Grace Cat Freeze-dried Pet Food Review: I Tested It Myself

Grace Cat Freeze-dried Pet Food Review: I Tested It Myself

Looking for a review of Grace Cat Freeze-dried Pet Food? Here’s my personal experience of testing and using it. Read on to find out my result!!

Grace Cat Freeze-dried Pet Food Review: After 2 Years

Grace Cat GraceFull RAW is a freeze-dried pet food that promises all-natural, raw ingredients packed with flavor and nutrition.

In this review, I’ll share about my experience with Grace Cat freeze-dried pet food and answer the ultimate question: is it worth adding to your cat’s culinary calendar?

Let’s dive right in.

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Take Note:

  • Malaysia is Hot & Sunny! Don’t go outside without Sunscreen!

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Who is Grace Cat?

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Grace Cat is a healthy cat food brands in Malaysia that sell high-quality freeze-dried cat food (not those cheap and low-quality “booster gemuk”).

Their freeze-dried products have received a lot of positive reviews over the years, and from my personal experience, they are a cat food brand that really put in a lot of time and effort in R & D the best quality cat food, unlike some other brands that rush to come out with new products for more profits.

Also, one thing I like about this brand is they really care and are particular about the health and overall well-being of cats, as well as educating the cat owners on the correct way to raise healthy and happy cats.

There are way too many pet food brands that are spreading wrong information about feeding the right food to cats, like the “Paw…..” brand, which the owner said in a video on their social media that the best way to feed freeze-dried pet food is to mix with kibbles…OMG, if you’re on a healthy diet, do you eat grilled chicken breast with super ring snacks? So my suggestion to all of you as cat owners, buy cat food from sellers who care and know about cats’ health and diet, not those sellers who care about sales and profits.

The Quality of Grace Cat Freeze-dried Pet Food Review: I Bought It and Tested It Together With Few Other Brands

There are many freeze-dried pet foods in the marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. However, not all of them are high-quality, including many brands with a large number of sales.

It is difficult to justify their qualities unless you buy them and test yourself as your cats can only tell the taste.

I bought several types of freeze-dried cat foods from Shopee and did some testing on them, and I found out some of them have additives, even though they were advertised as no additives.

For instance, I soaked a freeze-dried quail inside a bowl of clean water for an hour, and then the water surrounds the quail turn dark brown-greenish! It could be due to some sort of chemical are used to prolong the life span or enhance the taste of the food.

Because your cats can only tell the smell and taste, so some of these freeze-dried foods are made from low-quality meat or spoilt meat and then add chemicals and flavours to manipulate the smell and taste (to fool your pity cats).

So please, don’t feed your cats those cheap low-quality freeze-dried pet food. Be a cat lover who really love and care for your cats and don’t be cat owner who just feed your cats.

I also found that some freeze-dried chicken meats have a strong smell and taste after getting wet, which is unusual for fresh raw chicken meat.

Yes, I soaked those freeze-dried pet foods in the water and tasted myself, because I want to ensure I am feeding my cats the best quality freeze-dried food and I’m not sure if my cats can tell if there are any additives or chemicals added.

In the end, out of the many freeze-dried cat foods I tried out, the one from Grace Cat is the best I found.

More About Grace Cat Freeze-dried Pet Food

The freeze-dried pet food is made from 100% real meat with no preservatives, additives, salt, seasoning, colouring, filters, and parasites. It is also grain-free and gluten-free with a single ingredient, so less worry about allergies.

It is the best freeze-dried pet food in Malaysia that is suitable for both cats and dogs.

Besides, 1g of freeze-dried food is equal to 5g of real food with 5 times more nutrients.

Freeze-dried cat food has 5 times more contents and nutrients image.
Credit: Grace Cat Shopee

Feeding your cats with freeze-dried pet food regularly can improve their digestive health, immune system, eyes health, oral health, and skin health.

Besides, its high nutrients will also give your cats a shiny coat.

Not only that, it is extremely delicious for your feline companions.

My cats love it so much!

Do you know the feel that once you open the package of Grace Cat freeze-dried pet food your cats immediately rush to you and chase you for food, and then finish the food in the blink of an eyes – just awesome!

So, want to make your cats happy? Give them a few packs of Grace Cat freeze-dried treats and enjoy the moment.

It has eleven flavours for you to choose from, which are Chicken, Quail, Salmon, Duck, Capelin, Antarctic Krill, Egg York, Chicken Liver, Chicken Breast (Strip), Duck Breast (Strip), and Cod Fish.

Conclusion for Grace Cat Freeze-dried Pet Food

So, is Grace Cat Freeze-Dried Pet Food worth the meow-ny? My answer is yes, 100%.

I give Grace Cat Freeze-Dried Pet Food a paws-itive review for its commitment to quality, variety, and feline satisfaction. It’s a delicious and nutritious option that could transform mealtime into a gourmet adventure for your beloved cat.

But for you, ultimately, the decision depends on your cat’s preferences and your budget. If you’re seeking a premium, high-quality, and all-natural freeze-dried pet food that prioritizes your cat’s well being and happiness, Grace Cat is a delightful choice.

Bonus Tip: Grace Cat offers sample packs, allowing you to test the waters before diving into a full bag. Give your kitty a taste of the freeze-dried goodness and see if their tail wags with approval!

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience of using the product, research, and publicly available information. Individual experiences may vary.

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