Environmental Stress for ‘Si Meowy’ & The Solutions to It

Environmental Stress for ‘Si Meowy’ & The Solutions to It

Environmental Stress for ‘Si Meowy’ & the Solution to It

Are your ‘Si Meowy’ stressed out and nervous in the new environment?

Well, it is completely normal.

‘Si Meowy’ are not like humans; most of them can’t adapt to a new environment as fast as we do, so they will likely behave differently in their home, such as being scared, nervous, vigilant, and finding a place to hide.

Understanding the Environmental Stress for ‘Si Meowy’

Most ‘Si Meowy’ are sensitive to their surroundings. Their environment changes may make them stressed, nervous, uncomfortable, and fearful. Worse, they may get sick or develop aggressive behavior, negatively affecting their well-being.

What are the Environment Changes that Make Your ‘Si Meowy’ Stressed?

Below are some of the environmental changes that may happen and cause your ‘Si Meowy’ stress.

  • Moving to a new home
  • Visiting a vet for vaccination or treatment
  • Going outside
  • Have a new family member
  • Friends visiting your house

When your ‘Si Meowy’ move to a new area, they may get frightened and stressed out in the new environment.

As the owners, we need to make sure our ‘Si Meowy’ have a stable environment to live in.

Unfortunately, there are some environmental changes we can’t control, such as moving to a new home, bringing them to visit a veterinarian, and sending them to a cat hotel or temporary home when we are going overseas for an extended period.

Therefore, we need a solution to reduce their stress and calm them down.

3 Effective Solutions to Environmental Stress for ‘Si Meowy’

‘Si Meowy’ need a stable and safe surrounding to stay healthy and happy.

So, when you plan to do something that will change the environment around your ‘Si Meowy’, use the following methods to reduce their uncomfortable and stress levels.

1. Feed Them a Special Formulated ‘Si Meowy’ Food

Me-O Dry Food

One of the effective ways to de-stress your ‘Si Meowy’ is to feed them specially formulated cat food that helps reduce their stress, such as the Me-O dry food.

Me-O dry food is a specially formulated dry cat food packed with health benefits that cater to the overall wellbeing of your furry friend, one of which is reducing environmental stress for your ‘Si Meowy’.

It has four flavours to cater to different ‘Si Meowy’ preferences: Tuna, Chicken & Vegetable, Beef & Vegetable and Seafood.

Me-O dry food is made from high-quality ingredients: corn, poultry meal, broken rice, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, chicken oil, tuna meal, chicken hydrolysate, minerals, krill meal, vitamins, DL-methionine, taurine, potassium sorbate, antioxidants, and food colouring.

It is a nutritionally balanced and complete cat food that provides essential nutrition to your ‘Si Meowy’, including taurine, Vitamin C, Omega 3 & 6 and Zinc, Calcium Phosphorus, and Vitamin D.

It also meets or surpasses the nutritional levels established by the NRC and AAFCO for all cat food variants.

When you bring your ‘Si Meowy’ to visit a veterinarian, they will likely feel stressed, uncomfortable and fearful as it is a sudden environment change for them.

So, in this case, you can feed them Me-O dry food in the vet’s room as a special reward to give them a positive experience there.

2. Locate Your ‘Si Meowy’ In a “Safe Zone”

The next thing you can do to de-stress your ‘Si Meowy’ from the environmental changes is to locate them in a” safe zone”.

“Safe Zone” is a small, quiet and less traffic place with necessities like food, water, a scratching board, and a litter box. It is like a hiding place for them.

This kind of environment will make your ‘Si Meowy’ feel safe and more comfortable, allowing them to slowly familiarize themselves with the new environment with less stress and anxiety.

3. Use Feliway Spray or Diffuser

3. Use Feliway Spray or Diffuser

Another way you can try to reduce the environmental stress for your ‘Si Meowy’ is to use a Feliway spray or diffuser.

The Feliway spray or diffuser produces a scent that makes your ‘Si Meowy’ feel better, safer, and more comfortable in the new environment.

You can spray it in the vet’s room to make them less stressful.

Wrap Up

Environment stress is unavoidable, but we can do something to reduce our ‘Si Meowy’ stress and anxiety when they are under environmental stress.

The solutions are from three aspects, the food, the environment, and the scent, which are the three important factors tied to ‘Si Meowy’.

  • Food: They need food to survive and stay healthy.
  • Environment: They need a safe environment to be happy and healthy.
  • Scent: They use scents all the time in their life to recognize someone, to discover food and things, etc.

For food, we choose Me-O dry food as it is specially formulated to ensure the general well-being of the ‘Si Meowy’ which is why they are packed with all the necessary nutrients that will make your ‘Si Meowy’ happier than before. This will undoubtedly reduce the ‘Si Meowy’ environmental stress.

For the environment, we create a safe zone for them to hide and relieve their stress.

For scent, we use the Feliway spray or diffuser to make them feel safer and more comfortable.

By doing all of the above, your ‘Si Meowy’ will feel much better and calm. This is how you can express your care to them when they are under environmental stress!

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