Best Food in Kampar: Top 10 Restaurants To Visit!

Best Food in Kampar: Top 10 Restaurants To Visit!

Wondering what to eat in Kampar? Then go to these top-rated restaurants to try out the best food in Kampar now!!!

Best Food in Kampar Top Restaurants To Visit

Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds with some of the best food in Kampar? Look no further, as this charming town nestled in the heart of Perak is a foodie paradise waiting to be explored. From traditional Malay dishes to mouth-watering Chinese cuisine, Kampar boasts a diverse culinary scene that is sure to leave you craving for more.

As you stroll through the bustling streets of Kampar, the aromas of sizzling satay and spicy curry will lure you into the countless food stalls and restaurants lining the streets.

One of the must-try dishes in Kampar is the famous claypot chicken rice, a savoury rice dish cooked with succulent chicken, Chinese sausage, and mushrooms in a claypot. The dish is then topped off with a generous amount of spring onions and served piping hot. Trust me; one spoonful of this dish, and you’ll be hooked for life.

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  • Malaysia is Hot & Sunny! Don’t go outside without Sunscreen!

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In conclusion, Kampar is a hidden gem when it comes to food in Malaysia. From traditional Malay dishes to tantalising Chinese cuisine, the town offers a wide variety of delicious dishes that will leave you craving for more. So, what are you waiting for? Come and explore the food scene in Kampar, and trust me; your taste buds will thank you for it.

Top 10 Restaurants in Kampar For The Best Kampar Food!

1. Kampar Food – Restoran Son Fook Kee

Restoran Son Fook Kee
Image via Restoran Son Fook Kee

Restoran Son Fook Kee Claypot Chicken Rice in Kampar is rumoured to be opened by the son of the authentic Restoran Fook Kee claypot chicken rice. Although it cannot be confirmed, the pricing structure and cooking style seem the same. The chef of Son Fook Kee is also a roast meat master, and customers can get good roast meat (roast pork, Char siew, etc) from this restaurant.

When the claypot chicken rice is served, the aroma of the charred rice mixed with the sauce already tickles the tastebuds even before the cover is opened. The chicken meat is well-marinated, and the rice is not too salty. The sausages and salted fish aroma and taste are infused into the rice, making it flavorful.

Customers have highly recommended the food at Restoran Son Fook Kee Claypot Chicken Rice. It is worth returning to try out the roast meat master’s other offerings, and the vegetables look delicious too. However, one customer noted that the level of cleanliness of the shop needs improvement, especially the toilet and wash basin. Outside the shop is littered with rubbish, which may indicate a lack of service from the local council in this area.

Restoran Son Fook Kee 2
Image via Restoran Son Fook Kee

Overall, Restoran Son Fook Kee Claypot Chicken Rice offers delicious food, with the claypot chicken rice being a must-try. The pricing is reasonable, and customers can also enjoy good roast meat. Although the cleanliness of the shop needs improvement, the friendly and fast service compensates for it. Therefore, it is definitely worth visiting the restaurant.

Address: 19, Jalan Tiara 5, Taman Tiara, 31900 Kampar, Perak

2. Kampar Food – Yau Kee Restaurant

Yau Kee Restaurant
Image via Yau Kee Restaurant

Yau Kee Restaurant in Kampar is a renowned Chinese restaurant famous for its signature dish, the curry chicken bun or bread. The interior design of the restaurant may not be top-notch, but the quality of the curry chicken bun has remained consistent for decades.

The bread is fluffy and soft, and the way the lady serving the dish cut open the bread was professional. The customer highly recommends Yau Kee for its great, friendly, and helpful service.

The restaurant is suitable for families and offers a variety of Chinese dishes. According to a local guide, the taste of the curry chicken bun is still the same as it was ten years ago, and it is advisable to eat in the shop as it tastes better when it just came out from the oven.

Another customer recommends Yau Kee for a quick meal around mid-Perak area, stating that the food is tasty, the service is fast and friendly, and the price is a winner.

According to a review, the curry chicken bun is the most famous dish and is delicious, with fluffy bread and tasty curry chicken with potato. However, the skin of the bread is a bit overbaked, and the curry mutton bun is a bit salty. The herbal chicken bun is so-so, but overall, the curry chicken bun is the better one. For another customer who tried the curry paper wrap chicken, the food was very nice and fresh from the oven, with a fairly affordable price and a good portion for three people.

Yau Kee Restaurant 2
Image via Yau Kee Restaurant

Other recommended dishes in Yau Kee include the Tong po pork, salted fish with bean sprouts, chicken curry bread, and spare rib, as stated by a customer.

In summary, Yau Kee Restaurant in Kampar is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for a different type of food that can only be found in Kampar.

The restaurant’s signature dish, the curry chicken bun, has remained consistent in taste and quality for decades, and the service is friendly and helpful. Yau Kee also offers a variety of Chinese dishes suitable for families, and the prices are affordable.

Address: 55 & 57, Jln Idris, Kampung Masjid, 31900 Kampar, Perak

3. Kampar Food – Buddies Cafe And Bar

Buddies Cafe And Bar
Image via Buddies Cafe And Bar

Buddies Cafe and Bar in Kampar is a great place to enjoy a pleasant evening with family or friends. The atmosphere is relaxing and not too noisy, making it a perfect spot for dinner.

The restaurant serves mostly pasta and Western dishes, and the food is delicious, with reasonable prices. The dinner set comes with four extra add-ons, including mushroom soup, snacks, ice cream, and drinks, each at only RM1. While some customers mentioned that their ice peach tea lacked flavour, this was a minor issue.

Buddies Cafe And Bar 2
Image via Buddies Cafe And Bar

Customers have also praised the restaurant for its great and efficient service. The dishes arrived promptly, and the portions were large, especially for the pasta dishes. One reviewer even said that the food and drinks are commendable.

Overall, Buddies Cafe and Bar is a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for a good meal and a relaxing atmosphere in Kampar. The restaurant offers delicious food, great service, and reasonable prices, making it a popular spot for locals and students. Many customers have said they would gladly come back, and some have even expressed a desire to visit the restaurant repeatedly until they graduate.

Address: 2392, Jalan Hala Timah 4, Taman Kolej Perdana, 31900 Kampar, Perak

4. Kampar Food – Ah Boy Noodle

Ah Boy Noodle
Image via Ah Boy Noodle

Ah Boy Noodle in Kampar is a popular restaurant among customers due to its quality food, reasonable prices, and lovely atmosphere. Despite the small size of the restaurant, the interior is kept clean and decorated with many plants and aquariums, providing a refreshing ambiance. Although the service may take a while when the place is crowded, drinks are served fast.

The food at Ah Boy Noodle is praised by many customers. Some of the recommended dishes are the Bursting Meatballs Noodles and the Ah Boy Special Soup. The fish belly and fish head noodle soup are also worth trying, according to some customers. The restaurant’s soup base is particularly appreciated for its delicious taste. However, some customers felt that the spicy soup option was underwhelming.

Ah Boy Noodle 2
Image via Ah Boy Noodle

Many customers come to Ah Boy Noodle for breakfast, and the restaurant tends to get crowded early in the morning. Despite the crowd, the portion sizes of the dishes are decent. The restaurant is also popular among students due to the affordable prices.

Overall, the reviews of Ah Boy Noodle in Kampar are positive, with most customers recommending the restaurant to others. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a delicious bowl of noodle soup in a clean and comfortable environment, Ah Boy Noodle is definitely worth a visit.

Address: 21, 21-A, Jalan Batu Karang, 31900 Kampar, Perak

5. Kampar Food – Restoran Jia Kampar

Restoran Jia Kampar
Image via Restoran Jia Kampar

Restoran Jia Kampar in Kampar is highly praised by customers for its friendly service, delicious food, and charming atmosphere. According to one customer, the friendliness of the staff is crucial in making the dining experience enjoyable.

The tofu was fried to perfection, crisp on the outside, and soft and smooth on the inside. The asam fish slices were not overpowering and had just the right amount of flavour. The sweet and sour pork had the right amount of “bounciness.”

Restoran Jia Kampar 2
Image via Restoran Jia Kampar

Another customer recommends pre-ordering the curry chicken breast, which has limited stock. A platter costing RM 250 was ordered for a table of seven, and the food received a high rating. The asam fish slices were a recommended dish.

Customers also appreciate Restoran Jia Kampar’s ambience. One local guide calls it an old-fashioned restaurant with a great selection of high-quality Chinese food. Another customer praises the special room’s cool and nice environment. The curry chicken bread is reportedly the best in Kampar and a popular dish.

Overall, Restoran Jia Kampar is a must-try for anyone in the area. Customers rave about the friendly staff, delicious food, and charming atmosphere. From the perfectly fried tofu to the crispy chicken skin, Restoran Jia Kampar has something for everyone.

Address: 9 & 11, Jalan Masjid, 31900 Kampar, Perak

6. Kampar Food – Restoran Hong Hwai

Restoran Hong Hwai
Image via Restoran Hong Hwai

Restoran Hong Hwai in Kampar is a Chinese restaurant that is known for its delicious and affordable food. The portions are reasonably sized, and the pricing is very affordable, making it an ideal place for students and budget-conscious diners. The food quality is decent, and the restaurant offers a range of dishes that are worth trying.

One of the standout dishes at Restoran Hong Hwai is the butter chicken or butter pork, which can be cooked in wet or dry style, both of which are good. The curry vegetables are also highly recommended, as they are flavorful and delicious. Despite the restaurant being quite packed, the food service is fast, ensuring that customers can enjoy their meals in a timely manner.

The restaurant can get quite crowded during dinner time, so it is best to be prepared to wait for the food to arrive. However, the wait is worth it as the food is delicious, and the portions are generous. The steamed tilapia with preserved radish is another highly recommended dish, with the preserved radish adding a nice texture and flavour to the fish.

Restoran Hong Hwai is also popular among locals, with many returning customers who appreciate the consistent taste and affordability of the food. It is also one of the best Chinese seafood restaurants in Kampar, with a good variety of dishes offered at very reasonable prices.

In summary, Restoran Hong Hwai is a must-try for those looking for affordable and delicious Chinese food in Kampar. With reasonable pricing, decent food quality, and fast service, it is a great option for students and budget-conscious diners. Be prepared for crowds during peak hours, but the delicious food and generous portions make it all worthwhile.

Address: 1631, Jalan Batu Sinar, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak

7. Kampar Food – Cafe Awesome of Arts

Cafe Awesome of Arts
Image via Cafe Awesome of Arts

Cafe Awesome of Arts in Kampar is a great place to dine in with a vibrant atmosphere. Customers have enjoyed the food and vibe, with many returning to try more.

The lamb chop is a favourite of many, and some have even brought their entire family to enjoy the meals. The signature dish, Laksa, is also a must-try and is loved by customers. The Olio Pasta, though quite spicy, was also appreciated by some customers.

However, there were a few negative comments about the restaurant. One customer felt that the food was overpriced and the portion size was small. Another customer was disappointed with the iced latte and buttermilk chicken, which didn’t meet their expectations. The service was also criticized for being slow during peak hours.

Cafe Awesome of Arts 2
Image via Cafe Awesome of Arts

Despite these negative comments, the owner responded positively to all the feedback, thanking customers for their comments and promising to improve the service and food quality.

In summary, Cafe Awesome of Arts in Kampar offers delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere that customers love. While there were some negative comments, the owner takes these criticisms seriously and aims to improve the dining experience for their customers. Overall, it’s a great spot to visit and try their signature Laksa or lamb chop.

Address: 80, Disney Avenue, Bandar Agacia, 31900 Kampar, Perak

8. Kampar Food – The Story Cafe

The Story Cafe
Image via The Story Cafe

The Story Cafe in Kampar is a hidden gem with a peaceful atmosphere and plenty of seating. The cafe is filled with lush green plants, making it a nice spot for chit chat with friends.

They serve cakes at around RM16 a piece, and have a variety of drinks to choose from, including mixed berries milkshake, sparkling lemon, mango pomelo, cold chocolate drink, and oat milkshake. However, some customers found the drinks to be rather pricey and lacking in taste.

The customer service at The Story Cafe is excellent, with efficient and friendly staff. The prices of the food are on the higher side, but the popcorn milkshake is a must-try and yummy according to one of the customers. The pork chop was dry and not recommended, but the smoked salmon farfalle and pork meatball spaghetti were delicious. The waiting time for the food can be a bit long, especially when the cafe is packed.

The Story Cafe 1
Image via The Story Cafe

The cafe has plenty of parking options, including a free parking lot. The environment is cozy and romantic, making it a good place to hang out for couples. It’s a perfect spot to relax and chill, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The cafe is also clean, and the food is nicely presented. If you’re in Kampar, The Story Cafe is worth a visit.

Address: G1, Lot 126029, Jalan Timah, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak

9. Kampar Food – Wing Zone Kampar

Wing Zone Kampar
Image via Wing Zone Kampar

Wing Zone Kampar is a casual dining, Halal-certified restaurant located in the heart of Kampar new town. The restaurant offers cooked-to-order meals and ample parking spaces, making it a convenient place to dine. The staff is friendly and always willing to recommend suitable flavours to enhance the succulent, tender chicken that the restaurant is known for. The Buffalo Wings are the signature items, and customers are advised to check the number of chili icons next to each flavour to rate the spiciness.

Wing Zone Kampar 2
Image via Wing Zone Kampar

The dining hall upstairs is spacious and suitable for meetings, discussion or study groups, or private meals. Customers can also book the dining hall for private social functions and gatherings such as graduations and parties. The pleasant ambiance of the restaurant makes it stand out in Kampar. Additionally, Wing Zone Kampar offers a 100% plant-based menu for vegetarians.

Despite mixed reviews from customers, Wing Zone Kampar has its loyal customers who appreciate the quality of its food. Customers have the option of using the Park@Perak mobile app to park their cars at 60 sen per hour during office hours.

In summary, Wing Zone Kampar offers a convenient, friendly and spacious dining experience with succulent and tender chicken that has earned it a reputation as a go-to restaurant in Kampar. While customers may have varying opinions about the food, the restaurant’s ambiance and helpful staff make it a pleasant place to dine.

Address: 2251, Jalan Batu Sinar, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak

10. Kampar Food – Restoran Adily Kampar

Restoran Adily Kampar
Image via Restoran Adily Kampar

Restoran Adily Kampar is a popular restaurant located in Kampar. The ambiance is cozy and comfortable, making it a great place for dinner. The restaurant has ample parking and is located near Tesco hypermarket, making it easily accessible. The Western menu is said to taste normal, but the Thai menu is reportedly great and worth trying.

Customers have noted that there are plenty of menus to choose from, and the service is fast and accurate. One dish that is recommended is the sup kaki ayam, which is described as hot and plentiful in a medium bowl. However, the nasi and ayam goreng kunyit are said to be average due to a lack of salt and turmeric flavour. Another recommended dish is the char koay teow, which is said to be not bad.

Restoran Adily Kampar 2
Image via Restoran Adily Kampar

The restaurant is self-service, and while the prices are considered a bit pricey, they are still considered affordable.

Restoran Adily Kampar has a reputation for being quick, and customers have noted that the food can sell out fast. However, there are still many choices of Malay food available. Some customers have mentioned that the restaurant is closed on Fridays.

In conclusion, Restoran Adily Kampar is a great place to visit for a variety of local dishes that are tasty and affordable.

Address: 49, Jalan Durian, Taman Kampar Jaya, 31900 Kampar, Perak

Food Court in Kampar

Kampar Food Centre

Kampar Food Centre
Image via Kampar Food Centre

Kampar Food Centre in Kampar is a bustling food hub that is loaded with a wide variety of local Kampar cuisine. The atmosphere is vibrant and exciting, making it the perfect spot to grab some grub with your friends or family. Customers have raved about the affordable and tasty food that is served here.

One dish that you must try at Kampar Food Centre is the famous glutinous char siew rice. It is simply delicious and will leave you wanting more. The wanton noodles are also a must-try, and customers have praised their texture and flavour. Besides the food, there are many drink stalls scattered throughout the centre. Be sure to grab a refreshing beverage from one of them to complete your meal.

While some customers have had mixed experiences, most agree that Kampar Food Centre is definitely worth a visit. The centre operates from day to night, and there are different hawker stores to choose from. The food is affordable, and there are plenty of options to satisfy your cravings.

Some local guides have pointed out that some of the stalls offer similar food items, such as chee cheong fun and wanton noodles. However, customers have found the prices here to be cheaper than in Ipoh. Plus, the delicious food, friendly atmosphere, and the memories that it brings back make it a must-visit spot for tourists.

Kampar Food Centre 2
Image via Kampar Food Centre

Overall, Kampar Food Centre is a great place to indulge in some local cuisine. With a wide variety of food options, affordable prices, and a lively atmosphere, you are sure to have a memorable experience. Be sure to try out the different stalls, and don’t forget to take your time to savour the delicious food.

Address: Jalan Masjid, 31900 Kampar, Perak

Is Kampar A Good Location For Food Hunting?

While there may not be as many choices as in larger cities, Kampar still offers a range of cuisines and dining experiences, including Chinese and Malay cuisine, and cafes and brunch spots.

Of course, personal preferences can vary, but overall, it seems like Kampar is a decent location for food hunting.

FAQ for Kampar Food

What is the best time to visit Kampar for food?

Kampar is a university town, and many of the restaurants cater to students. Thus, the best time to visit Kampar for food is during the academic semesters when the students are around. It is also recommended to visit Kampar during weekends and public holidays when more restaurants and cafes are open.

What type of cuisine can I find in Kampar?

Kampar offers a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western. Some of the popular dishes in Kampar include claypot chicken rice, Kampar fishball noodles, Hainanese chicken chop, and crispy fried chicken.

Are there any vegetarian or halal restaurants in Kampar?

Yes, there are vegetarian and halal restaurants in Kampar.

What is the average price range for food in Kampar?

The average price range for food in Kampar is quite affordable, especially at student-oriented restaurants. A meal at a hawker stall or a local restaurant can cost anywhere between RM5 to RM20. However, some of the cafes and Western-style restaurants can be slightly more expensive, with prices ranging from RM20 to RM60 per meal.

Are there any 24-hour restaurants or food stalls in Kampar?

Yes, there are some 24-hour restaurants and food stalls in Kampar, especially near the university area. There are also some 24-hour mamak restaurants and fast food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC.

Enjoy the Best Food in Kampar Restaurant Now!

Kampar may be a small town, but it is definitely a hidden gem when it comes to food. From the delicious claypot chicken rice to the mouth-watering pork meatball spaghetti, there’s something for everyone in Kampar.

And let’s not forget about the variety of desserts, from the delectable mixed berry cakes to the yummy popcorn milkshake.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a fancy dinner, Kampar has got you covered. With its unique blend of local and international cuisine, combined with the cozy atmosphere of its cafes and restaurants, Kampar is definitely a great place for food hunters to explore.

So why not take a trip to Kampar and discover the best food this little town has to offer? Your taste buds will thank you for it!

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