21 Best Financial Advisors in Malaysia: The Money Experts

21 Best Financial Advisors in Malaysia: The Money Experts

Best Financial Advisors in Malaysia

The economy in Malaysia is tough, inflation is real, and the pay raise is slower than inflation. Therefore, managing your finances wisely is crucial to ensure your life is free from financial stress and instability.

If you are not an expert in managing finance, no worries, here are the 21 best financial advisors in Malaysia that can give you advice on how to manage your finances to achieve a better lifestyle and ultimately, financial freedom.

The 21 Best Financial Advisors in Malaysia

Without further ado, here are the best financial advisors in Malaysia, in no particular order.

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1. CF Lieu

CF Lieu

CF Lieu is a certified and licensed financial expert who is dedicated to providing actionable financial advice. Because he is independent, his advice is transparent and based on your needs.

He is qualified to provide essential financial advice, which allows you to make decisions that will help you achieve your dreams and goals. Before offering any advice, there is an initial consultation form that will allow him to understand your current financial situation and your needs.

Lieu helps his clients be in control of their money and achieve financial independence without any stress.

Service Highlights

  • Licensed by the Security Commission of Malaysia.
  • Assists you to define your priorities and create a plan to achieve these goals.
  • Ensures that you are on the right track throughout the journey.

Services/Products: Financial Advisory, Consultancy, Investment.

Website: https://howtofinancemoney.com/

Contact: +603-8408 2288       E-mail: [email protected]

2. FA Advisory

FA Advisory

FA Advisory is one of the best financial advisory firms in Malaysia. They have a team of experienced financial planners who offer comprehensive financial planning to every client. They also provide complete wealth management and custom advisory solutions to ensure that you achieve your financial goals.

FA Advisory serves as a one-stop solution centre for all your financial needs at every stage of life. They also provide excellent Islamic Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory Services to Muslims in Malaysia.

Corporate bodies are not left out, as they assist you in properly managing your company’s finances. They offer customized solutions that will help you keep employees motivated, maximize your retirement benefits, and minimize business risks.

Service Highlights

  • Help to understand and complete your insurance needs via tailored programs.
  • Assist business owners in making smart choices when they are ready to retire.
  • Individuals with a high net worth can benefit from personalized private wealth advisory services.
  • Have trained and professional consultants educate you about a wide range of potential investment opportunities.

Services/Products: Personal Financial Advisory, Corporate Financial Advisory, Private Wealth Advisory, Islamic Wealth Advisory

Website: https://faadvisory.my/

Contact: +603-6211 4011       E-mail: [email protected]

3. Bluestar AMG

Bluestar AMG

Wealth management in Malaysia is made a lot easier with Bluestar AMG. They are made up of a team of technical analysts who are dedicated to ensuring that all their services match their clients’ needs.

At Bluestar AMG, there are plenty of in-house experts who can help you plan for a great financial future with their large selection of investment services. They also assist parents in planning ahead for how they will pay for their children’s university and college fees.

They help their clients get the most suitable insurance as well as offer advice on wills and estate planning. They also have trusted partners to help clients buy properties and arrange mortgages.

Service Highlights

  • Deliver fully transparent solutions in plain English, free from jargon.
  • All their procedures are monitored and reviewed internally to ensure that clients get the correct advice.
  • Assist with retirement planning by helping to set up or manage pension plans.
  • Provide personal investment managers to manage current investments or look for new ones.

Services/Products: Investment Services, Pensions, Insurance, UK Property Services, Education Fee Planning, Bank Accounts

Website: https://bluestar-amg.com/

Contact: +603-2633 6088             E-mail: [email protected]

4. Demax LifeBIZ

Demax LifeBIZ

Demax LifeBIZ provides effective solutions to the financial needs of individuals, families, and corporate bodies. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has continued to help its clients achieve their financial goals.

At Demax LifeBIZ, they ensure that they properly understand your needs so as to be able to create efficient and effective solutions for all your needs. Their tailored financial solutions help build a financially safe and secure future, which impacts current and future generations.

After creating your custom solution, they will also walk you through the implementation stage and monitor the performance to ensure you achieve your goals.

Service Highlights

  • Find the perfect general insurance plan to cover your assets.
  • Help develop the ideal employee benefits package for your business.
  • Educate and guide you as you start planning for retirement.
  • Provide consultants to create plans for the management and disposal of your estate.

Services/Products: Estate Planning, Education Funding, Mortgage Planning, Investment Fund, Retirement Planning, Takaful, Corporate Solutions, General Insurance.

Website: https://www.demaxlifebiz.com/

Contact: +603-3358 0369       E-mail: [email protected]

5. Wealth Vantage Advisory

Wealth Vantage Advisory

Wealth Vantage Advisory was established to provide comprehensive, end-to-end financial services to clients with varying needs. Their services are supported by the use of modern technologies and process-driven implementation.

They provide investment advice that will help you build an investment portfolio that matches your financial goals. Their debt management services help you place your current debt under control through budgeting and financial planning.

Wealth Vantage Advisory is a registered training provider that serves universities, law and audit firms, financial organizations, NGOs, large corporations, etc. They are committed to ensuring that employees are educated on how to properly manage their finances.

Service Highlights

  • Help clients understand their investments and make the right decisions based on their investment portfolio.
  • Offer risk management services to protect yourself and your family from unplanned financial challenges.
  • Create debt management plans that suit your current financial situation.

Services/Products: Full Financial Planning (FFP), Modular Financial Planning (MFP), Financial Health Check (FHC), Family Office, Investment Planning, Risk Management, Debt Management, Share the FIRE Program, Financial Wellness & Education Programs.

Website: https://www.wealthvantage.com.my/

Contact: +603-9202 5666       E-mail: [email protected]

6. Farringdon Asset Management

Farringdon Asset Management

Farringdon Asset Management is one of the biggest financial advisors in Malaysia. They have been globally active since 2007, and they offer in-depth services that cover Wealth Management, Asset Management, and general Financial Planning.

Their team is made up of highly skilled wealth advisors and external asset managers that work hand-in-hand with banks to provide solutions to clients in a wide variety of areas such as banking, tax, succession planning, and investments.

With Farringdon Asset Management, passing your estate on to the next generation becomes easier and more tax-efficient. They also have portfolio managers who will help you develop highly-diversified portfolios with long-term growth across all asset classes.

Service Highlights

  • Qualified Relationship Managers and Analysts to provide top-notch financial advice.
  • Provide tax solutions for the present and future.
  • Assist you to create long-term wealth strategies to achieve your financial goals.
  • Dedicated portfolio manager to continuously monitor your investments.

Services/Products: Personal Tax Planning, Private Banking, Portfolio Management, Mortgages, Succession Planning.

Website: http://www.farringdongroup.com/

Contact: +603-9212 4311

7. Whitman


Whitman is one of the leading companies when it comes to wealth management in Malaysia. They offer their clients Holistic Wealth Management which enhances investment returns and reduces risks so that their clients can achieve financial freedom.

Since 2000, they have continued to successfully help several individuals build wealth and achieve financial freedom. They provide financial reports so that every client can effectively monitor their financial affairs.

At Whitman, there are several specialists available to execute and manage your financial plan. The company is not linked to any financial institution, so they can assist you in picking the most suitable investment for your portfolio.

Service Highlights

  • Low client-to-advisor ratio so that there is enough time, attention, and resources for each client.
  • Offer independent advice that is not influenced by any financial institution.
  • All investment, estate, and cash-flow planning advice are based on achieving long-term goals.

Services/Products: Family Office Service, Money Optimisation Service, iWealth + Service, Holistic Investment Management (HIM) Service, SmartReturn Optimisation Service (SRO), Unit Trust Portfolio Optimisation (UPO) Service.

Website: https://whitman.com.my/

Contact: +603-7880 8359

8. Advance Fin Advisory Group

Advance Fin Advisory Group

Advance Fin Advisory Group offers professional financial services to a wide range of clients, such as individuals, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations. It does not matter whether it is personal insurance, pensions, asset management, or education planning, they have a team of dedicated experts that can help you achieve financial freedom.

They encourage parents to start planning for their children’s education early so that they can easily afford the tuition fees. Advance Fin Advisory Group also helps you improve your saving habits and retire on your own terms.

Service Highlights

  • Comprehensive and custom-tailored advisory solutions for every client to achieve their financial goals.
  • Advise and guide you on how to manage and dispose of your estate.
  • Create effective retirement plans to ensure that you can meet your financial needs in your golden years.
  • Provide the required information to help you make the right investment decisions.

Services/Products: Cash Flow Planning, Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Estate Planning, Claim Service, Legal Assistance.

Website: https://advancefa.com/

Contact: +6011-1646 1919            E-mail: [email protected]

9. Absolute Financial Solutions

Absolute Financial Solutions

Absolute Financial Solutions offers highly personalized and tailored services to meet all your financial needs. They are independent, experienced, and have an excellent track record of helping clients manage their wealth effectively.

Unlike other financial advisors, Absolute Financial Solutions is committed to building long-term relationships with its clients. They provide solutions for individuals planning to save for pensions or retirement in Malaysia.

Their team of experts offers great tax planning advice to prevent your investments and savings from being eaten up by taxes. They also ensure that you and your dependents are adequately protected against accidents, injuries, illness, critical care, or even death.

Service Highlights

  • Provide a wide variety of products to find the ideal solution for your individual needs.
  • Personalized portfolios to ensure that all plans are tailored to your goals.
  • Offer secure and highly regulated products and investments for proper wealth management.
  • Assist with the planning of your children’s tuition fees.

Services/Products: Retirement, Wealth Management, Protection, Education, Offshore Banking, Taxation, Trusts, Property

Website: https://absolutefsl.com/

Contact: +603-6203 1960       E-mail: [email protected]

10. A.D. Financial Sdn Bhd

A.D. Financial Sdn Bhd

Founded in 2002 in Kuala Lumpur, A.D. Financial is an approved financial advisory firm dedicated to helping you in protecting and preserve your hard-earned wealth for many generations.

They have designed a preparedness system that enables you to identify & master the internationally proven methodologies to manage your wealth complexities in an evolving & ever-changing economic landscape & liberalized market.

Besides, they also have offices in Hong Kong and Australia.

Service Highlights

  • Provide a strategy that focuses on preservation first, accumulation second and distribution last
  • Asset protection and preservation planning
  • Dedicated wealth planning strategy for Asian family

Services/Products: Specialized Succession Planning Services, Wealth Preservation, Corporate Advisory Services, Set Up A Family Office, Tax & Structuring, Estate & Succession, Islamic Wealth Management, Insurance & Investment, Real Estate, Sale Of Company, Succeeding Generation

Website: https://www.adfinancial.com.my/

Contact: +603-7956 8833        Email: [email protected]

11. PFA Asia

PFA Asia

PFA Asia is a wealth management firm in Malaysia with the financial knowledge and experience to help clients create actionable plans to achieve their financial goals. They assist you in making great money decisions that contribute to making you financially independent.

They work together with their clients to ensure that their investment choices match their portfolio and short-term financial obligations. They also help with estate planning strategies to make sure families and loved ones are well taken care of.

PFA Asia also offers financial education so that you can make better and smarter decisions.

Service Highlights

  • Assist clients to buy properties and settle loans quickly.
  • Committed to building long-term client relationships.
  • Help to develop your investment strategy and track the progress.

Services/Products: Personal Financial Coaching, Fixed Rate vs Flexi Rate Loan, Business Consultancy Services, Business Funding Malaysia.

Website: https://pfaasia.com/

Contact: +603-2602 3128       E-mail: [email protected]

12. CC Advisory Sdn Bhd

CC Advisory Sdn Bhd

CC Advisory is a subsidiary of CC International Berhad (CCIB), which is a Malaysian multi-disciplinary professional service provider. At CC Advisory, there are several financial planners specializing in helping individuals and corporate bodies achieve their financial objectives.

The CC Family Office provides tailored advice to individuals with high net worth so that they can preserve and protect their family wealth. They also assist with family business succession planning to pass the wealth to more generations.

They also provide a Financial Health Check (FHC) which helps clients organize their finances and prevent debt.

Service Highlights

  • Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)-approved financial advisory firm
  • Provide the most cost-effective insurance coverage based on your individual needs.
  • Offer financial planning services so that you know where you are and can create a strategy to reach your financial destination.

Services/Products: Business Risk Insurance, Fee-Based Financial Planning, Family Office

Website: http://www.ccadvisory.com.my/

Contact: +603-7985 9999       E-mail: [email protected]

13. ST Group

ST Group

ST Group is one of the best financial advisors in Malaysia. They provide comprehensive and holistic financial solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

They have a team of qualified and experienced financial advisers with years of experience to meet your needs at all times. They are committed to helping you reach your goals and become financially independent.

Although ST Group focuses on providing housing loans and SME loans with collateral requirements, they also deliver several other financial solutions.

Service Highlights

  • Individuals and corporations can benefit from comprehensive wealth management services.
  • Easy loan approval procedures with short processing times.
  • Provide premium and professional solutions to all financial needs.
  • Offer unbiased advice and recommendations.

Services/Products: Personal Financial, Debt Management, SME Loan & P2P, Housing Loan, Refinance, Credit Card.

Website: https://stgroupsolution.com.my/

Contact: +603-6243 0272       E-mail: [email protected]

14. Echelon Consulting Group

Echelon Consulting Group

Echelon Consulting Group, established in 2011, is a financial advisory firm that assists clients in achieving their financial dreams and goals. They are made up of a team of qualified and highly-trained professionals that provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of financial problems.

Echelon Consulting Group offers strategic financial advice that makes complicated financial information accessible and easy to understand. They work together with their clients to create a financial planning strategy based on their needs and objectives.

They are experienced in advising and managing investment portfolios so as to optimize your business returns.

Service Highlights

  • Deliver top-notch financial planning solutions tailored to clients’ needs.
  • Dedicated to building lasting and meaningful relationships with clients.
  • Up-to-date on the latest methods and solutions in the financial industry.

Services/Products: Risk Management, Wealth Accumulation, Investment, Tax Planning, Estate Planning.

Website: https://www.echelongroup.com.my/

Contact: +6012-799 9507       E-mail: [email protected]

15. Great CSA Management

Great CSA Management

Great CSA Management is made up of a team of young financial professionals who are committed to providing financial advice to individuals, families, and corporate bodies. They provide a unique experience that sets them apart from other financial advisory firms. They have a passion for helping others, so they strive to build lifelong relationships with their clients.

They ensure that they always provide comprehensive advice that addresses your short-term and long-term financial goals. Because they are an independent company, they are able to offer unbiased recommendations and solutions that would suit your needs.

Great CSA Management also partners with advisory groups, which provide them with deeper insights and a broader perspective. It also allows them to offer a wide range of services.

Service Highlights

  • Guide clients to achieve their financial goals.
  • Utilize modern financial planning software to provide more effective advice.
  • Focused on building long-term relationships and creating comprehensive financial strategies.

Services/Products: Income and Cash Flow, Retirement, Education Funding, Lifestyle Funding, Estate and Legacy Transfer, Corporate Solutions

Website: https://greatcsa.com/

Contact: +603-7883 0925       E-mail: [email protected]

16. MDG Consultancy

MDG Consultancy

MDG Consultancy is a subsidiary of MDG Capital Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd with more than ten years of experience in the financial industry. They are committed to helping their clients avoid debt and achieve financial independence.

Their advisory team provides professional and tailor-made advice to help clients get quick loan approvals from their banks. They also offer business loans with low-interest rates and tax relief.

MDG Consultancy also assists clients with housing refinancing by offering loan options with low monthly repayments and terms of up to 35 years.

Service Highlights

  • Assist clients in getting personal loans without a guarantor or collateral.
  • Provides business loans to boost a company’s working capital.
  • Guarantee approval of government loans.

Services/Products: Personal Loan, Business Loan, Housing Refinancing, Government Loan, Debt Management Program.

Website: https://mdgc.com.my/

Contact: +603-3310 0077       E-mail: [email protected]

17. Easi Wealth Management Sdn Bhd

Easi Wealth Management Sdn Bhd

Easi Wealth Management Sdn Bhd provides you with the tools and information you need to reach your financial objectives. This financial advisor is approved by Bank Negara, which shows that they are trusted and reliable.

At EASI, their financial team is made up of highly trained and certified professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in building wealth for individuals and corporate bodies. They offer a large selection of services to choose from, so they assist you in picking the most suitable option.

They also help to plan the financial future of your business to prevent several forms of risk, such as legal suits, property damage, and the loss of key employees.

Service Highlights

  • Free consultation session to understand your financial situation.
  • Provide regular updates and suggest revisions to ensure that your plan still suits your goals.
  • Assist in succession planning to ensure that your business continues to flourish after you retire.

Services/Products: Personal & Family Financial Planning, Corporate Financial Planning.

Website: https://easiwealth.com.my/

Contact: +603-3885 6487       E-mail: [email protected]

18. Ultimate Business Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.

Ultimate Business Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.

Popularly known as “UBC,” Ultimate Business Consultancy is a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. They have a team of specialists dedicated to providing top-notch wealth management services.

At UBC, there are a wide variety of products and services available to put you on the path to financial freedom. Their advisors will help you create a financial journey that suits you and your family’s needs.

As living and education standards continue to rise, every parent wants to ensure that their children attend university. So, they assist clients in starting to plan early for the tuition fees through their Education Fund Planning service.

Service Highlights

  • World-class customer service to build long-term relationships with clients.
  • Assist you to decide the right method of achieving financial freedom based on your needs and goals.
  • Help you plan ahead for your retirement years.

Services/Products: Risk Management Planning, Estate & Trust Planning, Education Fund Planning, Retirement & Investment Planning

Website: http://www.ubc.com.my/

Contact: +604-227 7523, +604-228 8523     E-mail: [email protected]

19. Finfocus Advisory

Finfocus Advisory

Finfocus Advisory is one of the best financial advisors in Malaysia. The company was founded by bankers and financial consultants with years of experience in the financial industry. They provide tailored financial solutions to clients based on individual needs.

Their aim is to ensure that every client has complete control of their financial situation and can effectively achieve financial freedom. Although they do not offer in-house loans, they assist clients in getting bank loans and resolving bank debts.

At Finfocus Advisory, they start by scheduling an initial appointment so that they can understand your financial needs and goals. Afterwards, they can create a tailored plan that will help you achieve those goals.

Service Highlights

  • Free consultation to allow the advisors to understand your financial situation and goals.
  • Offer high-quality financial services and provide regular updates.
  • Help in submitting a loan application and getting the best approval for the loan application.

Services/Products: Property Refinancing/Remortgage, Debt Management/Consolidation, Non-Collateral Loan/Unsecured Loan, Insurance/Financial Planning.

Website: https://finfocusadvisory.com/

Contact: +603-2858 8028         E-mail: [email protected]

20. YSL Wealth Management

YSL Wealth Management

YSL Wealth Management is committed to becoming Malaysia’s leading world-class agency in the financial industry. They continuously strive to provide security and stability to their clients at all times.

YSL Wealth Management is made up of a team of financial experts with years of experience. They carry out effective financial planning with their clients so that they can achieve financial freedom and stability.

They also provide a wide range of investment options to clients looking for opportunities to build wealth. Their entrepreneurial platform is developed so that members can push each other until everyone achieves greatness.

Service Highlights

  • Assist clients in preparing for unforeseeable events such as injuries, critical illnesses, and even death.
  • Create a tailored wealth strategy based on your financial needs.
  • Offer estate planning services so that your property is efficiently distributed among loved ones.

Services/Products: Wealth Protection, Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Creation, Wealth Distribution, Policy Analysis & Integration, Filing Claims, Wealth Management, Review & Update Policy Information, Entrepreneur Development Program

Website: https://www.yslstar.com.my/

Contact: +6019-854 3921       E-mail: [email protected]

21. Money Sense Advisory Sdn Bhd

Money Sense Advisory Sdn Bhd

Money Sense Advisory Sdn Bhd offers comprehensive wealth management services to both individuals and businesses. They have a broad suite of financial services to help you build, preserve, and manage your wealth.

Money Sense Advisory offers businesses great risk management options to reduce insurance costs. They assist business owners in making the right succession choices when they retire.

They help businesses increase employee retention, productivity, and boost staff morale. They also assist you in improving cash management and managing current investments.

Service Highlights

  • Licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia and approved by Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • Work together with clients to set and achieve financial goals.
  • Provide great investment options and manage your investment portfolio.
  • Offer elderly care or long-term healthcare planning.

Services/Products: Income and Expenses, Insurance Coverage, Education Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Portfolio Planning, Debt/Cashflow Planning, Elderly Care or Long-Term Healthcare Planning, Charitable Gift Planning, Estate Planning, Employee Retention, Risk Management, Business Succession, Investment Management

Website: https://www.moneysense.com.my/

Contact: +603-7496 6060

Conclusion: The Best Financial Advisors in Malaysia

To conclude, these are some of the best financial advisors in Malaysia that you can consult to get advice on how to manage your finance wisely.

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