin House Kuantan
Image via Akob Patin House Kuantan

Akob Patin House is a well-known restaurant located in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia, that specializes in serving the popular freshwater fish dish called Patin. The restaurant offers a cozy and casual dining experience for customers with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

Patin is a type of freshwater fish that is widely consumed in Malaysia, and Akob Patin House is known for its delicious preparation of this dish. Customers can choose from a variety of cooking styles, including curry and fried patin.

The prices at Akob Patin House are relatively affordable, making it a popular dining spot for both locals and tourists.

Overall, Akob Patin House is a must-visit for anyone looking to try authentic Malaysian freshwater fish dishes in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Address: a2, Lorong Haji Abdul Rahman 1, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang

8. Kuantan Food – Brew & Cabin

Brew Cabin Coffee Western Food Kuantan
Image via Brew Cabin Coffee Western Food Kuantan

Brew & Cabin is a coffee and Western food restaurant located in Kuantan, Malaysia. The restaurant has a modern and trendy interior, with a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for catching up with friends or getting some work done.

Their menu offers a variety of coffee drinks, ranging from classic cappuccinos and lattes to more unique flavours such as salted Caramel latte and Matcha latte.

In addition to coffee, Brew & Cabin also offers a range of Western dishes, including sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and salads. Some popular items on their menu include the grilled chicken chop, Fettucine carbonara, and the Baguette sandwich. They also have a selection of cakes and desserts for those with sweet teeth.

Brew Cabin Coffee Western Food Kuantan 2
Image via Brew Cabin Coffee Western Food Kuantan

Overall, Brew & Cabin is a popular coffee and Western food destination in Kuantan, known for its great food and cozy atmosphere.

Address: A-37, Lorong IM 15/19, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang

9. Kuantan Food – Golden Appam Corner

Golden Appam Corner
Image via Golden Appam Corner

Golden Appam Corner is a must-visit Indian cafe-style restaurant in Kuantan that is famous for its more than 30 types of Pall Appam. These Indian pancakes come in various flavours, from classic and savoury ones to fruity and sweet ones.

However, there is more than just appams on the menu. The restaurant serves a wide range of traditional Indian old-school cuisine and organic healthy food, making it a great place to explore the flavours of Indian cuisine.

The customer reviews for Golden Appam Corner are overwhelmingly positive. Many customers are praising the restaurant for its excellent service and helpful staff, who are always willing to explain the menu to customers.

Customers also rave about the variety of appam toppings, the friendly owners, and the fresh food. Although the food might take a bit longer to be served due to being made fresh, the wait is worth it.

Golden Appam Corner also offers unique drinks, such as its signature Teh Tarik, which is not sweetened with sugar but rather with spices. The Golden Teh Tarik is a must-try.

Additionally, the restaurant has a clean and cozy environment, perfect for families or individuals looking for a place to chill out. Although the price might be a bit on the high side, it is worth it for the quality of food and service that they receive.

In summary, Golden Appam Corner is an excellent restaurant to experience the flavours of Indian cuisine.

Address: A257B, Jalan Air Putih, Taman Semabok, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang

10. Kuantan Food – Restoran Alif Curry House

Restoran Alif Curry House
Image via Restoran Alif Curry House

Restoran Alif Curry House is a popular Indian Muslim restaurant located in Kuantan, Malaysia. The restaurant is known for its flavorful and affordable Malaysian and Indian cuisine.

Some of the most popular dishes at Restoran Alif Curry House include nasi biryani, tandoori chicken, lamb masala, butter chicken, and various curry dishes.

Restoran Alif Curry House 2
Image via Restoran Alif Curry House

The restaurant has a casual and cozy atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating options. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the service is generally quick and efficient.

Restoran Alif Curry House is a popular dining spot for locals and tourists and is often recommended for its delicious food and affordable prices.

Address: 91, Jalan Mahkota, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang

11. Kuantan Food – LAF Grill

LAF Grill
Image via LAF Grill

LAF Grill is an Italian restaurant in Kuantan that serve delicious Italian and Western dishes, with the lunch set being particularly generous and coming with a free drink and a scoop of ice cream.

You can opt for a private room if come in a big group like 9 or more people.

Despite being known for its Western fare, LAF Grill surprisingly specializes in Arabic food, which they do quite successfully. The lamb pizza is particularly recommended for its super-thin crust and fresh ingredients, while the Swarma chicken wrap is also tasty, although it could use more chicken. The Swish tawook chicken is flavorful and non-spicy, with a wonderful combo of pita, onions, and chicken.

LAF Grill 2
Image via LAF Grill

The restaurant’s ambience is cozy and darkish, with a little louder music (soft rock/pop rock) in the background, and the service is fast and efficient. The inside of the restaurant is clean, but there may be a smoke smell lingering inside. The restaurant is air-conditioned, and the car park is ample.

Overall, LAF Grill is a beautiful dining place with a relaxing and private ambience, and the food is tasty. However, the prices are relatively high, but it’s worth it for the overall experience and food quality.

Address: 1, 4360B, Lorong Dato Mahmud, Off, Jalan Teluk Sisek, 25050 Kuantan, Pahang

12. Kuantan Food – Swan Seafood Restaurant

Swan Seafood Restaurant
Image via Swan Seafood Restaurant

Swan is a Halal Chinese cuisine restaurant located in Kuantan. It’s part of a hotel and offers a comfortable and hospitable environment. The staff is helpful and the food is priced reasonably. Although it is a Chinese restaurant, it is Halal and pork-free. The dishes are well cooked, and the taste is just like in other Chinese restaurants.

It’s recommended to make a reservation before visiting the restaurant, especially on weekends. The restaurant is usually crowded during peak hours. The menu includes seafood, chicken, prawns, and vegetables. Some customers recommend trying the salted egg sotong, steamed fish with bean paste, pumpkin tofu, stir-fried prawn, sweet and sour chicken, and Kai Lan (Chinese Kale) cooked in two ways.

Swan Seafood Restaurant 2
Image via Swan Seafood Restaurant

The food at Swan is tasty and the service is quick. The homemade beancurd with asam sauce, ginger fried rice, and stir-fried prawns are highly recommended. The chicken dishes, such as Claypot chicken, are also worth trying. The vegetable dishes are flavorful and taste okay. The portions can be small, and the prices are a bit high compared to other restaurants in Kuantan.

Overall, Swan is a decent place for a special meal. It is suitable for family and friends gatherings. The ambience is pleasant, and the staff is friendly. If you are looking for a good Halal Chinese cuisine restaurant in Kuantan, Swan is worth a try.

Address: Ground Floor, Hotel Grand Continental, Jalan Gambut, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang

13. Kuantan Food – Bay Leaf Steak House

Bay Leaf Steak House
Image via Bay Leaf Steak House

Bay Leaf Steak House is a restaurant in Kuantan that’s been around for many years. The food here is simply delicious, with generous portions and friendly servers. If you’re looking for something to try, I highly recommend the shiitake mushroom soup, lamb rack, and salmon – they’re all really yummy!

On weekends, the restaurant can get pretty crowded, so be prepared for a slightly longer wait time. But don’t worry, the servers are efficient and will do their best to make sure you have a great dining experience. Plus, the cozy atmosphere makes it a great place to have a meal with family or friends.

Bay Leaf Steak House 2
Image via Bay Leaf Steak House

Now, if you’re a vegetarian, unfortunately, there are no vegetarian options on the menu. But you can always request a vegetarian meal to be prepared, and the staff here are really considerate and accommodating. They’ll even ask if you’re okay with eggs and garlic. Just keep in mind that only the local selection can be prepared as a vegetarian dish.

Overall, Bay Leaf Steak House is definitely worth a visit. The food is great, parking is not a problem, and the service is top-notch. In fact, the owner’s husband used to work at Shangri-la in KL before opening his own restaurant, so you know the food here is of a high standard.

In terms of menu options, the restaurant serves both Western and Asian cuisines, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re a fan of steaks and pasta, you won’t be disappointed here.

And if you’re looking for something specific to try, the oysters and baked salmon come highly recommended. So why not head down to Bay Leaf Steak House for your next meal with friends and family?

Address:  B25, Lorong Seri Kuantan 55, Taman Intan, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang

14. Kuantan Food – burgerak

burgerak 1
Image via burgerak

Burgerak is a great restaurant in Kuantan that offers delicious food and excellent service. The burgers are crisp and the nasi is also good.

The restaurant is super clean with simple and clear decor. The only issue is parking, which can be difficult to find. Despite this, customers are willing to come back when they are in Kuantan again.

The restaurant has various selections of food, including burritos, spaghetti, lamb chops, beef nachos, fish and chips, and Hawaiian chicken. You may try the beef burrito, which is filled with actual beef, and the lamb chops and grilled chicken are also delicious.

burgerak 2
Image via burgerak

The portions are generous, and customers often end up taking their food to go. The restaurant owner is nice, and the staff are friendly and provide good service.

The restaurant is small but cozy, and the ambience is nice. The price is a bit expensive, but it is worth it. The restaurant is a hidden gem in the city and is highly recommended. If you are a fan of Mexican food or looking for a new place to eat, Burgerak is definitely worth checking out.

Address: 66, Jalan Sekilau 2, Kampung Bukit Sekilau, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang

15. Kuantan Food – Nippon Sushi Kuantan

Nippon Sushi Kuantan 2
Image via Nippon Sushi Kuantan

When you visit Nippon Sushi in Kuantan, you may need to queue upon entering, but this is a good sign that the place is popular. However, expect slower service due to the crowd. The ambience is nice with Japanese classical music playing in the background.

There is a variety of sushi available, with some great options like salmon mentai and Unagi. The rolls are quite good but are on the pricier side.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, including sushi, bento, noodles (udon and soba), and drinks. The mochi was soft like cotton candy.

Nippon Sushi Kuantan
Image via Nippon Sushi Kuantan

The pricing was cheaper than Sushi King, but the variety of bento and sushi choices was a bit pricier than Sushi Mentai.

The recommended dishes include Oyako Don, Salmon Belly, Chicken Gyoza Mentai, Shimeji Gyudon, Chirashi Don, Salmon Teriyaki, Giyu Niku Ramen, Seaweed Udong, Zaru Soba and Assorted Tempura, Mackerel, Kitsune Soba, Salmon Teppanyaki, Mochi, Ramen, Stir Fried Salmon Kama, and Sauce.

Address: No A15-G & A17 G, Jalan Tun Ismail 1, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang

Food Court in Kuantan

Kimstone Food Court Hall 2
Image via Kimstone Food Court Hall

Kimstone Food Court & Hall is a popular food court located in Kuantan, Malaysia. It is known for offering a wide variety of local Malaysian and international cuisine, with many food stalls and vendors to choose from.

Visitors to Kimstone Food Court can expect to find a range of dishes, including Malaysian favourites such as nasi lemak, laksa, and char kway teow, as well as Chinese, Indian, and Western dishes like roasted pork, tandoori chicken, and burgers.

The food court is also known for its affordable prices, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. The ambience is casual and bustling, with plenty of seating available for diners.

Overall, Kimstone Food Court & Hall is a great option for those looking for a variety of delicious and affordable food options in Kuantan.

Is Kuantan A Good Location For Food Hunting?

Yes, Kuantan is a great location for food hunting. It is a city in the state of Pahang in Malaysia and is known for its diverse food scene. There are many local and international restaurants, cafes, and street food stalls that offer a variety of delicious dishes.

Kuantan is particularly famous for its seafood, as it is located near the coast and has access to fresh seafood. In addition to seafood, there are many other local delicacies such as Nasi Lemak, Satay, and Laksa that are definitely worth trying.

Overall, Kuantan is a great location for food lovers who want to explore the local cuisine and enjoy a wide variety of dishes. Whether you prefer local food or international cuisine, you are sure to find something that suits your taste buds in Kuantan.

Enjoy the Best Food in Kuantan Restaurant Now!

Kuantan is undoubtedly a foodie’s paradise, with an extensive range of delicious and affordable food options available. From traditional Malay dishes to exotic Chinese and Indian cuisine, and even Western-style cafes and restaurants, this vibrant city has something to offer for every palate.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, you’ll be sure to have a memorable gastronomic experience in Kuantan.

So, get ready to tantalize your taste buds and indulge in the mouth-watering delights that this city has to offer. Kuantan is a food haven waiting to be explored, and the adventure begins now!

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