15 Best Cake Delivery Services in KL & Selangor

15 Best Cake Delivery Services in KL & Selangor

Best Cake Delivery Services in KL Selangor

Are you looking for the perfect cake to celebrate a special occasion in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor?

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a sweet treat to brighten someone’s day, there are plenty of options for cake delivery in these regions.

In recent years, online cake delivery services have become increasingly popular, making it easy to order a delicious cake from the comfort of your home or office.

With so many choices available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right cake delivery service. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 15 best cake delivery services in KL and Selangor, so you can make an informed decision and enjoy a delectable dessert that is sure to impress.

From classic chocolate cakes to trendy artisanal creations, these cake delivery services offer a wide range of options to satisfy any craving.

So, whether you’re looking for a show-stopping cake to wow your guests or a simple yet delicious treat, read on to discover the best cake delivery services in KL and Selangor.

Top 15 Best Cake Delivery Services in KL & Selangor

Without further ado, here are some of the best cake delivery services in KL & Selangor.

1. Caketella

Cake Tella

Caketella is a specialised cake bakery offering some of Malaysia’s most exotic-looking cakes. One of their utmost specialities is their alcoholic cakes which have a unique flavour. This is one of the critical factors that made Caketella stand out and become recognised by many brands and nominations.

Service Highlights:

  • You can get last-minute deliveries from Caketellla! Simply order by noon, and you will receive your cake the next day!
  • You can also get same-day cake deliveries depending on your location.
  • Their alcoholic cakes and the Signature Baileys Choc Mousse are their best sellers, which are an absolute must-try!

Services/ Products: Ice cream cake, Alcoholic cake, Seasonal special, Weekly box set, Truffle cubes, Crepe cakes, Cheesecakes.

Website: https://www.caketella.com/

Contact number: +6016 245 6580

2. Junandus


Junandus offers the best cake delivery in KL. They specialise in fine yet home-baked cakes, especially for people who care about quality. They source their ingredients from different parts of the globe. For example, the chocolates used in the cakes are usually from Switzerland, while the vanilla beans are from Madagascar! They prepare the chocolate pralines and truffles using 100% authentic couverture chocolates imported from Switzerland.

Service Highlights:

  • They also bake some limited edition cakes on various occasions, such as Women’s day, Valentine’s day and more.
  • You can get great discounts by ordering your favourite cakes from her website.
  • They offer completely free shipping on orders above RM189.
  • They also have a same-day delivery facility for their customers.

Services/ Products: Sponge cakes, Mille crepe cakes, Vegan naked cakes, Designer theme cakes, Chocolate pinatas, Chocolate cakes, Cupcakes, Macarons, Cookies, and Pastries.

Website: https://junandus.com.my/

Contact number: +6019 510 3768

3. Elevete Patisserie

Elevete Patisserie

Elevete Patisserie offers a wide range of choices for your sweet tooth, such as pastries, danishes, macaroons, and so much more. Elevete Patisserie cakes are incredibly eye-catching and perfect for your special occasions! They have prompt customer service in case you want to inquire about your upcoming cake delivery.

Service Highlights:

  • They offer free deliveries on orders worth RM200 and above.
  • Placing an order on their website is fast and easy! Once you place the order, you can also track the status of your order through the website.
  • You can also try out their seasonal delicacies that keep changing with every occasion if you are looking for some unique cake ideas.

Services/ Products: Artisanal cakes, Macarons, Cupcakes, Modern desserts, Mini cakes, Designer cakes, Dessert table, Cake bites and brownies,

Website: https://www.elevete.com.my/

Contact number: +6018 370 3770

Email: [email protected]

4. Baked KL

Baked KL

Baked KL specialises in curating healthy cakes, unlike the others. Starting from vegan to gluten-free. You will indeed find something for your sweet tooth from their store! They began as a family with multiple intolerances, which paved the way to creating such delicious yet healthy cakes. Hence, don’t shy away if you want to treat yourself today, as these cakes are healthy and finger-licking good for your tastebuds!

Service Highlights:

  • You get a 10% off on your order if you pick it up from their store instead of home delivery.
  • They have some of the most affordable cakes in Malaysia
  • You can check out the promotion page on their website, as they regularly update new offers and discounts at their store.

Services/ Products: Cakes, Brownies, Baking mix, and Snack cakes.

Website: https://www.bakedkl.com/

Contact number: +6012 270 4127

5. Kindori Moments

Kindori Moments

This brand originated from a Japanese ice cream brand. They started by selling ice cream in cones and now selling some exotic ice cream cakes with creative designs in their store. You can also order their lollipop ice creams, the most popular best seller.

Service Highlights:

  • They focus on creating cakes and other products with low sugar and preservatives, keeping your health the topmost priority.
  • When you sign up on their website, you get an instant 10% discount code for your order!
  • They offer same-day delivery facilities if ordered before 2 pm.

Services/ Products: Bombshell pinata cakes, Ice cream lollipops, Minic akes, Ice cream bouquets, Layer cakes, Designer cakes and Accessories.

Website: https://kindorimoments.com/

Contact number: +603 7972 3803

Email: [email protected]

6. Tedboy


Tedboy offers the best cake delivery in KL. they started in 2012 with a small bakery and expanded further. They also serve hot cafe restaurant-style food in their bakeries. They aim to create western and fusion food with exotic flavours in their bakeries and grab-and-go express outlets.

Service Highlights:

  • You can find promotions for their in-store bakery and cafe outlets in the Promotion section of their website.
  • They offer free delivery within KL Valley on orders worth RM250 and above.
  • They also offer nationwide delivery on certain products.
  • Apart from their amazing cakes, you can also try out some delicious snacks from their store.

Services/ Products: Catering and parties and corporate and wholesale.

Website: https://www.tedboy.com/

Contact number: +6018 392 9932

Email: [email protected]

7. The Quirky Taste

The Quirky Taste

If you are currently on the hunt for a wedding cake specialist, look no further. The Quirky Taste is the best wedding cake specialist in Malaysia. They offer the most enchanting and memorable cake designs you will cherish forever! Apart from wedding cakes, you can also order the best birthday cakes here. Rest assured; you are definitely going to become a repeat customer!

Service Highlights:

  • You can get a free quote regarding the type of cake you want before you place the order.
  • They always include premium ingredients in their homemade baking expertise for that extraordinary experience.
  • They prepare cakes based on various budgets.

Services/ Products: Wedding cakes and Birthday cakes.

Website: https://www.thequirkytaste.com/

Email: [email protected]

8. Ai Bake


With more than seven years of experience in baking cakes, Ai Bake has a massive range of cake options for your sweet tooth. They ensure that the cakes baked are healthy yet scrumptious! All the cakes are baked right on the same day to maintain the freshness of the cake.

Service Highlights:

  • They add only premium ingredients and have zero additives in their products.
  • You get free goodies for every order.
  • They have various cakes and cookies such as jam series, flower series, healthy series and more that are unique cake options.

Services/ Products: Mini cakes, Cookies, and Gifts.

Website: https://www.aibake.com.my/

Contact number: +603 6292 9118

Email: [email protected]

9. Miss Shortcakes

Miss Shortcakes

Miss Shortcakes is the #1 cake specialist in Malaysia. They have a dedicated team focused on making your occasions unique and timeless with the best cakes and decorations. If you want to create a custom cake from them, you can dial them or fill out the custom cake form on their website and place the order!

Service Highlights:

  • You can also learn baking from their store or free video tutorials.
  • Depending on your requirements, you can avail of their same-day, next-day, or two-day delivery facilities.
  • Their professional team takes care of all the cake decorations during your big day!

Services/ Products: Couture wedding cakes, Designer cakes, Celebration cakes and Cupcakes.

Website: https://www.miss-shortcakes.com/

Contact number: +603 2733 3117

Email: [email protected]

10. Trendy Bakery

Trendy Bakery Confectionery

Since 2011, Trendy Bakery and Confectionery have pioneered baking the best cakes in KL. They bake all the cakes, bread and pastries every day. They do not add any preservatives or artificial enhancements to the cake. Hence, you can stay assured of the freshness and healthiness of their products.

Service Highlights:

  • They are a fusion of traditional Chinese bakery and Taiwanese concepts.
  • You can find a plethora of options in various cake designs at their store.
  • They offer pick-up services only.

Services/ Products: Chinese new year cookies, Cakes, Desserts, Bread and Pastries

Website: https://trendybakery.com/

Contact number: +603 6277 7926

Email: [email protected]

11. Kobo Bakery

Kobo Bakery

Kobo Bakery brings a unique flavour and texture to every cake and dessert. This is one of their prime distinguishable factors across other bakeries in Malaysia. They use a special homemade yeast fermentation technology that significantly transforms traditional cakes.

Service Highlights:

  • They use natural raw materials to produce the best fresh, natural yeast bread.
  • They are the pioneers in the European bread trends in Asia. Their bread is comparatively softer and has an authentic European flavour.
  • All of their products’ prices are highly affordable.

Services/ Products: Danish, Bites, Bread loaf and toasts, Bombshell and pinata cakes, Customised cakes, Flower bouquets, Slice cakes, Sandwiches, Buns, Swiss rolls and Puff pastries.

Website: http://www.kobobakery.com/home

Contact number: +603 8066 0878

Email: [email protected]

12. CakeValet


Cakevalet provides the best cake delivery in Selangor. Their crunchy chocolate cake and sea salt chocolate chip cookies are famous across Malaysia. They offer top-notch cakes, cookies and brownies in Malaysia that are best for gifting purposes. You can also customise your products from them to seal your occasion.

Service Highlights:

  • They have strong expertise in baking some of the most delicious cakes ever.
  • You earn RM1 credit for every RM15 spent on an order. You can accumulate these credits and use them for your next purchase.
  • As a new member, you can get an exclusive 5% off on your first order!

Services/ Products: Cakes, Cookies and Brownies.

Website: https://www.cakevalet.com/

Contact number: +6019 277 7649

Email: [email protected]

13. Cake Hub Official

Cake Hub Official

If you are looking for high-quality crepe cakes, Cake Hub Official is your best friend. The ingredients added to their cakes and other products are authentic and additives-free. This makes their cake healthy while being flavorful to the taste buds!

Service Highlights:

  • They offer free delivery on orders above RM99.
  • They have a wide range of varieties in cakes such as vegan cakes, dessert tables etc.
  • Their cake prices are very cost-friendly.

Services/ Products: Crepe cakes, Vegan cakes, Cheesecakes, Sponge cakes, Designer cakes, Slice cakes, Flower bouquets, Cupcakes, Food bouquets and Pastries.

Website: https://www.cakehubofficial.com/

Contact number: +603 9054 1667

Email: [email protected]

14. Just Heavenly

Just Heavenly

Established in 2001, they are one of the oldest bakeries in Malaysia. They bake delicious home-made style cakes. They are also a professional wedding cake designer if you want to book them for an upcoming occasion. You can find their cake stores around Kuala Lumpur and taste their flavoured delicacies.

Service Highlights:

  • They specialise in novelty cakes which are one of their top sellers!
  • They can customise your cakes for different occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and more.
  • They offer free deliveries within KL Valley.
  • They also provide catering services for various occasions.

Website: https://justheavenly.biz/

Contact number: +6019 334 1366

15. YuBake


YuBakes is another incredible bakery in Malaysia that offers an extensive range of flavorful cakes in various shapes and sizes. They also provide corporate gifting facilities. They also keep running offers and discount codes on their website. Hence, their cakes are always under the budget.

Service Highlights:

  • You can get a free quotation before you place the order with them.
  • You can get multiple free delivery coupons on their website for your orders.
  • You can refer your friends and collect coupons for your subsequent orders.

Services/ Products: Pandan cakes, Slice cakes, Bundle cake boxes, and whole cakes.

Website: https://yubake.my/

Contact number: +6010 266 4725

Email: [email protected]


In conclusion, there are many excellent cake delivery services available in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, offering a wide variety of cakes to suit any taste and occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a classic cake or a trendy artisanal creation, there is sure to be a service on this list that will meet your needs. With online ordering and delivery options available, it’s easier than ever to have a delicious dessert delivered right to your doorstep.

So, why not indulge in a sweet treat and make your next celebration or special occasion even more memorable with one of the best cake delivery services in KL and Selangor?

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