Burger King Menu & Prices in Malaysia (2024): Food & Drinks

Burger King Menu & Prices in Malaysia (2024): Food & Drinks

Looking for the menu for Burger King? Here’re the complete Burger King menu & prices list in Malaysia, including the latest food & drinks menu, new menu and promotions!!

Burger King Menu Prices Malaysia

Welcome to the hearty world of Burger King menu in Malaysia! The Burger King menu is all about bringing you the yummiest bites with a Malaysian twist.

Picture this: juicy, flame-grilled burgers that are stacked high and full of flavor. From the classic Whopper to the oh-so-tasty Mushroom Swiss, their burgers are the real deal.

But that’s not all – Burger King Malaysia menu is a playground of choices. Crispy chicken lovers, they got you covered with their crunchy Tendercrisp and irresistible Chick’n Crisp.

Take Note:

  • Malaysia is Hot & Sunny! Don’t go outside without Sunscreen!

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Whether you’re a meat lover or prefer a veggie delight, there’s something for everyone on their menu. So, buckle up for a flavor-packed journey as you explore the Burger King menu & prices in Malaysia.

Burger King Menu & Prices: Real Whopper Menu

Here is the latest Burger King Real Whopper menu in Malaysia:

Real Whopper MenuSet Meal (M)/(L)Ala Carte
WhopperRM22.90 / RM24.90RM18.40
Whopper with CheeseRM25.90 / RM27.90RM21.40

Burger King Menu & Prices: Premium

Burger King Menu Prices Nacho Cheese
Photo by Burger King Malaysia FB

Here is the latest Burger King Premium menu in Malaysia:

Premium MenuSet Meal (M)/(L)Ala Carte
Triple Whopper Jr with CheeseRM25.90 / RM27.90RM21.40
Supreme Nachos TendercrispRM24.50 / RM26.50RM20.00
Steakhouse WhopperRM26.90 / RM28.90RM22.40
Supreme SalmonRM24.80 / RM26.80RM20.30

Burger King Menu & Prices: Beef Burger

Burger King Cheese Burger Menu Prices
Photo by Burger King Malaysia FB

Here is the latest Burger King Beef Burger menu in Malaysia:

Beef Burger MenuSet Meal (M)/(L)Ala Carte
Whopper JrRM16.40 / RM18.40RM9.90
Single BBQ BeefaconRM18.80 / RM20.80RM14.30
Double BBQ BeefaconRM23.40 / RM25.40RM18.90
Single Mushroom SwissRM18.70 / RM20.70RM14.20
Double Mushroom SwissRM23.30 / RM25.30RM18.80
CheeseburgerRM16.00 / RM18.00RM11.50
Double CheeseburgerRM20.60 / RM22.60RM16.10
Long Cheesy Onion BeefRM21.90 / RM23.90RM17.41

Burger King Menu & Prices: Chicken Burger

Burger King Menu Double Chicken Burger
Photo by Burger King Malaysia FB

Here is the latest Burger King Chicken menu in Malaysia:

Chicken Burger MenuSet Meal (M)/(L)Ala Carte
TendercrispRM20.95 / RM22.95RM16.45
TendergrillRM20.20 / RM22.20RM15.70
Mushroom TendergrillRM23.20 / RM25.20RM18.70
French ChickenRM22.40 / RM24.40RM17.90
Long ChickenRM17.70 / RM19.69RM13.20
BK Chick’N CrispRM13.90 / RM16.80RM10.30
Fried Chicken 2 PcsRM22.50 / RM24.50

Burger King Menu & Prices: Fish Burger

Here is the latest Burger King Fish menu in Malaysia:

Fish Burger MenuSet Meal (M)/(L)Ala Carte
Fish’N CrispRM16.00 / RM18.00RM9.90

Burger King Menu & Prices: Salads & Veggies

Here is the latest Burger King Salads & Veggies menu in Malaysia:

Salads & Veggies MenuPrice
Mushroom Veggie BurgerRM6.90

Burger King Menu & Prices: King Value Menu

Burger King Menu King Value
Photo by Burger King Malaysia

Here is the latest Burger King’s King Value menu in Malaysia:

BK King Value MenuPrice
KV1 – Whopper Jr. + Coke + Cheesy FriesRM11.50
KV2 – Tartar Crispy Chicken + Coke + Cheesy FriesRM11.50

Burger King Menu & Prices: Family Bundle

Burger King Family Bundle Menu
Photo by Burger King Malaysia

Here is the latest Burger King Family Bundle menu in Malaysia:

BK Family Bundle MenuPrice
Set A (1Pax) – Double Whopper Jr. + Onion Rings (M) + Coke + 8 Pcs Nuggets with Cheese SauceRM19.90
Set B (1Pax) – Double Chick’N Crisp + Cheesy Fries + Pie + CokeRM17.90
Set C (2Pax) – Long Chicken + French Chicken + Cheesy Fries + Pie +2 CokesRM29.90
Set D (2Pax) – Double Whopper Jr. + 2 Cokes + Double Cheeseburger + 5 Pcs Nuggets with Cheese Sauce + Onion Rings (M)RM30.90
Set E (3Pax) – Double Mushroom Swiss Beef + 2 Whopper Jr. + 3 Cokes + 2 Cheesy Fries + Onion Rings (M)RM38.90
Set F (3Pax) – 2 BK Tendercrisp + BK Fish’N Crisp + 3 Cokes + Onion Rings (M) + 2 Cheesy FriesRM41.90

Burger King Menu & Prices: Sides

Here is the latest Burger King Sides menu in Malaysia:

Burger King Sides MenuPrice
Fried Chicken 1P (Ori/Spicy)RM8.50
French FriesRM6.30 (M) / RM7.90 (L)
Cheesy FriesRM7.90
Onion RingsRM6.30 (M) / RM8.70 (L)
Mozzarella Cheese StickRM8.50 (M) / RM12.50 (L)
5 Pcs Nuggets w/ Nacho CheeseRM10.20
9 Pcs Nuggets w/ Nacho CheeseRM14.90

Burger King Menu & Prices: Dessert

Here is the latest Burger King Dessert menu in Malaysia:

Dessert MenuPrice
Taro PieRM5.20
Hershey PieRM9.30
Apple PieRM5.20
Banana PieRM5.20
Chocolate PieRM5.20
Pineapple PieRM5.20

Burger King Menu & Prices: Beverage

Here is the latest Burger King Beverage menu in Malaysia:

Burger King Beverage MenuPrice
Coca-ColaRM4.90 (M) / RM5.90 (L)
SpriteRM4.90 (M) / RM5.90 (L)
Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon TeaRM4.90 (M) / RM5.90 (L)
Minute Maid OrangeRM4.90 (M) / RM5.90 (L)
Fanta GrapeRM4.90 (M) / RM5.90 (L)
Coke-ZeroRM4.90 (M) / RM5.90 (L)
Mineral Water (600ml)RM4.51
AmericanoRM6.50 (Hot) / RM7.50 (Iced)
LatteRM7.90 (Hot) / RM9.50 (Iced)
MochaRM7.90 (Hot) / RM9.90 (Iced)
CappuccinoRM7.50 (Hot)
Hot TeaRM4.90
ChocolateRM6.50 (Hot) / RM7.90 (Iced)
Teh TarikRM5.50 (Hot) / RM6.90 (Iced)

Burger King Menu & Prices: Breakfast Rye Menu

Burger King Breakfast Rye Menu
Photo by Burger King Malaysia

Here is the latest Burger King Breakfast menu in Malaysia (until 12 PM):

Burger King Breakfast MenuSet MealAla Carte
Rye Cheesy Caramelized OnionRM10.80RM6.90
Rye Chicken StripsRM11.80RM7.90
Rye BeefaconRM13.80RM9.90
Rye Mushroom SwissRM14.80RM10.90

Burger King Malaysia: Overview & History

Get ready to dive into the dynamic world of BURGER KING® Malaysia: an iconic name known across the globe, serving up flavors that tickle the taste buds of over 11 million guests daily.

What’s the secret behind this massive love affair? Well, it’s simple – they’re all about dishing out top-notch, lip-smacking, and wallet-friendly food that keeps people coming back for more. Established back in 1954, BURGER KING® proudly holds the title of being the second largest fast food hamburger chain worldwide.

Venturing into Malaysia’s food scene in 1997, BURGER KING® made its grand entrance with the inauguration of its inaugural restaurant at Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge.

Fast forward to today, and Cosmo Restaurants Sdn Bhd stands tall as the driving force behind more than 120 BURGER KING® restaurants scattered across Malaysia. This means that folks all over the country can savor the delightful, flame-grilled goodness that BURGER KING® is famous for.

The tagline “HOME OF THE WHOPPER®” says it all. With a history stretching over half a century, BURGER KING® stands proud as a champion of premium ingredients, secret recipes that make mouths water, and a dining atmosphere that welcomes families with open arms.

Throughout these golden years, BURGER KING® has etched its brand into the hearts of millions, offering an experience that’s about more than just food – it’s about flavor-packed memories that last a lifetime.

The Most Popular Items on the Burger King Menu – THE WHOPPER®

Get ready to meet BURGER KING®’s true star – THE WHOPPER®! This burger isn’t just a meal; it’s an American legend and a taste sensation that’s won hearts since 1957.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a flame-grilled quarter pound of beef that’s as juicy as it gets. Topped with ripe tomatoes, crispy lettuce, creamy mayo, ketchup, onions, and those delightful crunchy pickles, all snuggled up in a toasted sesame seed bun.

But hey, they know sometimes you want that same amazing taste but in a more manageable package. That’s where the WHOPPER JR® comes in. It’s the little sibling of the all-time classic, still packing that same awesome taste but with just the right portion for when hunger strikes without a vengeance.

So whether you’re up for the legendary original or its smaller yet equally satisfying counterpart, the WHOPPER® family is here to rock your taste buds!

Menu for Burger King Malaysia FAQ

What’s on the Burger King menu in Malaysia?

Burger King Malaysia offers a variety of flame-grilled burgers, crispy chicken options, sides, desserts, and beverages. From classic favorites like the Whopper to local twists, you’ll find a range of options to satisfy your cravings.

Can I customize my burger or meal?

Definitely! Burger King understands that everyone has their preferences. You can customize your burger by adding or removing ingredients to suit your taste. With numerous topping options and combinations, you have the freedom to create your ideal meal.

Are there options for vegetarians?

Yes, Burger King has options for vegetarians. You can enjoy veggie burgers and salads that deliver the same delicious flavors.

What sides do they offer besides burgers?

Burger King offers a variety of sides, including crispy Onion Rings, golden French Fries, and other tasty options like Mozzarella Sticks and Nuggets.

Are there any healthier choices on the menu?

Absolutely. Burger King provides options for those looking for healthier alternatives. You can opt for salads, grilled chicken or beef burger, and more, all made with quality ingredients.

Can I find limited-time offers or promotions on the menu?

Yes, Burger King Malaysia often introduces limited-time offers and promotions, so keep an eye out for exciting deals that might include new menu items or special discounts.

Are the menu items halal-certified?

Yes, Burger King Malaysia ensures that its menu items are halal-certified, catering to the dietary preferences of its customers.

Do they offer delivery or takeaway?

Definitely. Burger King offers delivery and takeaway services, making it convenient for you to enjoy your favorite meals wherever you are.

Conclusion For Burger King Menu & Prices in Malaysia

In a nutshell, the Burger King menu in Malaysia bring you a taste adventure like no other. From mouthwatering flame-grilled burgers to satisfying sides and delightful desserts, it’s a flavor-packed journey that caters to all taste buds. Whether you’re craving the classic Whopper or exploring vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone to relish.

What sets Burger King apart is the freedom to customize your meal, ensuring every bite matches your preferences. The dynamic Burger King Malaysia menu, complete with limited-time offers and promotions, keeps things exciting and fresh, inviting you to explore new flavors.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a burger experience that delivers quality, taste, and variety, the Burger King menu with prices in Malaysia are ready to fulfill your cravings.

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