10 Best Options Of Cake Delivery In Malaysia: PG, Ipoh, JB

10 Best Options Of Cake Delivery In Malaysia: PG, Ipoh, JB

Best Options Of Cake Delivery In Malaysia: Penang, Ipoh, JB

What could be better than having a delicious cake delivered to your doorstep? We’re here to help by bringing you the 10 best options of cake delivery in Malaysia, including Penang, Ipoh, and Johor Bahru!

Whether for a special occasion or just an ordinary day that needs some extra sweetness and love, we have covered you with top-notch choices ranging from artisan bakeries and popular chain stores to local favourites.

Cake delivery in Malaysia is now easier than ever. You can have a variety of cakes delivered to you from all over the country. Whether it’s for a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or any other special event, cake delivery in Malaysia makes gifting and celebrating easy and convenient.

To make your search for the best options easier, we’ve done some research on cake delivery services available in Penang, Ipoh, and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. So read on to find out more about ten great options that will send delicious treats straight to your doorstep.

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Cake Delivery in Penang, Malaysia

Here are the three best options of cake delivery in Penang, in no particular order.


1. Dolce


Dolce is cake central, bringing the best in cake delivery in Penang, Malaysia! If a Petit Gateau is what you crave, Dolce can make it happen with a few clicks – fresh from the oven to your door.

Not only that, but Dolce also offers exquisite Entremet and an ever-changing Seasonal Collection for your dining pleasure. Take away the hassle of searching for the most decadent cakes in town, and try out one of Dolce’s delicious offerings today.

At Dolce, they make all occasions special, no matter how big or small, with cake delivery in Penang, Malaysia. Their Petit Gateau and Entremet collections have a variety of sweet options that are guaranteed to delight.

If you’re looking for something seasonal and unique, be sure to check out their Seasonal Collection as well! Not able to decide? Take advantage of their party consultation services for an unforgettable experience.

Service Highlights:

  • Dolce is an artisan patisserie that offers a wide assortment of sweet treats, from classic petit gateaux to unique entremets. 
  • When it comes to party planning, the Dolce team takes pride in providing exceptional service tailored to each customer’s needs. 
  • From one-of-a-kind petit gateaux to mouthwatering entremets, Dolce strives to craft delectable desserts that have both visual appeal and delicious flavour. 

Services/Products: Petit Gateau, Entremet, Party Consultation

Website: https://www.dolce.my/

Contact: +6016-520 4795

Email: [email protected]

2. Sweet Creations

Sweet Creations

Sweet Creations is one of the best custom cake shops in Penang, Malaysia. They provide online cake ordering and cake delivery services in Penang, Kedah and Kuala Lumpur and curate their sweet treats into amazing theme cakes, fondant cakes, macarons, pastries, fresh cream cakes, fruit cakes, and wedding cakes.

Sweet Creations is the place to go for all your sweetest desires! From fondant cakes to macarons, cheesecakes, and fruit cakes – they have it all! Whether you’re ordering for yourself or selecting a wedding cake, the range of creative designs and flavours is sure to be the perfect addition to any celebration.

Customers can opt for a readymade cake or customize one to their liking. You don’t have to worry about the cake presentation because Sweet Creations pays special attention to every little detail!

All pastries are crafted with top-quality ingredients and delivered fresh in Penang, Malaysia so that you can enjoy your Sweet Creation wherever you live! So don’t wait; get inspired by their delicious treats today. Don’t forget to check out the wonderful selection of decadent cheesecakes while you’re there too.

Service Highlights:

  • One of their main strengths is the vast selection of cake designs they offer. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more intricate and detailed, Sweet Creations has you covered with its extensive catalogue of cake ideas.
  • Their commitment to excellence is also reflected in their attention to detail when it comes to crafting every aspect of their cakes.
  • Lastly, Sweet Creations offers excellent customer service and competitive prices so that everyone can enjoy their delicious creations without breaking the bank.

Services/Products: Party cakes, Wedding Cakes, Gifts, Custom Cakes

Website: https://www.sweetcreationsypb.com/

Contact: +6016-882 4962

Email: [email protected]

3. Avalynn Cakes

Avalynn Cakes

If you’re looking for cake delivery in Penang, Malaysia, look no further than Avalynncakes! Avalynncakes is the perfect place to get your dessert cravings satisfied! From their BB cheesecake series to their creamy cakes, you will not be disappointed in the delectable treats they have to offer.

Offering designer cakes for a variety of occasions, their options are truly glamorous. Surprise Her with a beautiful Cake-of-the-Month Cake Tower or Cake Envelope. For Him, they have the exotic Scorpio Cake while Kids can enjoy the Monkey See Cake, and Seniors can indulge in a lovely Lavender Elegance Cake. Be creative with the delicious cakes from Avalynncakes at your next event.

As they offer cake delivery service in Penang area, there’s no need to worry about transport or queueing up in stores during busy holidays like Mother’s and Father’s Day! This hassle-free service is exactly what you need this festive season! You can celebrate in style by getting your favourite cakes delivered right to your doorstep. That is Avalynncakes for you – always ready to deliver cake goodness all around Penang, Malaysia.

Service Highlights

  • The use of the highest quality ingredients – Avalynncakes only uses the freshest local ingredients to ensure the best taste and texture in their cakes and baked goods.
  • Customized service – Avalynncakes provides customized services tailored to each client’s tastes and preferences.
  • Creative designs – Avalynncakes takes pride in offering unique and creative designs for every occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, corporate event, or wedding celebration.

Services/Products: Ready Mad Cake, Designer Cake, Gift Boxes

Website: https://avalynncakes.com/

Contact: Tel: +6016-4007 280

Email: [email protected]

Cake Delivery in Ipoh, Malaysia

Here are the three best options for cake delivery in Ipoh, in no particular order.

1. Ipoh Cakes

Ipoh Cakes

Ipoh Cakes is the go-to place for all your cake needs: Cake Today, Combo, Slice Cake, Custom Cake options, and more. They are based in Ipoh, Malaysia, and offer cake delivery in Ipoh and Perak areas!

Their cakes feature classic favourites like Pavlova Cake and Cupcakes, as well as delicious treats ranging from baked cookies to fluffy brownies. With four branches across Tambun, Klebang, Station 18, and Meru, Ipoh Cakes is your one-stop shop for cakes in Ipoh, Perak.

For those special occasions, you can even get custom cakes – whatever you have in mind; they can make it happen. Cake delivery has never been so easy: just browse their selection of delicious treats, choose your favourite, and watch them send it your way.

Service Highlights:

  • Quality ingredients: All their cakes are made using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring that each bite is full of flavour. 
  • Freshly Baked: All cakes are freshly baked, meaning they are always deliciously fragrant and moist. 
  • Variety: With so many different flavours and designs to choose from, customers will always find something special within their selection.

Services/Products: Cake Today, Combo, Buns, And Bread, Brownies, Slice Cake, Custom Cakes, Pavlova, Cookies

Website: https://ipohcakes.com/

Contact: +6019-2969 149 (Tambun), Klebang (+6011-5430 0201), Station 18 (+6011-5430 0075), Meru (+6011-5430 0015)

Email: [email protected]

2. Bakesville


Bakesville is the ideal place for your sweet tooth cravings. It brings you the best of fresh and natural pastries in Ipoh, like their Slice Cake Bundle, ideal for birthdays, small party celebrations, or even tea time.

Bakesville prides itself on offering everyone a taste of deliciousness! Customers are able to choose from selections of premade cakes and desserts or customize to their own preferences and leave the hard work to them.

Not only that, but Bakesville also provides various loaves and bun bread, as well as tasty cookies to enjoy with coffee and other beverages. Their Slice Cake Bundle is not only great for special occasions such as birthdays or small party celebrations, but it’s also perfect for a pleasant afternoon treat.

From pre-made cakes to customizable desserts and a wide variety of loaves and bun bread, Bakesville has something to satisfy everyone’s sweet cravings. Let Bakesville share a moment of joy with you today.

Service Highlights:

  • Fresh and Natural Ingredients: Bakesville ensures that all its products are made using fresh, natural ingredients for a sweet experience.
  • Customizable Desserts: Customers can customize desserts to fit their preferences and leave the hard work to us.
  • Wide Selection of Bread: Choose from a wide selection of buns and loaves for a delicious afternoon snack.

Services/Products: Slice Cake Bundle, Bun Breads, Cookies, Customizable Desserts, Beverages. Slice Cake, Swiss Rolls

Website: https://bakesville.com.my/

Contact: +6016-873 3228

Email[email protected]

3. Family Confectionery

Family Confectionery

With an array of customization cakes to choose from, Family Confectionery is the one-stop destination for your cake needs! They pride themselves in offering high-quality cakes tailored to everyone in the family.

Whether you’re looking for Love Series Cakes for the young ones, Baby Cakes for the little ones, Elderly Cakes for the elders, Wedding Cakes for couples, or special Her and Him cakes – Family Confectionery has something perfect in store!

Moreover, with their unique customization services and professional touch to every cake they design, Family Confectionery truly offers nothing but excellence when it comes to these delectable treats.

Service Highlights:

  • Wide Range of Cakes: Familybakery offers an array of different cakes for any occasion.
  • Professional Touch: Every cake is designed with a unique customization service and professional touch.
  • Specialized Cakes: Customers can choose from Love Series, Baby Cakes, Elderly Cakes, Wedding Cakes, or Her and Him Cakes.
  • Personalized Design: Familybakery offers personalized designs to cater to every customer’s needs.

Services/Products: Customization Cakes, Love Series Cakes, Baby Cakes, Elderly Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Her and Him Cakes

Website: https://www.familybakery.my/

Contact: +6016-5284 402

Email: [email protected]

Cake Delivery in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Here are the three best options for cake delivery in Johor Bahru, in no particular order.

1. Dihana Bakery & Cafe

Dihana Bakery & Cafe

At Dihana Bakery & Cafe, baking has been their passion for generations. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality and affordable products, ranging from bread, cookies, and pastries to cakes for various occasions.

Their expertise extends beyond their versatile sweet treats, as they also offer a unique collection of western-style cuisine. They believe there’s something to enjoy for everyone now and into the future.

So no matter the occasion or your dietary needs, they promise an experience that you’ll want to come back for again and again

Service Highlights:

  • Quality Ingredients: Dihana uses only the freshest and most natural ingredients for all its products.
  • Specialized Cakes:Customers can choose from a wide selection of cakes for special occasions or dietary needs.
  • Delicious Western Cuisine: Enjoy western-style cuisine made with traditional recipes.
  • Local Meals: Taste the traditional flavours of local specialities.

Services/Products: Bread, Cookies, Pastries, Cakes, Western-Style Cuisine, Local Meals

Website: https://www.dihana.com.my/

Contact: +6018-5777 693

Email: [email protected]

2. Sorella Cafe

Sorella Cafe 

The perfect way to treat yourself or a special someone – an amazing freshly made cake from Sorella Café, a Japanese French Pâtisserie Cafe. It is the perfect place to shop for all your cake needs! Whether you need a custom cake for a special occasion, a gift cake for your loved one, or just a tasty treat for yourself.

Choose from their range of pre-order cakes or get creative and design your own custom cake. They have something for everyone, whether it’s a Kori Lemon or an extravagant gift cake.

They offer same-day pick-up and delivery as well as preorder service with a 1-day turnaround, so you can make sure your gift is delivered with speed and ease. With Sorella cafe’s high-quality, mouth-watering treats and fast delivery options, you’ll have every reason to be satisfied. 

Service Highlights:

  • Quality Ingredients: SorellaCafe uses only the freshest and most natural ingredients for all its products.
  • Specialized Cakes: Customers can choose from a wide selection of cakes for special occasions or dietary needs.
  • Professional Touch: Every cake is designed with a unique customization service and professional touch by Kori Lemon.
  • Fast Delivery: Customers can opt for same-day pick up or delivery with a 1-day turnaround time.

Services/Products: Bread, Pastry, Cakes, Customized Cakes, Gift Cakes, Kori Lemon treats, Gift Cakes

Website: https://sorellacafe.online/

Contact: +607-2877 779

Email: [email protected]

3. Morihana Pastry

Morihana Pastry

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or some modern twist on classic desserts, Morihana Pastry has got you covered. They offer a special selection of Signature Cakes, Seasonal Fruit Cakes, Pâtisserie and Fullmoon Pâtisserie Box.

The Fullmoon Pâtisserie Box has something to tantalize everyone’s taste buds, it is an exquisite collection of individually designed Morihana Pastry treats, including vanilla éclairs with cream cheese and lemon custard, mini mochi-filled chiffon cakes, and fragrant coconut-flavoured snow buns, perfect for the celebration.

Each Morihana Pastry box is packed full of delicious treats, guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Perfect for any occasion, these Morihana Pastries are sure to be a hit at any table! Enjoy them during the special time and celebrate with your friends and family.

Service Highlights:

  • Individualized Design: MorihanaPastry offers individually designed cakes that are perfect for celebrating special occasions.
  • Traditional Flavors: Enjoy the classic flavours with a modern twist on traditional desserts.
  • Quality Ingredients: Only the freshest and most natural ingredients are used in all their products.
  • Convenient Packaging: All cakes come in convenient and easy-to-carry boxes.

Services/Products: Bread, Pastry, Cakes, Customized Cakes, Fullmoon Pâtisserie Boxes

Website: https://morihanapastry.com/

Contact: +607-3611 882 

Email: [email protected]

4. The Velvet

The Velvet

The Velvet is a popular bakery that specializes in a variety of delightful desserts. The Red Velvet Slices Cake, Berry Pavlova, Raspberry Ripple Cake, Mix Cupcakes, and Mini Red Velvet are just a few examples of their exceptional creations.

The Red Velvet Slices Cake is sure to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, and the Mini Red Velvet is a bite-size version of their larger sibling. The Berry Pavlova and 4pcs Berry Pavlova offer a light meringue perfectly paired with cream and berries to tantalize your taste buds.

The Mini Biscoff Lotus takes that flavour to go in mini cupcake form, while the Mix Cupcakes provide a sample of all flavours. The Mini Pandan Gula Melaka is a small delightful cake featuring pandan leaves and traditional gula Melaka that bring together subtle flavours for a truly unique experience.

Service Highlights:  

  • Delicious Selection: Enjoy a variety of delightful desserts, from classic cakes to modern creations.
  • Quality Ingredients: Only the freshest and most natural ingredients are used in all their products.
  • Variety of Flavors: Choose from an array of flavours and textures that will tantalize your taste buds.
  • Customizable Options: Select from a variety of customizable options to make your dessert truly special.

Services/Products: Red Velvet Slices Cake, Berry Pavlova, Raspberry Ripple Cake, Mix Cupcakes, Mini Red Velvet, Mini Biscoff Lotus, 4pcs Berry Pavlova, Mini Pandan Gula Melaka, Customized Cakes

Website: https://thevelvet.my/

Contact: 012-7362525

Email: [email protected]


No matter the occasion, cakes are a timeless way to show someone you care. With so many delicious options for cake delivery in Malaysia, it’s never been easier to send your love no matter how far away you are.

If you need a cake for any occasion in Malaysia, the above 10 cake delivery options in Malaysia have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic cake, a creative cake or a unique gift, from an artisan bakery or a larger cake chain store, they are always there to serve your needs.

They have a wide selection of cakes in all shapes and sizes that are perfect for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baby showers, and more. Customers can even customize the cakes with phrases or images of their choice

So, make any event more memorable by bringing in sweetness with a yummy cake delivery in Penang, Ipoh, and Johor Bahru, Malaysia today!

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