Is Microwave Food Safe to Eat? Or Bad For Your Health?

Is Microwave Food Safe to Eat? Are Microwave Foods Bad For Your Health? image

Is microwave food safe to eat? 

Will microwaving affect food’s nutrition value?

Are microwave foods bad for your health?

Well, there are many misconceptions about microwave and food cooked by microwave.

Most homes have a microwave or microwave oven because of how convenient it is.

Whether you need a quick reheat, to cook foods fast, or steam a fish, a microwave is the best kitchen appliance for these tasks.

Despite their wide usage and safety record, however, there are still many misconceptions about them.

Some of them said microwave foods are less healthy, and some even said the microwave foods will be left with radiation, what?

So the main question is – Is microwave food healthy?

How Microwave Works

Before we dive in further, let’s understand how microwaves work in cooking the food.

The working principle of microwaves is the key to answer the questions that most people are curious about.

Microwave ovens are kitchen appliances that turn electricity into electromagnetic waves called microwaves.

Microwaves or microwave ovens cook food by generating microwaves that are similar to radio waves, which is a form of energy.

These energy waves bounce around the microwaves and cause the molecules of foods to vibrate when the energy waves hit the foods, and generate thermal energy (heat) which used to cook the foods.

So the claim about microwave foods will have radioactive leftovers is a joke, because a wave is a form of energy, and the energy dissipates after transfer to the food molecules which causes them to vibrate and heat up.

Foods cooked in a microwave or microwave oven neither become “radioactive” nor contain any microwave energy in them.

Is Microwave Food Safe or Healthy?

Some claimed that microwave food will lose some nutrients, but the fact is, it has nothing to do with microwaves, some nutrients in the food will break down due to heat, regardless of cooking methods.

In fact, because the cooking time of a microwave is shorter than other cooking methods, it does a better job of keeping the nutrients that broke down when exposed to heat, like Vitamin C.

Foods cooked in a microwave or microwave oven are safe and have the same nutrient value as cooked with a convection oven.

The only difference is the cooking time with a microwave is shorter.

Are Microwave Foods Bad for Your Health?

Again, let’s go back to the basic principle of cooking and nutrients preservation.

To preserve a food’s nutrients, you need to shorten the cooking time and use as little of the liquid, because longer cook time or the presence of liquid will draw away the nutrients in food over time. 

While in a microwave, it heats and cooks the food quickly in minutes without the use of any liquid like water, which greatly retains the nutrients in food.

So the answer is, microwave food is good for your health.

Bottom line

So, is microwave food bad for you? Is microwave food safe to eat? Is microwave food healthy?

Well, now you should know the answer to these questions.

To conclude, the microwave is a marvel of convenience and technology for healthy cooking.

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