27 Best Pest Control Services in Malaysia

The Best Pest Control Services in Malaysia

Dealing with pests can be a frustrating and challenging experience, but fortunately, there are numerous professional pest control companies in Malaysia that can help you eliminate these unwanted intruders from your home or business.

These companies use a variety of effective and safe techniques to eradicate pests such as rodents, termites, ants, bed bugs, and cockroaches.

With their expertise and experience, they can identify the root cause of your pest problem and provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Whether you need a one-time treatment or ongoing pest management services, you can trust that the best pest control services in Malaysia will deliver quality service and peace of mind.

The 27 Best Pest Control Services in Malaysia

Without further ado, here are the best pest control service providers in Malaysia, in no particular order.

1. Ridpest


Ridpest offers some of the best pest management solutions in Malaysia. They use cutting-edge technologies with extensive expertise from pest management professionals to make your property free from pests. They offer services for residential properties, commercial properties, construction sites and industrial sites and facilities.

Service Highlights:

  • They offer free delivery of all services for KL Valley residents
  • All of their services are eco-friendly and safe for health.
  • Thus also run various offers that make your pest treatment costs significantly low.

Services/ Products: AedesTech Mosquito Home System, Disinfection Services, Ridpest Termite Protection Plan, Termite Control, Bed Bug, Flea & Tick Treatment, General Pest Control, and Food Safety Certification Pest Control Program

Website: https://www.ridpest.com/

Contact number: +603 4143 1777

Email: ridpest@ridpest.com

2. Innopest


Innopest offers the best home and commercial pest control services in Penang & Johor Bahru, Malaysia. They offer the best solutions to get rid of cockroaches, termites, birds and ants through their in-house professionals. Numerous renowned brands in Malaysia use their services, such as Keluarga, AME Engineering, Ansell, Farm Fresh and more.

Service Highlights:

  • They are a licensed and ISO-compliant pest control company
  • They have 24*7 customer support available at all times.
  • Their one-stop, cost-effective pest control solutions also have a no questions asked money-back guarantee!
  • The pest management programs cover your health risk profile and tolerance levels.

Services/ Products: Bird Control Services, Factory Pest Control, Restaurant Pest Control, Disinfection Services, Bed Bugs Control, Rat Control and Termite Baiting System

Website: https://innopest.my/

Contact number: +6018 466 7366

Email: enquiry@innopest.my

3. Termites Alvin

Termites Alvin Pest Control

Termites Alvin offers some of Malaysia’s best eco-friendly, pet-friendly and non-toxic termite treatment services. They use the batting system to eliminate termites in the property. At the best fair prices, they offer exceptional quality termite treatment services in Malaysia that are trusted by countless homes until now.

Service Highlights:

  • They offer a free inspection of your property to analyse the condition of the termites.
  • They have a 100% money-back guarantee post their services.
  • They do not use any chemical sprays. They do not drill walls, and their ingredients are entirely odourless!
  • They offer three years of warranty on their services.

Services/ Products: Indoor termites treatment, Garden termites treatment and Indoor and Outdoor prevention treatment.

Website: https://termitesalvin.com.my/

Contact number: +6012 488 2322

Email: termitesalvin@gmail.com

4. PestSol

PestSol Pest Solutions

Since 2016, PestSol has been a tried and tested termite control company for domestic households and government properties. Their team of technical experts has undergone rigorous training sessions and have vast experience in the pest control treatment.

Service Highlights:

  • They have a wide range of services. Hence, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution for all the insects and pests on your property, connect with the PestSol team immediately.
  • They have flexible timing schedules for the convenience of their customers.
  • They also educate consumers regarding the negative impacts of pests and how to prevent their occurrence on the property.

Services/ Products: Disinfection, General pest treatment, Termite control, Bedbugs control, Flies control, Mosquitos control and Rodent control.

Website: https://pestsol.com.my/

Contact number: +6011 555 17888

Email: support@pestsol.com.my

5. Advance Pest Mnagamenet

Advance Pest Management Image

Advance Pest Management offers the best pest control services in Malaysia. They use updated technologies, methodologies and chemical knowledge to curate your house’s treatment strategies. They consider the health and safety of your family and environment for all their services.

Service Highlights:

  • Their professional team are well trained regarding basic pest biology, behaviour and knowledge to bring you the best quality of services.
  • They consistently compare and test new chemicals on pests to find better pest management solutions.
  • The Xterm batting monitors your property for pests 24*7 so that you can take suitable preventive measures whenever applicable.

Services/ Products: Ants treatment, Cockroaches treatment, Rodent treatment, Termite treatment, Bedbugs treatment, Mosquitos treatment, Fliest treatment, fleas treatment, incidental pest treatment, stored product pest treatment and disinfection services.

Website: https://www.advpm.com.my/

Contact number: +6012 526 8066

Email: apm.as@advpm.com.my

6. Pest React

Pest React Image

With over 23 years of experience, Pest React provides the best pest solutions in Malaysia with extraordinary strategies and technologies. They take care of every nook and corner of your house and ensure it is pest-free by the end of the treatment. They offer a five-year warranty period for all of their services. Depending on your interests, they offer flexible payment options for every plan.

Service Highlights:

  • Their pest control treatment services are highly affordable and start at RM88.
  • They offer a 100% money-back guarantee for their pest control treatment services
  • They provide a free pest inspection to analyse your area before starting the treatment
  • They also offer an insurance claim upto RM15,000

Services/ Products: Fumigation, Bird Control, Rat Control, Cockroach control, Termite control, and Disinfectant misting.

Website: https://www.pestreact.com/

Contact number: +6011 2522 1288

Email: info@pestreact.com

7. Suria Pest Control Sdn. Bhd

Suria Pest Control Sdn Bhd

Since 1992, SPC has been Malaysia’s leading pest control and disinfection company. They offer reliable and exceptional quality services with consistent customer service post-treatment. All the products used during the treatment are updated and built with high-quality and safe ingredients.

Service Highlights:

  • They also offer additional healthcare products for the health of your property, such as automatic air fresheners, sanitiser dispensers, and more.
  • They offer a free survey for the first time.
  • They will offer a free quote depending on the treatments required for your property.

Services/ Products: Cleaning & Disinfecting services, Termite treatment, Soil treatment, Mosquito treatment, General pest control, and Corrective Soil treatment.

Website: https://www.suriapestcontrolsdnbhd.com/

Contact number: +604 324 3844

Email: admin@suriapestcontrol.com

8. Rapid Kill

Rapidkill Pest Control KL Sdn Bhd HQ Image

Twenty-eight years back, Rapid Kill started their pest control management solutions with just 60 employees. They have a massive team of hundreds of the best pest control technicians who actively take care of various properties in Malaysia daily.

They execute their services in commercial buildings, construction sites, industrial warehouses and residential homes.

Service Highlights:

  • All of the chemicals used in the treatment are eco-friendly.
  • They offer a full refund guarantee for all of their services.
  • They claim to wipe out termites on your property within just 60 days
  • They offer re-treatment within the warranty period with zero additional costs

Services/ Products: Ants treatment, Roach treatment, Rodent treatment, Termite treatment, Bedbugs treatment, Mosquitos treatment, Flies treatment, and fleas treatment services.

Website: https://rapidko.com.my/

Contact number: +6016 228 4868

Email: rkill.pest@gmail.com

9. Rovers Pest Control

Rovers Pest Control Image

At Rovers Pest Control, for domestic and commercial properties, they offer a one-time service or recurring services depending on the intensity of the infestation. They provide the best pest control and cleaning solutions that are guaranteed safe as per the industry standards for Malaysia.

Service Highlights:

  • They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee rate for their services.
  • They provide a free inspection before initiating the treatment
  • All the pest control technicians are licensed and professional.

Services/ Products: Termites baiting system, Termites POS construction, Covid 19 and Antibacterial nano misting, General pest services, Mosquito fogging services, and Bed Bugs and Flies services.

Website: http://www.roverspest.biz.my/

Contact number: +6013 570 4730

Email: mustaqim@roverspest.biz.my

10. Firman Pest

FirMan Pest Image

Firman Pest is renowned for having repeat customers for its exceptional pest control treatment services in Malaysia. Many well-known organisations, such as Prudential, KPF, and Shazay Associates, trust their services. All of their services are certified by the government of Malaysia for the safety of the consumers.

Service Highlights:

  • They have the best team of professionals that take care of your pest control management solutions.
  • All of their services are highly effective and cost-efficient.
  • They offer long-term protection of your property post-treatment.

Services/ Products: Residential pest control, Commercial pest control, Bat and birds control specialist and Disinfection services.

Website: https://firmanpest.com/

Contact number: +6018 248 1655

Email: firmanpest@gmail.com

11. Ecoshield

Eco Shield Pest Control

Established in 2015, Ecoshield offers the best pest control services in Malaysia. They have expertise in eradicating pests from local residences and commercial areas, especially in the KL Valley. They have highly trained technicians to handle your pest control treatments.

Service Highlights:

  • Their pest control services are safe for pets.
  • Their methodologies of the services are unique.
  • They ensure that every corner of your house is free from hidden cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites, fleas, flies and other pests.

Services/ Products: General pest control, Termite control, Bedbugs control, Cat Fleas control and Mosquito control.

Website: https://www.ecoshield2u.com/

Contact number: +6019 235 5996

Email: ecoshield.my@gmail.com

12. Perfect Pest Solution

Perfection Pest Management Sdn Bhd Image

Perfect Pest Solutions is the one-stop pest control destination for many large brands and household owners across various states of Malaysia.

With over 10+ years of experience, they have over 100,000 happy customers. They have also won many industry awards over the years for their exceptional service quality. With hundreds of employees, they are active in 7 states and 150 districts in Malaysia.

Service Highlights:

  • They claim a 99.9% satisfaction and resolution rate on their services.
  • You can get a free customised quote based on your pest control requirements.
  • Their scenting service is excellent for setting up a particular atmosphere from their range of 1,000 exotic scents – Perfect for commercial spaces.
  • They offer various discounts on their services. For example, you get 10% off your first pest treatment from Perfect Pest Solution.

Services/ Products: Misting services, Business scents, Termite control, Flies treatment, Ants treatment, Mosquitos treatment, Cockroach treatment, Bedbugs treatment, Birds treatment and Rat treatment.

Website: https://ppssb.com.my/

Contact number: +606 3340 900

Email: admin-kl@ppssb.com.my

13. IPM Pest Control

IPM Pest Control Image

IPM Pest Control uses a wide range of pest control products that maintain the efficacy of pest control treatment in your households or commercial spaces.

They work in various sectors such as condominiums, commercial shops, offices, universities & colleges, government sectors, landed houses etc. They have thousands of excellent reviews that validate the quality of their services.

Service Highlights:

  • They offer both one-time service and recurring pest control management solutions in Malaysia at affordable rates.
  • They provide customised quotes depending on your pest control treatment requirements.
  • They offer only certified services from the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia.

Services/ Products: Termite control, Fleas and ticks treatment, Ants treatment, Mosquitos treatment, Cockroach treatment, and Rats treatment.

Website: https://www.ipmpest.my/

Contact number: +6012 419 2610

Email: admin@ipmpest.my

14. Kilsant

Kilstant White Ants Image

Kilsant offers the termite engineering and management solutions in Malaysia. They provide implementation of termite infrastructure via the Advance Termite Reticulation/Piping System.

They perform this installations for new buildings, bungalows and projects in Malaysia & Dubai.

Service Highlights:

  • They are well known for Termite Reticulation/Piping System.
  • They are the only company from Malaysia responsible to protect the Royal Properties of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in Dubai
  • You can find many of their services featured in different articles and awards.
  • All of their services are long-lasting and effective in eradicating termite in commercial properties.
  • The chemicals used during the pest control treatment process are safe for even the most sensitive areas of the property. Hence, you can stay assured of the safety of the space post-treatment.

Services/ Products: Termite Reticulation system, Dusting, Kaping

Website: https://www.kilstant.my/

Contact number: +60176436734, +60129101501, +6017 572 4639

Email: kanishen@kilstant.my, vicky@kilstant.my, projects@kilstant.my

15. Envirocon

Envirocon Pest Management Sdn Bhd

Since 1996, Envirocon has been Malaysia’s leading pest control service provider. They have thousands of happy customers up until now. With over 20 years of experience, they use environmentally safe products with the latest technologies for maximum efficiency in pest elimination.

Service Highlights:

  • All of their technicians are licensed and professionally trained. So, your space is in safe hands.
  • They have 24/7 customer service wherein you can enquire about their services or post-treatment requirements.
  • Their pest chemicals are safe for the property, animals and pets.

Services/ Products: Termite treatment, Rodent treatment, Rats treatment, Mosquitos and flying insects treatment, Cockroaches testament, Bedbugs treatment, Covid 19 disinfection services and Bird control.

Website: https://envirocon.com.my/

Contact number: +603 4295 9499

Email: admin@envirocon.com.my

16. AntiAnt Pest Management

AntiAnt Pest Control Image

With over ten years of experience, AntiAnt Pest Management offers Malaysia’s premium and safe pest control solutions. You will find some of the best pest management professionals during the inspection and treatment services. They solve every customer query related to pest control treatment and management.

Service Highlights:

  • You get an absolutely free inspection before you sign up for their treatment plans
  • All of their services have guaranteed results
  • They utilise updated technologies to eradicate the presence of pests from the properties.

Services/ Products: Ants treatment, Cockroaches treatment, Rodent treatment, Termite treatment, Bedbugs treatment, Mosquitos treatment, Flies treatment, stored product pest treatment and disinfection services.

Website: https://antiantpest.com/

Contact number: +6016 450 3944

Email: antiantpestmgmt@gmail.com

17. Simple Pest Solution

Simple Pest Solution Image

Simple Pest Solution offers a wide range of pest control solutions with the expertise of over 17 years in this industry. They are active in F & B, education, construction, medical, factory and home pest control treatments. They also have a 100% client satisfaction rate in their business.

Service Highlights:

  • All of their services are certified by various organisations that validate the services’ authenticity, efficiency and safety.
  • They also offer various products for pest control management on your property to keep pests and insects at bay.
  • They have a team of professionals who work tirelessly to provide the best termite removal services in Malaysia.

Services/ Products: Termite control, Fleas and ticks treatment, Ants treatment, Mosquitos treatment, Cockroach treatment, and Rats treatment.

Website: https://simplepestsolution.com/

Contact number: +605 210 6488

Email: sales@simplepestsolution.com

18. RKill Pest Control

RKIL Pest Control M Sdn Bhd Image

Once you call them regarding your pest control requirements, they will arrive at the affected area to inspect and strategise the next steps accordingly.

They also carry out disinfection services post-treatment. Lastly, they will remove all the dirt and dust post-treatment. Hence, your property will quickly become squeaky clean and free from pests and insects!

Service Highlights:

  • All chemicals and termiticides used during the process are registered and approved by the Pesticides Board of Malaysia per industry standards. You can find the certificates of approval on their website.
  • They offer free consultation and prompt service to every corner of Malaysia!
  • Depending on the services, they offer a warranty period of 1 to 5 years.
  • They have flexible payment solutions wherein you can pay in monthly instalments.

Services/ Products: General pest control treatment, Anti termite piping treatment, Anti termites soil treatment, Fogging services, Anti termite baiting treatment, Anti termites corrective treatment and Anti termite in-ground treatment.

Website: https://www.rkilpestcontrol.com.my/index.php

Contact number: +6019 300 0191

Email: enquiry@rkil.com.my

19. Anticimex

Anticimex Malaysia Image

Anticimex is one of Malaysia’s leading disinfection and pest control treatment solutions. They offer a broad spectrum of disinfection services that cover even inaccessible areas. Disinfection is also an active part of preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and pests on the property. They offer both residential and commercial pest control solutions in Malaysia.

Service Highlights:

  • Their services are an amalgamation of automation and expertise that assure the best results in pest control.
  • They have over 180 branches with over 9,000 trusted experts and have served over 3 million customers in 20 countries worldwide.
  • The chemicals added during the pest control treatment process are environmentally friendly.

Services/ Products: Ants treatment, Cockroaches treatment, Rodent treatment, Termite treatment, Bedbugs treatment, Disinfection solutions, Mosquitos treatment, and Flies treatment.

Website: https://www.anticimex.com.my/

Contact number: +6013 587 2841

Email: marcus.voon@anticimex.com.my

20. NPC Pest Control Services

NPC Pest Control Services Sdn Bhd Image

NPC Pest control services are the best pest solution in Malaysia. Brands like KFC, Malaysian Airlines, Sony Malaysia, and other colleges and buildings trust their pest control services. Hence, you can find their services in commercial, retailers, manufacturing, hospitality, government, education and other sectors.

Service Highlights:

  • The technicians are highly trained to have an in-depth knowledge of pest control and prevention.
  • Their services comply with the health and safety regulations for a safe working environment.
  • They dispose of all the contaminated waste by the end of the treatment.
  • They offer some of the most cost-effective pest control solutions in Malaysia.
  • They have a prompt response team ready to implement the right strategies and eliminate pests from every corner of the space.
  • They only serve licensed services under the government of Malaysia.

Services/ Products: General pest controls services, Pre-construction anti-termite soil treatment, Post construction anti-termite concrete slab treatment, Termite baiting system, Sanitation and disinfection services.

Website: https://npcpestcontrol.com.my/

Contact number: +603 8061 1875

Email: info@npcpestcontrol.com.my

21. Pest Master

Pestmaster Malaysia

Pest Master offers the best termite removal services in Malaysia. They start with a rigorous inspection of the affected area to strategise the proper techniques for the treatment. They have a fast response time for consumers. They also have a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their services. They have reasonable pricing for all of their pest control treatment services.

Service Highlights:

  • They run valuable offers every time on their website. Hence, the next time you sign up for their services, check out their existing offers to get amazing discounts!
  • They have a specific warranty period wherein they will re-do your service at no additional costs.
  • To ensure the quality of their services, they have all their certifications and licenses listed on their website.

Services/ Products: Ants treatment, Cockroaches treatment, Rodent treatment, Termite treatment, Bedbugs treatment, Disinfection solutions, Mosquitos treatment, and Flies treatment.

Website: https://www.pestcontrolservices.my/

Contact number: +603 5633 5688

Email: enquiry@pestmaster.my

22. Preserve Pets Control


Since 2014, they have pioneered pest control solutions in Malaysia. Their main active areas are around south Malaysia. They offer a range of pest control solutions, updated with the latest technologies and chemicals for the best results. They have incredible testimonials for their services from their past clients.

Service Highlights:

  • They will give you a free quote once you contact them for pest control solutions.
  • They have multiple treatment solutions in their services, such as termite baiting services, termite corrective treatments, and termite monitoring services. You can choose suitable services based on your requirements.
  • They have quick customer support facilities to help you in case of any issues post-treatment.

Services/ Products: Ants treatment, Cockroaches treatment, Rodent treatment, Termite treatment, Bedbugs treatment, Mosquitos treatment, Fliest treatment, fleas treatment, and disinfection services.

Website: https://www.preservepest.com.my/

Contact number: +6016 351 2862

Email: preservepestcontrol@hotmail.com

23. Sabri Faris Entreprise

Sabri Pest Control

Sabri Faris Enterprise is a group of passionate pest control professionals that take care of all the destructive and vicious insects in your locality and property.

They start with identifying the problem areas in your property and recommend suitable solutions for your residence or commercial spaces. They have competitive rates for their pest control services that make their business easy on your pocket!

Service Highlights:

  • They keep the safety of consumers at the topmost priority during pest control treatments.
  • They have experienced technicians that take care of your pest control requirements.
  • They guarantee the quality of their termite and pest removal services for their customers.

Services/ Products: Ants treatment, Cockroaches treatment, Massager treatment, Mouse treatment, Rodent treatment, Termite treatment, Bedbugs treatment, Mosquitos treatment, Fliest treatment, Sanitation, Fogging, Soil treatment, Slab treatment and fleas treatment.

Website: https://sabripestcontrol.com/

Contact number: +6013 305 8353

Email: sabripest007@gmail.com

24. Southern Bets Pest Control SDN BHD

Southern Pest Control

Southern Best Pest Control guarantees excellent service quality in termite removal and pest control solutions. They apply state-of-the-art concepts to pest monitoring, and management attributes to streamline the services. This makes their services way more efficient and effective for removing pests from your proprietary. They also follow up post-treatment to ensure your property is free from further infestation.

Service Highlights:

  • They have a team of highly dedicated and motivated professionals who have a great range of expertise in conducting pest control treatments over the years.
  • They offer you peace of mind regarding the services through the warranty post-treatment.
  • They offer licensed services that are compliant with regulatory protocols.

Services/ Products: Termite control, Rodent control, Mosquito control, Cockroach control, Snakes control, Spiders control, Ants control, Sanitisation services, Houseflies control, Hornets control, Bees control, Wood boring beetles control, Ticks control, Millipedes control, Food borers control, Bird mites control, Booklice control, Bed bugs control, Fleas control, Common Flies control, Weevil control, and Stored product pests control.

Website: http://www.southernpestcontrol.com.my/index.php

Contact number: +6012 776 6268

Email: southernpestcontrol@yahoo.com

25. Terminex Pest Control

Terminex Pest Control Sdn Bhd Image

Terminex Pest Control specialises in eliminating pests and insects from both the interior and exterior of buildings in Malaysia. They have a complete package covering different types of pest and insect control solutions. All of the technicians are qualified and professional in their roles and responsibilities. Lastly, with over 30 years of experience, they are one of Malaysia’s leading pest control management solution providers.

Service Highlights:

  • They offer a 100% result guarantee post-service completion
  • They comply with all the licenses and regulatory protocols for their services’ quality and safety management.
  • You will get a free quote to discuss your pest control requirements.

Services/ Products: Pest management, Disinfectant and sanitation, training services Consultancy and Home protection plan.

Website: https://www.terminex.com.my/index.html

Contact number: +6019 250 8882

Email: info@terminex.com.my

26. BFH Pest Control


BFH Pest Control provides the best termite removal services in Malaysia. Their online account management portal makes scheduling pest control appointments super simplified and quick. To guarantee the quality of their services, the government of Malaysia has approved the license of their pest management solutions.

Service Highlights:

  • You can get a free quote during the consultation process of your pest control treatments.
  • Their services have been accredited and certified by various organisations in Malaysia.
  • They cover many states of Malaysia, making pest control management solutions highly accessible to consumers.

Services/ Products: Termite removal, Defence device, Pets management program, Commercial pest controls services, Domestic pest control services and Disinfection services.

Website: https://bfhpest.com.my/

Contact number: +603 4296 3935

Email: bfhpest@gmail.com

27. Eco Pest

Eco Pest

At Eco Pest, the professionals have years of experience handling pest control services for houses in Malaysia. They ensure that the results are fast and effective. You can schedule the appointments based on your flexibility. You can also get their packages that cover various pest control services together.

Service Highlights:

  • Their services start just from RM0.50 per sq ft.
  • Their services and the equipment used during the treatment are child and pet-friendly.
  • They keep running new offers on their website, which you can avail of for your upcoming pest control services.
  • Their booking process is super simple. You only need to connect with them over WhatsApp and schedule the appointment in just a few clicks.

Services/ Products: Spray & fogging, Rodent Removal, Termite baiting, and Sanitization

Website: https://ecopest.my/

Contact number: +6012 255 6635

Email: enquiry@ecopest.my


In conclusion, when it comes to pest control services in Malaysia, there are many professional and reputable companies that can help you solve your pest problems.

These companies employ trained professionals who use a variety of effective and safe techniques to eradicate pests and prevent future infestations.

By hiring the best pest control services in Malaysia, you can ensure that your home or business remains pest-free, providing you with peace of mind and a healthier environment.

With their customized solutions and expertise, these companies are equipped to address all types of pest problems, from ants and cockroaches to termites and rodents.

Whether you need a one-time treatment or ongoing pest management services, the best pest control services in Malaysia are committed to providing you with quality service and support.

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